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Out of State Travel with Artist Initiative Grants

Out of State Travel with Artist Initiative Grants

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Published by KSTPTV
List of out of state travel with Artist Initiative grants 2009-2013.
List of out of state travel with Artist Initiative grants 2009-2013.

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Published by: KSTPTV on Mar 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2013 $ 1,611,633 Total Awarded/171 Grants/26 out of state travel
 Ashwini Ramaswamy $10,000 Scotland Ramaswamy will perform an evening-length solo of Bharatanatyam dance inEdinburgh, Scotland and remount the performance in Minneapolis.Ranee A. Ramaswamy $10,000 New Zealand,IndiaRamaswamy will travel to New Zealand and India to work with choreographer LemiPonifasio, of the MAU ensemble, to explore a new collaboration. Upon her return toMinnesota, she will present a lecture demonstration to introduce Minnesota
audiences to Ponifasio’s work.
 Pooja G. Pavan,Minneapolis$10,000 India Pavan will go to India to research and study Sufi poetry and then record a CD of Sufiinspired music. She will hold a public concert/lecture/demonstration on Sufi music andtraditions at the Humphrey Center, in Minneapolis, in early 2014.Wing Y. Huie,Minneapolis$10,000China Huie will travel to China and within the US to create photographs that address issuesof personal, national and cultural identity, culminating in an exhibition in Minnesotaand China.Keith M. Taylor $10,000Texas Taylor will complete his investigation into the search for dark matter at the SoudanMine in northern Minnesota, and travel to FotoFest in Houston, Texas, to show thework
to curators and publishers. He will exhibit the work at the mine’s visitor centerand give an artist’s talk in the Twin Cities.
 James J. Cihlar $10,000EnglandCihlar will promote the publication of his second book, Rancho Nostalgia. He willconduct readings throughout Minnesota and elsewhere in the US and in England.Timothy J. Nolan $7,200 MassachusettsNolan will travel to Boston for the Association of Writers and Writing Programsconference to promote his two books of poetry. He will give ten readings in greaterMinnesota and attend a two-week residency at the Anderson Center in Red Wing.Anne D. Guidry $8,000 MexicoGuidry will travel to Mexico to research and complete her novel which takes placethere. Back in Minnesota, she will offer writing workshops in collaboration with anorganization that benefits Latino women.Kristin F. Johnson $10,000 New YorkJohnson will finish a middle-grade novel while working with mentor Jane Resh
Thomas. She will also attend a conference for children’s book
writers in New York andwill read from her new work at a Saint Paul public library.Lynne Maker Kuechle $9,600ColoradoMaker-Kuechle will gather historical information about figure skating at the WorldFigure Skating Museum in Colorado and will complete a draft of her figure skatingmemoir and three essays on the subject. She will read from her work at several TwinCities venues.Heather A. Slomski $10,000Poland Slomski will go to Krakow, Poland to research the setting of her first novel and thenuse the rest of the grant period to complete a first draft of the manuscript. She willconduct two readings of her work in progress at several locations in Moorhead.Sonya M. Berlovitz $2,200Texas As a presenter and exhibitor, Berlovitz will attend the United States Institute forTheatre Technology conference for design and technology professionals in theperforming arts, to be held in Fort Worth, Texas.Jeanne E. Calvit $10,000Thailand Calvit will travel to Thailand with Kevin Kling, noted storyteller, to collaborate withHmong villagers by sharing stories and ceremonies. She will share her experiences in acommunity forum in collaboration with the Saint Paul Hmong Center.Erik G. Hoover $9,000New York Hoover will accept a one-time opportunity to study intensively with award-winningtheater artist Kari Margolis at her training center in New York, to focus on becoming aMargolis Method instructor. He will offer two free workshops on the Margolis Methodupon his return to Minnesota.Amy M. Rummenie $10,000New York In July 2013, Rummenie will attend a directing workshop at Southampton Arts summerprogram. Using the new rehearsal techniques, she will stage a series of experimentalscenes at Balls Cabaret in Minneapolis.Heather R. Bren $10,000Netherlands Bren will create a body of work for an exhibition in the Netherlands. While there, shewill research delftware imagery to inform a new body of work that will be exhibited inan open studio in Minneapolis.Carol L. Chase $10,000Turkey Chase will attend the Istanbul Biennial, a contemporary art exhibition, and studyIslamic architecture in Turkey to integrate patterns and decoration into a new body of work. She will give two public lectures about her experience upon her return.Robert H. Dorlac $5,100Iceland Dorlac will travel to Iceland to produce a series of landscape images. An exhibition isplanned for a venue in Marshall.Gary A. Erickson $4,500China Erickson will return to Jingdezhen, China (known as the Porcelain City), to pack andship fifty pieces of his porcelain sculpture to Minnesota for exhibition at MinnesotaState University, Mankato and at Concordia College in Saint Paul.Gregory S. Ganeles $8,000Germany Ganeles will give two public lectures at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design aftertraveling to Berlin, Germany to research Berlin's street art and public art movements.Laura K. Hallen $10,000England Hallen will travel to England to visit the Millennium Seed Bank and Royal BotanicGardens. She will learn about seed conservation and create a new body of work whichwill be exhibited at the Reedy Gallery at the Arboretum in Chanhassen.Paul R. Linden $10,000Wisconsin andSwedenLinden will work with recognized master artisans in Minnesota, Wisconsin andSweden, focusing on safe and sustainable hand tool skills and tool-making, to beimplemented into his own creative work. He will conduct lectures and demonstrationsthroughout Minnesota.
Melissa L. Loop-Anderson$10,000FrenchPolynesiaLoop-Anderson will go to French Polynesia to research and gather materials for a bodyof work that will focus on colonialism and subjugation through the military and touristindustry. An exhibition at Gallery 122 in Minneapolis is planned.Margaret R. Pezalla-Granlund$10,000 California Pezalla-Granlund will create a portfolio of silkscreened posters during a residency atthe Montalvo Arts Center in California and at Highpoint Center for Printmaking inMinneapolis. She will exhibit the series at Prairie Woodworking in Minneapolis.Thomasin L. Ringler $9,600 Latvia Ringler will conduct research on sculptural iron casting in Latvia in preparation for herIron/Space Exchange Project. She will create a sculpture installation at the Open-AirMuseum at Pedvale in Latvia and Franconia Sculpture Park in Minnesota.Elaine B. Rutherford $9,300 Australia Rutherford will develop a body of work that will explore the experiences of loss andlonging that accompany migration and displacement. She will exhibit this work at theRosalux Gallery in Minneapolis and University of Notre Dame in Freemantle, Australia.
