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The Link 31stJul'07

The Link 31stJul'07

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Published by Debabrata Malick
Bharat Integrated Social Welfare Agency BISWA
Bharat Integrated Social Welfare Agency BISWA

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Published by: Debabrata Malick on Mar 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 In this Issue...
Oriental InsuranceWorkshop.
TATA AIG Officials Field visit.
Other BISWA News
Khirod Ch. Malick 
PitabasaSethiAjoy Shroff Jogeswar MajhiShiv Prasad MeherAurobinda Mahapatra
The Link
Chief Editor 
 Debabrata Malick 
 Kiranbala Acharya
Central Office
“BISWA”At-Danipali, P.o-BudharajaDist-Sambalpur, PIN-768004Tele fax- +91-663-2533597
State Offices
 Gada Gopinath Colony, In front of High School, Plot No. E/7PO: Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar-751010
 C-243, Kuber Griha SocietyRohinipuram, Raipur-492010,Telephone No: 0771-6451927
Communicate Minds
Volume-6631st July 2007
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A Workshop-cum-Awareness Meeting was organized by the Oriental InsuranceCompany at BISWA Training Institute Hall (BTI) on the 5
of July 2007. All theState / Zonal / District Coordinators, second line staff members and other keyfunctionaries of BISWA head office participated in this Workshop. Dr. S.Mahapatra, Manager and Mr. S. Nanda, Deputy Manager from Regional Officeat Bhubaneswar, Mr. R. N. Das, SenioDivisional Manager, Mr.P. Hazra, Asst. Manager and Mr. Jamil Ahmed,Development Officer from Sambalpur BranchOffice were present onthe occasion. Mr. A. K.Shroff, Manager – Insurance, BISWAintroduced the dignitarieson the dais. He spokeabout the importance of insurance in the context of BISWA. He reiterated the vision of the Chairman togive Micro Insurance the status of a Project in BISWA in future.Established in the year of Independence of India, i.e. 1947; Oriental InsuranceCompany has 23 Regional Offices, 311 Divisional Offices and 635 Branch Officesall over the country for quick and efficient service. The Company has insured fromSatellite launching to cattle. Micro Finance is related to Micro Insurance.Mr. Nanda made a power point presentation of the various schemes of the company.At first he spoke as to why Insurance is talked about so much. In India 0.5 to0.6% of GDP is spent for Insurance whereas, it is about 5% in U.S.A.Micro Insurance implies insurance cover to the economically weaker sections of the society like the farmers, peasants, all classes of labours and others. NGOs /MFIs and Insurers are complementary to each other. The former are responsiblefor the Capacity Building of the beneficiaries whereas, the latter insure them. Hegave a thorough presentation on JPA (Janata Personal Accident) Policy which isone of the most successful insurance schemes of the Company.
Oriental InsuranceWorkshop
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Dr. S. Mahapatra himself a veterinary doctor discussed aboutthe Insurance of Livestock, animals and birds. He explainedthe importance of ear-tagging of cattle. He said that everyanimal except man has an ECONOMIC LIFE and hence anECONOMIC AGE.Then followed a lively interaction session. Mr. SanjayaBadgayan, State Coordinator, Chhattisgarh asked for thereasons in delay regarding claim settlement. Mr. D. Padhi,Zonal Coordinator supplemented to this. Mr. Nanda told thatit was due to non-compliance of documents. He spelt outsome other viable alternatives also. Since these are verydifficult to practice at grass-root level i.e. in rural scenario;Mr. C. S. Pradhan, District Coordinator, Deogarh suggestedthat a letter to be issued to all the District Coordinators andthe Oriental Branch Offices in all the operational districts of BISWA so that there will be no confusion.Intervening in the discussion, Mr. Ajoy Shroff emphasized theneed for such workshop at the district level. Direct interactionwith the beneficiaries will have better impact on the rural mass.It was agreed at by all. The Oriental officials proposed to holdsuch district level meeting in August / September this year. Theyhighly praised the steps taken by the Chairman to spread thegrowth of insurance cover in such a large scale. They deposedconfidence that BISWA will emerge as a Role Model for other  NGOs / MFIs in the country.At the end, Mr. P. Hazra summed up the discussion and proposed vote of thanks.
TATA AIG Officials FieldVisit
TATA AIG is going to emerge as the most important partner of BISWA so far as Micro Insurance is concerned. In order to have a first hand experience of the health scenario in BISWAoperational areas, a group of high-level TATA AIG officialsv i s i t e dBI S WA.T h emembers othe teamwere: Mr.A b h i j i tBanerjee,Manager,TATA AIGf r o mKolkata;Mr. R.Sridhar, Manager, Product Design and Training, TATA AIGfrom Mumbai and Mr. P. Giridhar, AVP TATA AIG, Bangalore.Mr. Pradeep Ku. Mohanty, Asst. Manager, TATA AIG,Bhubanswar joined them later.On the 17
July’07 Mr. Giridhar and Mr. Banerjee visitedMatikhai. On the 18
Mr. R. Sridhar joined them. All of themwent to Kuchinda on the 18
. They discussed with the SHGmembers in their meeting. On the 19
July; they went toRairakhol. As it was raining; the meeting was organized atBISWA Office there. They visited Community Health Centre-I at Charmal and Sub Divisional Hospital at Rairakhol. Theyinteracted with the doctors and went around the hospitals.On the 20
July’07, they went to the Primary Health Center (PHC) at Themra and Padiabahal. They went around Themra
