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Book Recomendations

Book Recomendations

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Published by Alejandro Martinez

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Published by: Alejandro Martinez on Mar 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In the internet age, with the information abundance, it is increasingly harder and harder to select the rightinformation (books, DVDs) to spend your limited time and attention to. As my good friend used to say,
It is moreimportant to know what NOT TO read than to know what to read.
Having a decent list of books can spare you bothtime and money. Hopefully, this short list of books may provide you with such a solution.
BASIC SPORT SCIENCENeuromechanics of HumanMovement
 Roger EnokaThis book is going to provide you with the basicscientific framework for the study of humanmovement. You will gain the basicbiomechanical understanding of kinematics andkinetics, along with neuro-physiological basicsof motor system. It also covers topics likefatigue, electro-muscular stimulation, EMG, etc.
Exercise Physiology: HumanBioenergetics and ItsApplications
George Brooks, ThomasFahey and Kenneth BaldwinWhen it comes to exercise physiology this isTHE book. Very thorough and detailed and it isnot for faint hearted. George Brooks is one of the leading researchers regarding lactate
metabolism an the ‘father’ of lactate shuttle.
If you are really interested in how the thingswork within the body, what limits theperformance, then this is the book.
Biomechanical Analysis of Fundamental HumanMovements
Arthur ChapmanMost of the biomechanical books start with themechanical laws and apply them to humanmovement, but this book start with the humanmovement and explain the laws that governsthem. Basic human movements are covered(walking, running, jumping, throwing, etc), soyou will gain an insight into their analysis.
Motor Learning andPerformance w/Web StudyGuide - 4th Edition: ASituation-Based LearningApproach
Richard A. Schmidt Craig A.Wrisberg
Schmidt is one of the leaders in motor control
fiel an ‘father’ of schema theory. This book
provides starting and basic knowledge of motorcontrol, learning and performance and it is verypractical with coaches on mind. With this bookyou will gain knowl
ege of ‘traitional’
(information processing model) of motorlearning and performance.
Dynamics of SkillAcquisition: A Constraints-Led Approach
Keith Davids, Chris Buttonand Simon BennettOne of a kind. I was very pleased with this bookand the whole constraints-led approach tomotor control/learning. The book covers topicssuch as complex systems, ecologicalpsychology, affordances, constraints, self-organization and emergent patterns, decisionmaking, feedback, practice design. You will gaininsights into constraints-led approach of motorlearning, a theory that starts where thetraditional approach stops. You can find myreview of this book on amazon. 
Strength and Conditioning:Biological Principles andPractical Applications
Marco Cardinale, RobertNewton, Kazunori Nosaka
I on’t have this one, but I have hear very
good reviews on it. Make sure to check thecontent of the book since it covers a lot of interesting (and practical) topics. VernGambetta made a review of the book so makesure to check it out. 
INJURIESBiomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury,Second Edition
William C. Whiting, RonaldF. ZernickeWhen it comes to explaining biomechanics of the injury this is the book to get. It is going toprovide you with the foundations regarding themusculoskeletal injuries.
Clinical Sports MedicineThird Revised Edition
Peter Brukner, Karim KhanA book that should be consulted every time youdeal with injured athlete. One part of the bookcovers the basics of sport medicine, while theother part of the book covers regionalproblems. This is truly a masterpiece and youshould own this one.
Assessment and Treatmentof Muscle Imbalance: TheJanda Approach
Phillip Page Clare Frank,Robert Lardner
To be honest I have this one, but I haven’
t readit. I was in the doubt whether to put Shirley
Sahrman’s or Kenal’s book instea of this one,
but I decide to choose this one. The contentand the reviews look promising. I suppose thatthis will cover the basic on muscularimbalances.
Assess & Correct
Mike Robertson, BillHartma, Eric Cressey
I really love Cressey’s stuff 
. He somehowbridges the gap between research, physicaltherapy and coaching/training. This productwill give you ready to use practical system forassessment and correction of movementimpairments.
NUTRITIONApplied Nutrition for MixedSports
Lyle McDonaldWhen it comes to sport nutrition look nofurther. Lyle McDonald is the man to go to. Formore info make sure to check out my fullreview of this awesome little manual. I am also
a big fan of Lyle’s writings. Make sure to rea
Joel JamiesonIn my opinion, one of the best books on energysystem development and a little bit onplanning/programming. It covers theory andfocuses on combat sports. This is a must readbook for any combat athlete. Make sure to visitwww.8weeksout.com for info on the book
The Conditioning Handbook:Getting in Top Shape
Brian JonesAlthough I also love Ross Enemait stuff (even if he is more into HIIT), The ConditioningHandbook will give you more practical examplewithout too much theory. This is why I think itgoes hand in hand
with Joel Jamieson’s book
because they complement each other.
Training and Racing with aPower Meter
Hunter Allen and AndrewCogganCycling book, but very usable to all othersports. Some concepts are covered very well(like cycling form
sport form), and it is basedon objective measurements (cycling power),thus it is very scientific. One of the best bookson energy system development even if it iscycling book.

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