2012 $ 1,244,368 Total Awarded/140 Grants/17 out of state travel
Julieta Alvardo $10,000 Virginia Alvarado will research Thomas Jefferson's collection of harpsichord music from hispersonal music library in Monticello and present it in recital throughout Minnesota.Marion Angelica $9, 722 New Mexico Angelica will travel to New Mexico to research and create of a body of ceramic workbased upon the land and vegetation of the high desert. Upon her return, she will offera public workshop and exhibition.Nona KennedyCarlson$10,000 North Dakota Carlson will complete the first draft of her novel, "Boom," which takes place in theBakken Oil Field of North Dakota. She will hold public readings throughout Minnesotaand be available to lecture at colleges and other institutions that deem the workimportant or relevant.Linda Chatterton $10,000 England Chatterton will commission composer Ailis Ni Riain to compose a new work for fluteand will give concerts in England and Minnesota.Alicia Conroy $5,500 Nova Scotia Conroy will travel to Nova Scotia to do research about the indigenous Mi'kmaq peopleand their first encounter with European colonists, in order to complete a draft of herhistorical novel. As segments of the novel develop, she will read the new material atpublic readings in MinnesotaSusana di Palma $6,800 Spain Di Palma will attend the 17th Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, attend twenty concerts,take classes in singing for dance, and do research and prep work on "Con Vivir," atheater/flamenco piece.Bernice Ficek-Swenson$9,300 Massachusetts Ficek-Swanson will create three large, copper plate photogravures on the subject of water, at the Jon Goodman Photogravure Studio in Massachusetts. Upon completion,she will make a presentation about this project and the photogravure process atPhotography At The Center in Minneapolis.Craig Johnson $10,000 Canada Johnson will increase his furniture-making ability by attending an advanced chair-making workshop in Canada. The finished chairs will be displayed in Minneapolis andGrand Rapids. He will also create a blog and make a presentation to the MinnesotaWoodworkers Guild about his experience.Cynthia Levine $8,000 Maine Levine will participate in a two-week residency at the Watershed Center for CeramicArts in Newcastle, Maine. Upon return to Minnesota, she will create new work for anexhibition at the Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis.Anthony Marchetti $10,000 Mexico Marchetti will print and frame fifteen images for a two-person exhibition of hisproject, Tijuana, at Casa del Tunel in Tijuana, Mexico. There will be a second exhibitionof the work at Concordia University in Saint Paul.Charles Matson Lume $10,000 Arctic Circle Lume will participate in an artist residency at the edge of the Arctic Circle to furtherdevelop his light-based installations. He will create a book to document his artisticprocess and capture his ephemeral work. Twenty of the books will be donated tolibraries around the state.Liz Miller $10,000 Italy Miller will travel to Italy to study pattern, ornament, and decoration in Italian Baroqueand Gothic architecture. She will translate her observations into a large-scaleinstallation and will detail her progress through monthly blog posts where readers canwatch as her work develops.Jude Nutter $7,000 Germany Nutter will spend three months in Germany researching her connections andrelationship to Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, for a new poetry collection. Shewill do readings of the new work, to demonstrate how poetry can have far-reachingeffects when bearing witness to actual events.Josephy Papke $10,000 New York Papke, a local voice and dialect coach, will complete a workshop with master speechteachers in New York, then offer three, free introductory workshops on voice anddialect skills to the Twin Cities public.Andrew Peterson $9,900 Maine, NovaScotiaPeterson will travel to Maine and Nova Scotia to complete research on a screenplayabout artist Marsden Hartley, write the first draft, and present a staged reading of thework-in-progress.Bao Phi $10,000
5 “major” US
citiesPhi will tour and promote his first poetry collection, "Song I Sing," in at least fivemajor US cities. He will present at least one performance in the Twin Cities.Aparna Ramaswamy $10,000 U.K., Italy andSwitzerlandRamaswamy will present solo performances in the United Kingdom, Italy, andSwitzerland, as part of the internationally known Soorya Festival. Upon her return toMinnesota, Ramaswamy will present an informal performance and talk that will befree and open to the public.
