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Document #5.1 - Board Meeting Minutes - January 16 2013

Document #5.1 - Board Meeting Minutes - January 16 2013

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Published by Gary Romero

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Published by: Gary Romero on Mar 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Document #5.1Board of Library Trustees MeetingMarch 20, 20131
The Public Library of the District of ColumbiaBoard of Library Trustees MeetingMinutesMt. Pleasant Neighborhood LibraryWednesday, January 16, 2013
The regular meeting of the Board of Library Trustees was held at 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, January 16,2013 at the Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library, 3160 16
Street NW, John W. Hill, Jr., President,presiding.
John W. Hill, Jr., President, Donald F. Richardson, Vice-President, Bonnie R. Cohen, Valerie G.Mallet, Gregory M. McCarthy, Myrna Yvette Peralta, Kelley J. Smith, Brenda L. Richardson, GinnieCooper, Chief Librarian and Secretary-Treasurer. Not in attendance: Richard Levy.
Guests at the Board Table:
Susan Haight, President, Federation of Friends.The meeting was called to order at 6:01 p.m.
Adoption of the Agenda
 The motion to adopt the agenda was approved.
Approval of Minutes
 The motion to approve the minutes of the November 28, 2012 Board Meeting was approved.
Nominating Committee Report
Donald Richardson presented the officer candidates for the DC Public Library Board of Trustees for 2013.Mr. Richardson presented Mr. John W. Hill, Jr. for the office of President and Mr. Gregory M. McCarthyfor the office of Vice-President. Both candidates accepted the nomination and the Board of Trusteesapproved their posts for 2013. Mr. Hill noted that in the case that the President and Vice-President wereunable to preside over a meeting that that role fell to the Board Member with the longest tenure. Thatmember is Myrna Yvette Peralta.
Public Comments
Mr. Hill stated the practice of the Board of Library Trustees to entertain public comments at this time.He explained that people who signed their names to the sign-in sheet would have three minutes toaddress the Board. One member of the public came forward to make comments. He expressed concernover the lack of the browser Google Chrome on Public PCs and the lack of outlets for use with mobiledevices. Jeff Bonvechio, Director of Capital Projects and Facilities Management stated that he wouldlook into increasing the capacity for outlets. Ginnie Cooper, Chief Librarian, stated that she would workwith IT to ensure software continuity from library to library.
President’s Report
 Mr. Hill centered his remarks on the upcoming FY2014 budget process and expressed that the library
can use everyone’s support during this time. His focus is on completing the renovations for all public
libraries and creating a strong working relationship with Councilmember Catania, Chair of theCommittee on Education.
 Document #5.1Board of Library Trustees MeetingMarch 20, 20132
Chief Librarian’s Report
Ms. Cooper discussed the items in her Chief Librarian’s report focusing on Universal Class, DC PublicLibrary’s new online database of online
classes, holiday programming, programming related to thePresidential Elections, Clerc-
Galludet Week, and Southeast Neighborhood Library’s 90
Ms. Cooper welcomed and introduced Odulami Aromire, DC Public Library’s new IT Director.
Ms. Cooper then introduced Robin Imperial, Manager, Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library. Robin talkedabout how pleased she was to be given the chance to work in such a beautiful building and how happythe staff has been to see library use increase so much.
Library Performance Report
Jennifer Giltrop, Director of Public Services presented the Library Performance Report. In her report she
emphasized DC Public Library’s role in offering job seekers support to district residents. She talked about
circulation at each library and how different factors affect library circulation. Ms. Cooper stated thatcirculation is a good way to measure library use but does not give us the whole picture. Ms. Cohensuggested counting users and Ms. Cooper said that the library was looking into that possibility. Ms.Giltrop also talked about the decrease in visits to dclibrary.org noting that in Q1 of FY2011 the libraryheld its amnesty campaign which drove many visits to the site. She also mentioned that many visitorswill now go directly to Overdrive to start checking out items online. Mr. McCarthy asked what kind of 
feedback would be helpful for assessing the library’s performance and the library’s needs.
Ms. Giltropsaid the Library will continue to find the best method to report performance measures to the Board.
Finance Committee Report
 Bonnie Cohen, Finance Committee Chair asked Tammie Robinson, Agency Fiscal Officer to report onFY2012 and FY2013 Year-to-date. She said that we spent all but $39,000 of a $200,000 DC Public LibraryFoundation
donation and that that amount had been inserted in to FY2013’s budget. Ms. Cohen
discussed the possible effects of sequestration on the district and the library. Sequestration would resultin an 8% cut in federal grants received for FY2014. It would also impact local budgets across the city butdetails regarding local impact have not been given.Mr. Bonvechio delivered the budget report for Capital Projects. He highlighted
the Library’s
requests forproject funding. Mr. Hill asked when the library would know where the Mayor stood on the CapitalBudget requests and Ms. Cooper advised the end of March 2013. Several Board Members brieflydiscussed the schedule for renovations and how libraries were originally prioritized for renovation orrebuilding. They stated that the Mayor wants to prioritize finishing this process and that what we needto do is show him that we can get it done.
Facilities Committee Report
 Mr. Bonvechio moved to the Capital Construction and Facilities Management report. He presented theconceptual drawings for the exterior design for the Woodridge Neighborhood Library. He also discussedthe ongoing process of keeping our newest libraries in good working order and his work with facilitiesand vendors to ensure that they are able to address problems quickly. The West End project wasdiscussed next. Ms. Richardson asked about the potential timeline for the project. Mr. Bonvechio

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