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Organizational Challenges for Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!'s Newest CEO

Organizational Challenges for Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!'s Newest CEO

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Published by anndhoang
Marissa Mayer was appointed the new CEO of Yahoo! in July 2012. This paper explores the organizational challenges Marissa Mayer faces as the newly appointed CEO of Yahoo!
Marissa Mayer was appointed the new CEO of Yahoo! in July 2012. This paper explores the organizational challenges Marissa Mayer faces as the newly appointed CEO of Yahoo!

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: anndhoang on Mar 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Organizational ChallengesFor Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!’s Newest CEO
Group 7 (John DiLouie, Ann Hoang, Wadeeha Jackson, Abdul Shaik)February 23, 2013Dr. RabinowitzLeadership and Managing Human Capital Term PaperAbstract:
Marissa Mayer was appointed the new CEO of Yahoo! in July 2012. This paper explores the organizational challenges Marissa Mayer faces as the newly appointed CEO of Yahoo!
Prosperity in a fast-paced technological economic landscape requires businesses torecognize corporate culture, innovation and leadership development are ongoing processes thathave direct effects on profitability and revenue. Companies have put the brakes on aggressivegrowth, are carefully monitoring costs, and are reducing spending on research and developmentto ride out the economic recession. In such an environment, innovation and all the opportunitiesthat come with it are put on the back burner. As the global economy bounces back, businessesare recognizing that a lack of innovation is a risk they simply cannot afford. Companies can nolonger depend on the brands and practices that have helped them well in the past to ensure their future success in this global economy. Thus, businesses are making every effort to haveinnovative approaches in place to adapt, do more with less, and create new products their customers want, as well as products that customers do not even know they need. Yahoo! is noexception. Yahoo! was once the world's most popular website. As recently as a few years ago, itwas still the center of the internet world. Yahoo! the giant web portal was the internet domain people visited for everything from email, finance, news, weather. After three consecutive yearsof declining sales, users churn, and a dreary financial quarter, Yahoo! is seeking help fromMarissa Mayer to lead the company forward, becoming more than just a stopover for users ontheir way to more appealing and better content.Marissa Mayer was appointed the new chief executive officer (CEO) of Yahoo! in July2012. She is the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Mayer ranked 14th on the list of America’s most powerful businesswoman, and she is one of four women who have reached thetop of America’s Fortune 500 companies in 2012 (Mayer & Sandberg, 2012). As more womenenter the workplace but remain absent from top positions, Mayer is at the center of the
3conversations about female giants of the industry. The business elites are closely monitoring her to see how she will lead the troubled internet behemoth Yahoo! as she faces numerouschallenges in her new role of high chief executive turnover and lack of an effective businessmodel.
Marissa Mayer, Early Career
Mayer's initial introduction to Google was decidedly momentous. She recalls a recruitingemail arrived from a small search engine company. "I remember I’d told myself,' New emailsfrom recruiters — just hit delete.'" She did not because she had heard about Google from one of her professors. Also, her own studies focused on the same areas Google wanted to explore. Sheinterviewed with Google even though she had already received job offers from Oracle, CarnegieMellon and McKinsey. Google had seven male engineer employees. Understanding that better gender equality would make for a more robust organization, Google extended Mayer an offer to join their organization. Mayer joined Google in June 1999 as the first female engineer and 20themployee. She went on to create the design of Google's interface search engine and oversee theadvancement, coding, and launch of Gmail, Google Maps, iGoogle, Google Chrome, and Google News. She profoundly influenced Google’s successes such as Google Earth, Books, Images andmore. In addition, Mayer created Google Doodle, occasionally transforming the homepage’slogo into distinctive designs, celebrating memorable events, holidays and/or influential personsaround the world. In 2010, Mayer was named Vice President of Google’s locations and servicegroup. The location and service group included more than 1,000 product managers responsiblefor managing Google local, street view and numerous other products. Throughout her thirteenyears tenure, she led the product management effort, during which Google search evolved fromhundreds of thousands to over a billion searches daily.

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