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Wilkie Family Scrip Applications

Wilkie Family Scrip Applications

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Scrip applications from descendants of Jean Baptiste Wilkie and Amable Azure.
Scrip applications from descendants of Jean Baptiste Wilkie and Amable Azure.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Mar 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wilkie Family Scrip Applications
The descendants of Metis chief and hunt leader Jean Baptiste Wilkie (1803-1886) and hiswife Amable Elise Azure (b. 1808) and father Alexandre Wilkie (Scot) and mother Mezhekamkijkok a Chippewa woman.Arcand, Virginie; wife of Baptiste Arcand; claim no. 524; address: St. Laurent,Saskatchewan; born: 9 December, 1870 at Batoche, Saskatchewan; father: BaptisteFleury (Métis); mother: Agathe Wilkie (Métis)Scrip affidavit for Bousquet, Marguerite (nee Wilkie); as joint heirs with her two childrenof her deceased husband Henri Bousquet and Madeleine Walsh (or Welsh); name: HenriBousquet Jr.; born: 12 September 18--; father: Henri Bousquet (decease d); mother:Marguerite Wilkie; name: Napoleon Bousquet; born: 25 November 18— Deschamps, Elise; for her deceased half brother, Joseph Deschamps; claim no. 130; born:1879 at Qu'Appelle; died: 1884 at Turtle Mountain; address: Moosomin; father: JosephDeschamps (deceased Métis); mother: Marie Wilkie dit Le Sauteux (deceased Métis);heirs: Ellen Lawrence, scrip cert.: form D, no. 3316 for $120.00; Elise Vivier ditDeschamps (deponent); scrip cert.: form D, no. 3037 for $120.00; file ref. 716772 and49513ADeschamps, LaLouise; address: Duck Lake; claim no. 980; born: 1851 at St. FrancoisXavier; father: Joseph Deschamps (Métis); mother: Marie Louise Wilkie (Métis);married: 1866 at Qu'Appelle to Laventure Cardinal; children living: Mélanie, Joseph,Marie Louise and Josephine; children deceased: Maggie, Bernard and Marie Louise; scripfor $160.00Affidavit No. 6340 in support of her claim. Parents Gabriel Dumont and MadeleineWilkie, Born 1858. Taken before Donald Codd. 19 February, 1877.Scrip affidavit for Faille, Leon (alias Foye); born: September 10, 1852; father: ToussaintFaille (French Canadian); mother: Marie WilkieScrip affidavit for Faille, Marie (alias Foye), widow of Toussaint Faille;; born: 1810;father: Alexandre Wilkie (Scot); mother: Indian; claim no: 1179; date of issue: August20, 1876Scrip affidavit for Faille, Marie Wilkie; husband: Toussaint Faille; died: May 9, 1875;heirs: his children Toussaint, Angelique, Madeleine, Guillaume, Pierre, Emmanuel,Julienne, and Leon; claim no: 514; scrip no: 3984 to 3991; date of issue: June 8, 1876;amount: $160Ferguson, Senior Daniel; address: Lesser Slave Lake; claim no. 2; born: 1841 at St.Boniface, Manitoba; father: John Ferguson (Métis); mother: Marie Wilkie (Métis);married: 1857 at Lake St. Ann to Geneviève Gladu; children living: Daniel, Julie, Isidore,1
Léon, St. Pierre, Marie, June and Elie; children deceased: John, Norman, Heloisa andDaniel Ferguson, scrip cert. no. 2A; Marie Ferguson, scrip cert. no. 3A; Elie Ferguson,scrip cert. no. 5A; George Ferguson, Scrip. Cert. no. 117AScrip affidavit for Fleury, Agathe, wife of Patrice Joseph Fleury; born: Nov. 1844; father:Baptiste Wilkie Sr. (Métis); mother: Amable Azure (Métis); claim no.: 3036; date of issue: Sept. 8, 1880Fleury, Alexandre; address: St. Laurent Post Office; claim no. 1714; born: June, 1865 atTobaco Creek; father: Antoine Fleury (Métis); mother: Bethsy Wilkie (Métis); married:15 October, 1886 to Marie Elsonore; Fergusson at St. Laurent; scrip for $240.00Fleury, Antoine; heir to his deceased son, Baptiste Fleury; claim no. 1715; born: 1859 atCalf Mountain, Montana; died: March, 1882 at Montana; address: St. Laurent; father:Antoine Fleury (Métis); mother: Betsy Wilkie (Métis); scrip for $240.00Fleury, Catherine; address: St. Laurent; claim no. 1713; born: 27 December, 1868 atDevil's Lake; father: Antoine Fleury (Métis); mother: Betsy Wilkie (Métis); scrip for $240.00Fleury, Célina; address: St. Peters Mission, Montana; claim no. 1356; born: 24 February,1879 at St. Peters Mission, Montana; father: Patrice Fleury (Métis); mother: AgatheWilkie (Métis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 880Fleury, Patrice; heir to his deceased son, Unnamed; claim no. 1172; born: July, 1876 near Little Devil's Lake; died: on day of his birth; address: Duck Lake; father: Patrice Fleury(Métis and deponent); mother: Agathe Wilkie (Métis); scrip cert.: form F, no. 1800Scrip affidavit for Fleury, Patrice; born: 4 June 1865; father: Patrice Joseph Fleury;mother: Agathe Wilkie = Demande de certificat pour Fleury, Patrice; né(e): le 4 juin1865; père: Patrice Joseph Fleury; mère: Agathe Wilkie.Garriepy, Joseph; for his deceased brother, Jean Louis Garriepy; claim no. 943; born: 23June, 1870 at Wood Mountain; died: August, 1890 at Olga; address: St. Joe's, NorthDakota, Leroy Post Office; father: Joseph Garriepy (Métis); mother: Cécile Wilkie(Métis); heirs: Joseph Garriepy (eldest brother); Moise Garriepy; Frank Garriepy; FredGarriepy; David Garriepy; Delphine Dayphinais; Sarah Nault; Virginie Ritchot; DeliaGarriepy and Mary Rivard, nee Garriepy; file ref. 952478Garriepy, Joseph; for his deceased sister, Marie Cécile Garriepy; claim no. 955; born: 16September, 1873 at Qu'Appelle; died: 1881 at Olga; father: Joseph Garriepy (Métis);mother: Cécile Wilkie (Métis); address: St. Joe's, North Dakota, Leroy Post Office; heirs:same as above in no. 943; file ref. 952478Garriepy, Joseph; for his deceased sister, Marie Ernestine Garriepy; claim no. 956; born:11 June, 1875 at Wood Mountain; died: 11 July, 1899 at Olga; address: St. Joe's, North2
Dakota, Leroy Post Office; father: Joseph Garriepy (Métis); mother: Cécile Wilkie(Métis); heirs: see 943; file ref. 952478Marcellais, Pierre; address: The Pas; born: 1832 at Winnipeg; father: Baptiste Marcellais(Métis); mother: Marie Wilkie (Métis); married: 1863 at The Pas to Thérése Constant;children living: Marie, Louison, Josephte and Lizette; children deceased Éliza andBaptiste; scrip for $160.00; claim no. 1982.Scrip affidavit for Marcellais, Louise; born: 1825; wife of Paul Boucher; father: JeanBaptiste Marcellais (Métis); mother: Marie Wilkie (Métis); claim no: 617; scrip no: 4777to 4784; date of issue: June 16, 1876; amount: $160Scrip affidavit for Marion, Elise; born: 15 June 1843; wife of Maxime Marion; father:Martin Jerome (Métis); mother: Bethsy Wilkie (Métis); claim no: 2516; scrip no: 12099;date of issue: Apr. 16, 1877; amount: $160Ritchot, Virginie; address: St. Joe's, North Dakota 944; born: 7 June, 1872 at Qu'Appelle;father: Joseph Garriepy (Métis); mother: Cecile Wilkie (Métis); married: 11 June, 1892 atSt. Joe's, North Dakota to Joseph Ritchot; scrip issued for 240 acres; file ref. 947421;claim no. 944.Encloses an affidavit by Augustin Wilkie Sr. re his claim and other claims of his wifeMarie Paquin and children, Alexander, Justine, Angelique and Joseph Wilkie. NWHB Head, Parents: Baptiste Wilkie and Aimable Azure born 1843, married 1860.Application on File.Declaration re claim of heirs of Alexander Wilkie to participate in HB grant andcertificate of burial. Application on file.Wilkie, Augustin - Concerning his claim as a child - Address, Olga, Dakota - Born, 1853at Lac Qu'Appelle - Father, Augustin Wilkie, (Métis) - Mother, Marie Paquin, (Métis) -Married, 1882 at Olga to Rose Octavie Herman - Children living, one, Rose Octavie born1883 - Scrip for $240 - Claim 1650Wilkie, Jean Baptiste - Concerning his claim about a child - Address, Olga, Dakota -Born, 1852 at Wood Mountain - Father, Augustin Wilkie, (Métis) - Mother, MariePaquin, (Métis) - Married, 1874 at Cypress Hills to Sarah Gourneau - Children living,five (names on declaration) - Scrip for $240 - Claim 1651Declaration re claim of heirs of Justine Wilkie to participate in HB grant. Application onfile.3

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