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Merciad March, 20, 2013

Merciad March, 20, 2013

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Published by TheMerciad
Merciad March, 20, 2013
Merciad March, 20, 2013

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Published by: TheMerciad on Mar 20, 2013
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Sean Sickmund, a former Mercyhurst University sopho-more, was charged earlier this month in Buffalo, N.Y., onfederal charges of attempting to convince a 14-year-oldgirl to send him pornographic pictures of herself overthe Internet.Sickmund was allegedly not talking to a 14-year-old girl,but to U.S. Homeland Security Agent Edward J. Williamsposing on the Internet as the girl, according to federalcourt records. According to those court records, Sickmund has beenaccused of asking for pornographic images and of discuss-ing traveling from Erie to Jamestown, N.Y., to have sex withher. Additionally, he has been accused of asking the actual14-year-old girl in 2012 for pornographic images of her-self. The Homeland Security agent later posed as thisgirl.
Charges were officially brought against Sickmund on
Friday, March 8. If convicted, Sickmund faces a minimumof 10 years in federal prison.During the investigation, Mercyhurst University Police& Safety provided the federal agency with Sickmund’son-campus address in order for them to serve the war-rant, Police & Safety Chief Robert Kuhn said. The fed-eral agents arrested Sickmund off-campus, when he wentshopping, Kuhn said.In a case like this, it is Chief Kuhn’s job to establishif there is any threat to the university community as wellas keep ResLife and the administration well informed of 
 what is happening in the investigation, university officials
explained to The Merciad.Sickmund attended Mercyhurst until March 11, univer-
sity officials said. He was a sophomore business major
and men’s lacrosse player, they said. He withdrew fromthe university after he was charged with trying to obtain
child pornography, university officials said.
 The federal investigation began Friday, March 1, afterthe 14-year-old girl approached the federal agent, accord-ing to court records. According to the records, the girl explained thatSickmund had been asking her for self-produced por-nographic images over a 12-month period. She was 13years old at that time. According to Associate Vice President of Student LifeLaura Zirkle, Ph.D., this type of incident has not occurredat Mercyhurst before.
“This is the first time I am aware of that someone was
arrested or charged for any misuse of the Internet onMercyhurst’s campus,” Zirkle said. This case is not expected to affect the university’s rep-utation, however.“I don’t believe this will have much effect on the university because this case was brought up externally,” Zirkle said.Director of Marketing and Public Relations Mark Gre-gorio added, “I wouldn’t want this particular incident tomar any of the other wonderful events that have currently happened at Mercyhurst.”
By Zach Dorsch
Photo editor
I wouldn’t want this incident to marany of the other wonderful events thathave happened at Mercyhurst.
Mark Gregorio
Ex-student faces federal charges
Sean Sickmund has been charged withtrying to obtain child pornography from a14-year-old girl.
hurstathletics.com photo
Page 2March 20, 2013
MSG candidates announced
Platforms have been submitted,campaign posters displayed and thecandidates have debated.Now, it is your move. Which of thecandidates for Mercyhurst StudentGovernment (MSG) president, vicepresident and treasurer will you chooseto represent you and your peers? Juniors Katey Kaiser and AmberPenna are running for president along  with each of their vice president candi-dates, junior Emily Mashuda and soph-omore Nick Latta, respectively. Junior Brooke Miller and sopho-more Zane Taylor are each running forthe position of treasurer.If elected, each of the candidateshas expressed a desire to greatly improve communication both betweenexecutive board members and theMSG Senate and between MSG as a whole and the student body. Kaiserand Penna have both stated they wouldtry to represent student views to theboard of trustees, even if they may notagree with those views.Kaiser and Mashuda are running to serve as an advocate for students,including working with the administra-tion to extend student privileges, andalso to foster a greater sense of LakerPride.“We both really felt that we havea lot to contribute to the positionsbecause of our broad spectrum of interests and involvement aroundcampus, and we both really feel thatis what MSG needs to move into thefuture,” said Kaiser, on behalf of herand Mashuda, who is currently study-ing in Ireland this term.Penna and Latta hope to implementnew traditions to improve the lives of students, such as through several aca-demic and residential life initiatives. They also hope to promote campus unity.“I enjoyed the work of being ajunior class senator and addressing the concerns and ideas of my fellow classmates,” said Penna. “I love trying to make things happen for the schooland represent the student body as a whole.”Latta is running alongside Pennato implement projects that will “havepositive impacts on the Mercyhurstcommunity.”For more information, both Kaiserand Penna have been campaigning through social media, and both of 
their platforms, including specific
events, initiatives and projects they intend to implement, can be viewed onFacebook. A large component of the MSGtreasurer’s job is interacting and bud-geting with Recognized Student Clubsand Organizations (RSCO). BothMiller and Taylor have emphasizedimproving communication with andthe budgeting process for RSCOs,including by moving important doc-uments and forms online for easieraccess.Miller plans to increase RSCO
efficiency by creating a Blackboard
site and building better, more helpful workshops.“More informed RSCOs lead tobetter events, more ways for studentsto get involved, and a better campuslife for all of us here at Mercyhurst,”Miller said. Taylor intends to make the budgetinprocess smoother and easier for RSCOsby using Facebook to provide fasterinteraction and take them through the
