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Creativity is in the Eye of the Beholder

Creativity is in the Eye of the Beholder

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Published by mark brown
1997 IPA and Admap seminar ‘How to make creativity in advertising work harder'
1997 IPA and Admap seminar ‘How to make creativity in advertising work harder'

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Published by: mark brown on Mar 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Creativity is in the eye of the beholder 
Prepared and presented by Mark Brown,Planning Director, Leo Burnett For IPA/Admap seminar 13th Nov 97 ‘How to make creativity in advertising work harder 
(Slide CIIEOB)
Creativity. Why do we bother? There are many benefits to producing communication in amore creative way but there is only one realreason. Generating impact. It is all aboutconnecting more effectively. Being morevisible. Being more relevant. Thereby, havingmore impact.
(Slide How to define and measurecreativity?)
This begs the question, how do we definecreativity? How do we know if we are beingcreative? Who says? Why should we trustthem? How do we measure creativity? Howdo we know if one idea is more creative thananother?Let’s look at some ads. How do we know if these are creative?
Show films - Jeep, New York Lotto, AntiDrug
 If they caused any reaction in you then you arein good company because they all woncreative awards. We’ll come back to theselater.If creativity is all about impact, then we can gosome way towards measuring it. There are anumber of research methods which aim toquantify the sort of impact that an ad mayhave. If we consider ‘impact’ to be the adsability to create awareness in the traditionalsense, then Millward Brown can give us anAwareness Index. If we define impact as theability of an ad to stand out in a break, then wecan go some way towards measuring that.
However, most people will tell you that impactis more than that. It is also about relevance.Relevance to the brand and relevance to theconsumer.So creativity is about impact, connection,relevance. But impact on who, relevance towho, connection with who? Fundamental to allthis is the intended recipient of the creativity. 
(Slide CIIEOB)
Creativity is in the eye of the beholder.
(Slide Artist)
Let’s for a moment consider the art world. An artist produces a piece of work.
(Slide artist with work)
Who can saywhether it is creative? The artist will believe itto be or else he or she will destroy it. But is itenough that in the opinion of one person it iscreative? How many people need to agree before we can deem it truly creative? Let’s saythey have a lover.
(Slide lover)
Let’s say that the artist createdthe piece for their lover.
(Slide artist+work+lover)
If their lover findsit creative, if it has impact, if it connects thenit is creative even if no-one else agrees.Who determines if a half a cow informaldehyde is creative? It tends to be thecritics who give art validity. In this caseDamien Hurst produced his piece with his peers in mind. He knew what they werelooking for. He also knew that they had thetools to understand the piece. Most of thegeneral public think it is a piece of nonsense.If it had been intended for mass popularity itwould have been deemed a failure.This means that we can only asses an itemscreativity if we understand it’s relevance for the intended recipient.

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