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Metropolis (1925)

Metropolis (1925)



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Published by Cheri Francis

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Published by: Cheri Francis on Mar 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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METROPOLISbyCorey MandellFADE IN:EXT. MANHATTAN - MIDDLE OF THE NIGHTFreezing wind shutters through the shadows. Relentlessdarkness. No sign of life, save for --The SOUND of determined footsteps.INT. HIGH RISE APARTMENT BUILDING - LOBBY - CONTINUOUSThe doorman at his post flipping through a magazine, rapmusic pounding from his radio.Glass suddenly shatters as a gloved hand punches throughthe window, reaching in, unlocking the front door.Two men in dark suits blur inside. The doorman rushes tostop them, only --DEX, the taller of the two men, slams the barrel of hisgun into the doorman's throat.DEXLife can be an illusion.(low and deadly)Sometimes we see what isn't there,and sometimes we don't see what isthere.The doorman, wide eyed with terror, nods his consent.Dex removes the gun.Doorman plants himself in the chair, eyes glued to hismagazine, making it clear he doesn't 'see' the men as theystroll into --INT. ELEVATOR - CONTINUOUSOld fashioned steel box struggling its way up the shaft.Fluorescent yellow light stabbing through the grating.INT. HALLWAY - MOMENT LATERDex slaps a small plastic strip on an apartment door asboth men turn away, shielding their eyes.A blinding flash of light as the door is blown apart.INT. APARTMENT - CONTINUOUSThe men rush inside and straight into --
INT. BEDROOMCandles flicker on the dresser. A syringe on the bedsidetable, next to a sleeping figure curled up under thesheets.Both men starting to pull guns, but --DEXThis one's personal.Dex's partner shrugs, holsters his weapon and steps backthrough the doorway, watching as --Dex spins and fires.Not the traditional booming gunfire, but rather thestrange sound of electronic hissing as laser-fire rips theperson to shreds.Dex finally stops firing and moves to the bed to verifythe kill, only on close inspection he sees it's not aperson.He's just blown the hell out of a MANNEQUIN.Dex smiles, blows out the candle and heads out of theroom.CUT TO:INT. CHURCH - DUSKA lone PRIEST lights the sacrament candles, the sound ofhis breathing reverberating through the empty church.He suddenly stops, snaps his head around --A man in a wheelchair stares at him from the doorway.The man is CHRISTOPH. Dark robes shroud his shriveled,decaying body but his eyes still burn with life.CHRISTOPH(raspy voice whichlabors to be heard)May I trouble you with a confession?Even in the flickering half-light of the candles, thePriest can see that Christoph is dying.PRIESTNever a trouble.The large statue of Jesus over the alter staring down asthe Priest leads Christoph into --
INT. CONFESSIONAL BOOTHChristoph's voice is weak, knowing each word could be thelast.CHRISTOPHForgive me Father, for I havecoveted.PRIESTWhat have you coveted?CHRISTOPH(anguished whisper)Life.A small smile of compassion escapes across the Priest'slips.PRIESTGod gave us all the need for life.And when the end begins to near, weall crave more time. No sin.CHRISTOPH(hesitantly)But there's what I would do for moretime.PRIESTWhat would you do --A sharp hissing sound --The laser burns through the confessional wall and straightthrough the priest's chest.Face frozen in a listening pose as the body crumples todeath.Christoph slowly lowers his weapon with a look of genuinecontrition.EXT. MANHATTAN - HELL'S KITCHEN - CONTINUOUSIt's the near future and the neighborhood is covered withgraffiti scrawled in machine code and billboardsprojecting holographs advertising malt liquor andpleasure-dipped cigarettes.A slick-black JET COPTER drops silently from the sky.INT. WAREHOUSE - CONTINUOUSPieces of advanced computer technology lie scattered aboutthe large work table. A small kitchen and bedroom in theback.

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