financial process in small groups.“I want to fix anything that is broken
 with the current system, while making the process as easy as possible,” Taylorsaid.In addition to the positions of pres-ident, vice president, and treasurer,the MSG executive board has threeappointed positions, which include aStudent Activities Council (SAC) chair,a MSG event coordinator and a PR coordinator.Following the election, the newly elected Executive Board members willappoint eligible applicants to thesepositions. To vote in the upcoming election,use the ballot delivered to you via yourschool email account. Voting openedat noon on Tuesday, March 19, and will close at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday,March 21.
By Stefani Baughman
Staff writer
I love trying to makethings happen for theschool and representthe student body as awhole.
Junior Amber Penna
Kaiser & Mashuda, Penna & Latta run executive tickets
Page 3March 20, 2013
Friday, March 15Sexual harassmentWarde HallReferred for disciplineSaturday, March 16Liquor law violationLot #1Referred for disciplineSaturday, March 16Liquor law, DUI, reckless endangermentPreston Dr.Referred for discipline
MercyhurstUniversityPolice & Safety
Police Log
Sunday, March 17Public intoxicationLot #15Referred for discipline
New pope emphasizes the poor
History was made Wednesday,March 13, when the Vatican sent up white smoke, signaling the choosing of a new leader of the Catholic Church.Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires was chosen as the 266thpope of the Catholic Church, taking the name of Pope Francis.It was a historic decision coming onthe heels of the surprising resignationof former Pope Benedict XVI. The
 Vatican chose the first Latin American,as well as the first Jesuit priest.
Pope Francis spoke from the balcony of the Vatican on that day, addressing the large crowds gathered in the city to witness the historic moment. The world has over 1.2 billion Catholics, who celebrated the news of the new pope.Mercyhurst celebrated the instal-lation of the new pope with a shortservice on Thursday at the Christ theKing Chapel. The service was about 15minutes long, and all faculty and staff as well as students were invited. Theservice consisted of a Scripture read-ing, a hymn and a brief homily.“We wanted to do something tobring people together, if they sochose,” Father James Piszker said. The new pope is stepping into thepapacy during a key period of trans-formation for the Roman CatholicChurch.Piszker believes that Pope Francis“will set a new style for the papacy  which is already becoming evident. Heis a very simplistic man, and a cham-pion for the poor, which I think he willemphasize this social justice teaching throughout his papal rule.”Senior religious studies major TessSinke agrees, stating that “he hasproven to be an advocate for the poor,and I think he will continue to do sothroughout his time at the Vatican.” At a press conference on Saturday the pope highlighted his intentions to work closely with the poor, indicating it should extend beyond charity work and mission trips stating, “How muchI would like a poor church, for thepoor.”Many are looking at Pope Francisto address the major concerns sur-rounding the Catholic Church and heis already making notable changes. The pope is known for his brief,
sincere homilies filled with wisdom. At
Mass on Sunday the pope said “Themessage of Jesus is mercy, for me, andI say this with humility, mercy is thestrongest message of the Lord.”
By Abigail Robinson
Staff writer
Livingston heads to Lourdes U.
 Associate Provost for AcademicProgram Development David J. Liv-ingston, Ph.D., was recently appointedas the president of Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio.His primary task is to create anenvironment in which students, fac-ulty and staff can work together tocreate an outstanding community of learning.His new job will also entail being involved with the Lourdes commu-nity to develop a future vision of theschool and area through new programdevelopment, fundraising, reputationenhancement and increased enroll-ment.“It is an excellent opportunity, andI am very excited about it,” said Liv-ingston. “Lourdes is a great university  with a clear sense of its mission andgreat potential for growth.”Lourdes University is a coeduca-tional liberal arts institution of 2,600students founded in 1958 by the Sistersof St. Francis of Sylvania. The institution is known for itsquality academic programs and per-sonalized attention afforded its stu-dents.However, Livingston knows it will
be difficult to leave Mercyhurst.
“After 15 years we have developedsome great relationships and haveso many good memories,” he said.“I will miss the students and friend-ships that I have developed over theyears.”In his time at Mercyhurst, Living-ston has had many accomplishments,most notably raising $32 million of a$50 million capital campaign goal twoyears ahead of the planned date, as well as acting as a project manager forthe new Center for Academic Engage-ment building completed over thesummer of 2012. When Livingston’s new positionbecomes effective July 1, Msgr. DavidRubino, dean of the Walker Schoolof Business and Communications, will step up and take charge of theadvancement function as vice presi-dent of external affairs.Rubino’s new job consists mostly of coordinating all of the universi-ty’s external affairs, primarily fund-raising.“I’ll miss working in the businessschool,” Rubino said.Regardless, he is excited by the chal-lenge his new job presents because he will be working to bond together all of the school’s external factors in a better way.In the case of private institutions
like Mercyhurst, this includes finding 
 ways to raise revenue other than by raising tuition. When asked if anyone else wasin consideration for the position,Rubino said, “I don’t think sobecause it was done internally. Hadit been done externally, there wouldhave been.”
By Alison Hosko
Contributing writer
Pope Francis graces the public at his inauguration Mass at the Vatican.
dailymail.co.uk photo
David Livingston, Ph.D., namedpresident of Lourdes Universityin Sylvania, Ohio.
mercyhurst.edu photo
Monday, March 18LarcenyHirtReferred for discipline

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