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Native Instruments Guitar Rig Tutorials by Jerry Mcpherson

Native Instruments Guitar Rig Tutorials by Jerry Mcpherson

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Published by Klaus Rocca

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Published by: Klaus Rocca on Mar 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tutorial by Jerry McPherson Let's come up with some newdefaults for our amps and effects.That way when you create a newdevice, it’s already set with yourpersonal settings.Start with an empty preset byclicking the "new" button locatedin the "Preset List" area. Now goto "Rack Components" view anddouble click on the Plexi amp.You'll get both the amp head andcabinet component. Notice that theamp knobs are all set to 12 o'clock. Not a great tonal starting point, but we can fix that:First, click on the amp's drop-down menu to the right of the field name. In the menu you'll see a list of presets with "Default" at the top of the list and "save" at the bottom.Even if the default title is already showing in the window, select the "Default" preset from the list. Click on the same arrow again for the drop-down menu and this time you’ll see "overwrite" and "delete"added to the menu list.Experiment with the Plexi settings. For a Les Paul style guitar, I had to turn down Volume II to keep thetone from being dark and "tubby" sounding. Once you get the knobs set to your liking, click on thearrow that gives you your drop-down menu and go down to "Overwrite". Click/release the mouse andthere you have it.Now any time you call up a Plexi amp you'll get your own personal settings. This can be performed onany rack components that allow you to save templates.
For my own templates that I come up with (and forfavorite factory templates), I add a space before thename. That way when I view the pull-down menu, theyappear at the top of the list. This is a real time saver asyou build your own library of settings to add with whatis there from the factory settings.Spending a little time creating your own defaults andcomponent templates on both amp and effect moduleswill allow you to quickly put together a rack of yourown individual sounds in no time at all.
Backup your settings:
 Notice also that, in the Guitar Rig folders, if younavigate to "Internal -> Component Templates -> Plexi Amp", your default settings and templates willappear as a unique looking icon. It would be a good idea to duplicate those Component Template folderswith your own defaults and presets to another drive or CD-R to backup your work.

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