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Elijah and Elisha,

Elijah and Elisha,

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Mar 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ELIJAH AND ELISHA,PROPHETS OF ISRAEL.Author unknownCONTENTS.ELI JAH.CHAPTER I. . . . . . . 7-21i. Civil Condition of Israel 2. Religious Condition of Israel 3. First Appearance of Elijah 4. His Message5. By the Brook Cherith 6. Zarephath 7. TheWidow Woman 8. Stay in Zarephath 9. TheWidow's Son 10. Preparation for the Great Struggle.CHAPTER II. ..... 21-35it. The Return to Israel 12. Obadiah 13. Elijah andAhab 14. The Place of Meeting 15. The Issue atStake 16. The God who is not 17. The God who is18. The Hour of Judgment 19. The End of theDrought 20. The Prayer of Faith.CHAPTER III. . . . . . 35-4921. Elijah's Flight 22. The Revelation at Horeb 23.Commissions in the Desert 24. The Call of Elisha25. Counting all Things but Loss 26. Naboth's Vine-yard 27. Judicial Murder 28. The Avenger of Blood.CHAPTER IV. ..... 49-6629. Death of Ahab 30. The Sin of Ahaziah 31. Firefrom Heaven 32. Difficulties of the Narrative 33.The Last Journey 34. Elisha' s Request 35. Enteringinto Rest 36. The Gift of the Spirit 37. The ' ' Writing "of Elijah 38. The Impression made by Elijah on LaterAges ; as Illustrated in Scripture 39. As IllustratedOutside Scripture.6 CONTENTS.E L I S H A.PAGECHAPTER V. ..... 66-8440. Nature of the Narrative 41. Contrast with Elijah42. Contrast Continued 43. Healing the Waters44. The Judgment of Irreverence 45. The Revolt of 
Moab 46. The Invasion of Moab by the Allied Armies47. Deliverance of the Army 48. The Increase of theWidow's Oil 49. The Shunammite Woman 50. TheShunammite's Son 51. Death in the Pot 52. TheMiraculous Feeding.CHAPTER VI. ..... 84-10253. Naaman and the King 54. Naaman and the Pro-phet 55. Naaman's Gratitude 56. Naaman's Requests57. The Love of Riches 58. The Greed of GainTroubleth his own House 59. The Lost Axe-head 60.Elisha and the Syrians 61. Famine in Samaria 62. TheKing's Despairing Wrath 63. The Relief of the City64. The Shunammite has her Land Restored.CHAPTER VII. ..... 103-11265. Elisha in Damascus 66. The Scourge of God 67.The Murder of Benhadad 68. The Anointing of Jehu69. Overthrow of the House of Ahab; (i) Jehoram andAhaziah 70. Overthrow of the House of Ahab ; (2)Jezebel 71. Overthrow of the House of Ahab ; (3) TheSeed Royal 72. Overthrow Of Baal Worship 73. Deathof Elisha.ELIJAH AND ELISHA,PROPHETS OF ISRAEL.CHAPTER I.INTRODUCTORY.i. CIVIL CONDITION OF ISRAEL. Aboutsixtyyears had passed since the Kingdom was brokeninto two, and Jeroboam became ruler over theNorthern section. During that period there wereonly short intervals of peace, either within or with-out the Kingdom. King followed king in rapidsuccession, the advent of each being the signal forthe massacre of the relatives and adherents of hispredecessor. Jeroboam was succeeded by his sonNadab. After reigning two years Nadab was slainby the usurper, Baasha, who exterminated the familyof Jeroboam. Baasha was succeeded by his sonElah, who in the second year of his reign wasmurdered by Zimri, and the latter, following themerciless policy of the East, slew all the family of Baasha. Zimri enjoyed power only for seven days,when he was besieged by Omri ; and to save fallinginto the hands of his opponent, he set fire to theroyal palace, and perished in the flames. After a
8 ELIJAH AND ELISHA.war of four years with another claimant, Tibni, Omriestablished himself firmly as King, and by hisvictory over Moab increased the military conse-quence of Israel. In his time the seat of the King-domwas removed fromTirzah to the hillof Shomeron,or Samaria, on which he built the city of Samaria.Henceforth, through all changes in the NorthernKingdom, Samaria remained the capital. Omriwas succeeded by his son Ahab, the seventh kingof the separate Kingdom, and he reigned for a periodof about twenty years. The son was not wantingin the qualities which won his father the Kingdom.He was brave, a good military leader, and some-thing of a statesman. His chief aim seems to havebeen to preserve his kingdom from invasion, anddevelop trade and the arts of peace, especiallyarchitecture. His one danger was the growingSyrian power with Damascus as its centre ; andany alliance with nations to the North, such asTyre, which had also this danger to reckon with,would seem to him to be a wise policy. As Solomonsought to enhance his greatness by marriage witha daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt, so Ahabstrengthened 'himself by alliance with the house of Ethbaal, King of Tyre. Such alliances were againstthe command of God, and invariably resulted in eviland sorrow to the land.2, RELIGIOUS CONDITION OF ISRAEL.When the disruption of the Kingdom took place,Jeroboam knew that it would never suit his objectsif the people were to go to worship at the temple inJerusalem. He therefore set up two golden calvesat the extreme points of his Kingdom, Dan andINTRODUCTORY.Bethel, saying to the people : " It is too much foryou to go up to Jerusalem; behold thy gods, OIsrael, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt." (Comp. Ex. xxxii. 4.) Partly by thenecessities of this step, seeing that the Leviteswould not consent to serve, probably also for thesake of popularity, he took priests from among allthe tribes who followed him, and from among thelowest of the people. This policy of Jeroboamstands out in the religious history of Israel asthe starting-point of departures from the pureworship of Jehovah (2 Kings x. 29, xiii. 2, xv. 9).The policy was one prescribed by statecraft, and

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