2011 $1,272,386 Total Awarded/147 Grants/19 out of state travel
Katsushi Fukasawa $10,000 Dharamsala,IndiaFukasawa will attend Subbody Butoh School in the fall 2011 to further advance his skillas a Butoh practitioner. He will also develop new work and present at the First AnnualInternational Butoh Festival.Ashwini Ramaswamy $10,000 Chennai, India Ramaswamy will travel to India for private lessons with Alarmel Valli, the greatestliving master of bharatanatyam. She will conduct master classes that are free andopen to the public upon her return.James T Allen $8,850 California andBrazilTo study, perform and teach traditional and contemporary Brazilian guitar music byparticipating in specialized training and providing free public performances andworkshops throughout Minnesota.Elizabeth Barnes $10,000 Bulgaria,ParaguayBarnes will develop new programs featuring the folk and classical music of these twocountries and work with Minnesota based folk music colleagues to developeducational tools to make these unique musical traditions available to all ages.Paula Gudmundson $3,900 Argentina Travel to Argentina to research and recover flue works for flute and piano. InMinnesota perform and record rediscovered works.Sayer Frey $9,700 Various FilmFestivals (NewYork or LosAngeles)Research and develop a 90 minute feature film called In Love with Ghosts, about amechanical engineer compelled to rebuild her life after a car accident.Norah Shapiro $10,000 India Return to Dharamsala, India for a final shoot to complete feature length documentarywork in progress, Miss Tibet: Beauty in Exile.Warren LexThompson$5,200 3 or more outof statephotographyreviewsPrint the images in his series, Mahalo, create a book mockup, and take them to photoreview events to introduce the work to notable art world professionals and gain awider audience for his work.Kelly Barnhill $9,950 California
To support Barnhill’s research for a
new novel, to attend three conferences to deepenher connections into the publishing community and to connect with readers inoutstate Minnesota.Heather Bouwman $5,900 California Bouwman will complete a middle-grade novel, consult with an editor and attend aconference to meet with editors and agents.Gwynevere Fallbrooke $8,400 China For research and language instruction in China for memoir about her
traumatic youth in the Cultural Revolution and its repercussions on her immigrant lifeand relationship with her bi-ethnic daughter.Barbara Kingsley $10,000 Ohio Kingsley will use to promote and support racial, cultural, gender and age pluralismthrough the development and completion of her play, Roof on my House.Peter Rothstein $10,000 Germany,Washington,DC, New YorkRothstein will research, write and develop a musical about the Swing Youth of NaziGermany. (Swing Heil! Working title) Observe the creative process of a new Broadwaymusical through the SDC Observership Program.Anh-Hoa Nguyen $10,000 Vietnam For Body of Memory, an in-progress manuscript of poetry. It will record a history of the Vietnam War that reflects an emotional truth through family stories, Vietnameselandscape, films and memories.Matthew Rasmussen $5,000 2 out of stateartistresidenciesRasmussen will attend two artist residencies, complete a poetry manuscript andsubmit it for publication.Lynette Reini-Grandell $10,000 Out of stateworkshopsTo create a series of poems exploring the Finnish immigrant community near Duluth
where artist’s
grandparents farmed; attend workshops and conferences that willprovide feedback and inspiration for this work.Pritika Chowdhry $10,000 India, Pakistan,BangladeshThis project examines the role of public monuments as palimpsests of memory. Artistresidencies in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will support on-site research andcreation of new work.Laura Corcoran $7,500 Costa Rica,AlabamaCorcoran will work with scientists to gather imagery and information needed tofurther develop the ecological conte
nt of artist’s work on bird migration.
 Lauren Herzak-Bauman$8,600 Pennsylvania Using clay and found objects, Herzak-Bauman will inhabit and create an installationwith the entire space of a house, re-contextualizing each room to reflect on death, lossand grief within a domestic space.
2010 $1,000,000 Total Awarded/183 Grants/31 out of state travel
Joel Arnold $6,000 Montana For time, travel and research to complete a novel set in and around YellowstoneNational Park.Amanda Coplin $6,000 Washington To complete a draft of her novel, The Orchardist, for a research trip to Washingtonstate and to pay three editors to review her manuscript before sending it to agentsand publishers.Gina Dabrowski $6,000 Texas To print and frame photographs for an exhibition at Normandale Community Collegeand attend FotoFest to broaden national visibility.Meryl DePasquale $5,800 Japan For research in Japan, to complete a book of poems on tattoo iconography andculture, and for time for writing and revisions.Gao Hong $6,000 China For research in a remote Chinese Red Yao village documenting the unique and puremusic and culture of this Chinese minority group and compose a new work for choir.Pallavi Dixit $6,000 New Jersey Funds will be used for travel to Edison, NJ and for creative time to complete a noveltitled Edison, about the extensive Indian community in this uniquely American town.

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