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Vietnam Diary - 18ArnavR

Vietnam Diary - 18ArnavR

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Published by Arnav Rawal

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Published by: Arnav Rawal on Mar 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Diary no 1Dear Diary,
Today was my children’s first day at school. At first, I didn’t think that I
could make enough money to send them to school but finally, I made enoughmoney by farming and selling
rubber. To me, my children’s knowledge is the
most important. I want them to grow up to become a better man than me (not afarmer).There were some rich and fancily dressed people entering our countryand taking over some farms. At first, I thought they were peaceful people butafter a while, there were a lot of people carrying guns. My friends that own afarm close by say that they are French soldiers and people. They are forcing meand the other farmers to farm and if we want anything that we farm, we have to pay them. We basically have to work for them for free! This is unfair; they aretaking over our resources and making us buy our stuff from them. It seems likethey invaded our country just to get thefarms. The other farmers say that they didthis because we have something that theycannot grow in their own country; Rubber,Rice and Tea. They also say that they canmake a lot of money by selling OUR  products in the European countries
 because they can’t grow them in their 
own lands.
Diary no 2Dear Diary,Today the French soldiers and people areopening French restaurants all around our city. This is making the Vietnameserestaurants do badly. This will affect our economy a lot because it will make a lot
of Vietnam people not make as much money as they should since allthe high class Vietnamese and French people will want to eat other types of foods not only Vietnamese cuisine. Also, they are developingnew types of ways to travel such as railroads and bridges so that theycan bring their people and their stuff to sell to us. THIS IS UNFAIR!We should be able to run our own country. On the bright side, theyare helping us develop our country, learning about new cuisine and
we are also learning about a new religion that isn’t practiced much
over here, Christianity. But all of this comes at a great cost; our economy has never been this worse, they are taking control of nearlyall our properties and they are making us fight with them.
Diary no 3Dear Diary,Today, the French people divide up our country into two parts; North and South. The south part (where I live) will have towork on agriculture while the north part works onmanufacturing. This will help us develop our economy in thefuture and also make us split up our country. The Americansare now also supporting these Vietnamese soldiers by giving
them money so that our country won’t turn fully communist.
They say that if Vietnam turns fully communist,the whole of Asia will turn communist whichmeans that it will be bad for the Europeancou
ntries’ economies.
North Vietnam and thesouth of Vietnam was fighting each other, theFrench troops helped the South Vietnam troops
so that they can deal with the Vietcong and North of Vietnam.

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