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Recruiter Guide to Asia Pacific

Recruiter Guide to Asia Pacific

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Published by Ed Sawyer
Recruiter Guide to Asia Pacific
Recruiter Guide to Asia Pacific

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Published by: Ed Sawyer on Mar 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Asia Pacific
Recruiter guide to...
Region looks full of34recruitment promiseConnected Group37OpinionSimply Recruitment38Opinion JPA Opinion41 Antal Opinion43
Economies in the West still seem to be licking theirwounds from the aftermath of the global financialcrisis. Despite positive signals, overall growth istentative to say the least, as business remains waryof the fragile state of the Eurozone and theinflation-making price of oil due to the situationin the Middle East.The Asian tigers, by contrast, appear tohave woken from hibernation and areroaring at the world to come and join intheir growth. Countries such as HongKong, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan,Thailand and of course China arewitnessing a boom in the recruitmentmarket and need experienced recruitersto help them meet their challenges.
’s Guide to Asia Pacific opensup the world of recruitment in theregion and reveals the good — and thebad — points of working out there.Read their experiences and decide if thecrouching tigers can unleash your hiddendragon...DeeDee DokeEditor, Guide to Asia Pacific
9 March 11Recruiter
Recruiter guide to...
Recruiter9 March 11
t’s the heat that hits first: ablast that causes a sharpintake of breath in anyEuropean visitor stepping off at a South-East Asian airport. Andit’s not just the air that’s hot, forwhile the UK’s economy is frozenin near recession, Asia Pacific’swealth and recruitment sector arerising like mercury.Last year the region’s economyexpanded by 8.6%. It is predicted that during 2011, AsiaPacific’s rush for growth willbarely break stride at 7.6%.“It’s going gangbusters.Recruitment here is an incrediblydynamic industry,” says Steven Yeong, of Singaporeanrecruitment training consultancyHof. “Yes, the credit crunch hit theregion, but within four months theeconomy was growing againacross a range of sectors — IT,financial services, manufacturing,green tech.”“Asia Pacific is growing at anincredible rate,” adds JohnHunter, who has worked acrossthe region and is now developing a presence there for RedgravePartners. “It’s driven in part bythe global shift of power fromNorth America and Europe, and partly because recruitment hereis still a relatively immaturemarket.” Although the region’srecruitment market is spreadacross more than 20 countriesmost high-level work is handled
 Asia Pacific
Region looks full of recruitment promise
Prospects for recruiters seem to be nearly as hot as the region’s manycountries.
Kurt Jacobs
investigates what the reality is for recruiterslooking to relocate and where the best opportunities are
You won’t always find pearlsin your oysters, we will.....
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