 Providing banking services to un-served and deprived  people is the prime responsibility of MFI NGOs and thisupheld activities is better knows as micro credit system. It extends small loans knows as micro credit to needyand deprived people of the society without any securityor collateral guarantee. And for the sake of safeoperation of this micro credit system there is another valuable service knows as micro insurance, which is a part and parcel of micro credit system as on today. Suchmicro insurance services, in fact cover life insurance,health insurance and asset insurance. It is designing sucha way that its premium is easily affordable and does not  pinch its payee. In another way such a system could bedescribed as a social assurance to that deprived lot. In fact micro insurance provides two ways services to the MFI and its beneficiaries as well. When in a way the MFI beneficiaries are being brought into insurancecoverage in lieu of affordable premium, on the other waythe MFIs are assured about their social investment. If  one looks deep into it, it could be ascertained that insurance sector is exposed to vast potentiality of unused large sector. Micro insurance is also able to extent livelihood to large section of unemployed people, thosewho are employed in this sector. So it could be said that micro insurance services is very much relevant to Indiancontext with benefiting its large section of people as itsbeneficiary and opening new avenues of employment,which is most desired 
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PHC accompanied by a hospital staff. In Padiabahal they discussed with the in-charge doctor. Subsequently, they visited theDistrict Headquarters Hospital of Sambalpur and VSS Medical College & Hospital at Burla.In the villages, members of the SHGs, federation members, office-bearers, concerned Area Coordinators and Organizerswere present in the meeting. Mr. Ajoy Shroff, Manager, Insurance, BISWA accompanied them throughout the visit. Their main objective was to know the difficulties faced by the people in availing medical facilities while suffering from diseases.Members told them about the main diseases of their areas, transportation facilities, infrastructure like PHC, CHC, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, availability of medicines, pathological tests etc.They were aware of the problems faced by them for attending critical diseases like Cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, gull bladder stone etc. Everywhere the members drew their attention about the 2 major problems: worst infrastructure & poor transport facilities. Transportation accounts for the majority of their medical expenses. In these meetings, Mr. Ajoy Shroff moderated and facilitated the discussion.On the same evening; all of them visited TATA AIG Section of the Insurance Department at BISWA Head Office. They sawthe working and discussed with the staff members. On the 20
afternoon, they were introduced to the BISWA Head Officestaff in the special meeting convened by Mr. K. C. Malick, Chairman BISWA at BTI Conference Hall. Mr. Giridhar spokeabout the aim of their visit. Mr. Sridhar deliberated on the suitable health product. Mr. Malick told that this is the beginning of the strong relationship between TATA AIG and BISWA. Saying that the foundation stone has been laid; he invited suggestionsfrom the staff members regarding the health product to be designed by TATA AIG for BISWA. Mr. S.P Meher and Mr. B.SMishra gave their opinions. Mr. Malick gave his views also. The broad consensus that emerged was that the product should be of an affordable premium clubbed with reimbursement facility also. Transport cost needs to be addressed. Awarenesscampaign to prevent diseases & to make them conscious of the insurance should be an integral part of the health product.Training needs to be imparted to a sincere, interested SHG member in the village as a trainer who in turn will educate thevillagers on the basis of primary health care and needs so that the patient gets immediate relief before being shifted to thenearby hospital for further treatment.The visiting TATA AIG officials left BISWA on the 21
July, 2007. On the whole it was a fruitful visit. They were optimisticof a great joint venture and a widely acceptable Health Product.
 Mr. Abhijit Banerjee, Mananger, TATA AIG, Eastern Zone visited Bargarh District Office on the 12
of July 2007. He hada detailed discussion with Mr. Sujit Behera, District Manager – Bargarh.Then he went to Ambabhona to oversee the Federation meeting of BSHF -1 i.e. BISWA Self Help Federation. Bargarh has26 such federations. Ambabhona Block consists of 3 federations and has 33 SHGs. 60 members were present in themeeting. They had come from far off places and even crossing rivers also. Mr. Banerjee observed the proceedings of themeeting. It is 1 year old Federation. He asked the members as to what changes have been observed in the last 1year?Responding to this, Smt. Surya told that they feel empowered. Awareness has been created among them. They’ve realizedthe importance of a team and team work. They are determined to pursue education of the girl child. Smt. Sasmita Pradhantold that the women members cleaned the surroundings of the village pond. Mr. Banerjee further asked that as to who takesthe decision in choosing the particular micro-enterprise. In response to this one member told that this is a collective decisiontaken in the group meeting after detailed discussion.Other group members asked for quick disbursement of the loan within this month in view of the agricultural season. Mr. SujitBehera spoke on the importance of Federation and told that they should try to become self-dependent. Mr. Ajoy Shroff advised them to be vigilant and realize their inner potential. He apprised them of the TATA AIG Insurance scheme briefly.Mr. P. Hota summed up the discussion & gave vote of thanks. With this the meeting came to an end.

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