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March 21 2013 Mount Ayr Record-News

March 21 2013 Mount Ayr Record-News

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Published by MountAyrRecordNews
March 21 2013 Mount Ayr Record-News
March 21 2013 Mount Ayr Record-News

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Published by: MountAyrRecordNews on Mar 20, 2013
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Mount Ayr
Volume 149, Number 3 • Thursday, March 21, 2013 • Mount Ayr, Iowa 50854 • USPS No. 365-120 •
Visit us on the web at www.mountayrnews.com
Record News
Snapshots of Ringgold County
 TheBridge of RinggoldCounty 
 As part of our commemorationof the Record-News’ 150th year of publishing, each week we will feature a photo of lifein Ringgold County. “Snapshots of Ringgold County” photos will vary asthe seasons and events dictate.  Although it may not be as famous as the Bridges of  Madison County, this photoshows our county’s tinycovered bridge which spans a
ditch between two farm fields
 just north of Redding.This is the third of the photosin our commemorative series.
Ringgold County Cares is gear-ing up for the next big packingdate. The fourth annual pack-a-thon to pack 100,000 meals is setfor April 5-7 at the United Baptist-Presbyterian Church. With morethan $15,800 needing to be raised,Ringgold County Cares alreadyhas achieved half of their goal.“It is vital to raise the entireamount to pay for the supplies, aswell as the cost of shipping it to thehungry overseas,” said Ron Scha-fer, project coordinator.Ringgold Country Cares is a
non-profit organization that part-
ners with Outreach, Inc. fromUnion. They are a dedicated pack-ing station providing a soy-rice
fortified meal to Africa and other
parts of the world that suffer fromhunger. Outreach, Inc. sells sup-plies for the meals at 25 cents permeal. However, Ringgold CountyCares has negotiated a rate of 18 cents a meal due to the largeamount of supplies that were or-dered.“We can’t do this on our own,”said Schafer. “Because of your do-nations and commitment of time,more than 96,000 meals werepackaged last year.”It takes 10-12 people to run atable effectively. The table usuallyruns one or two hour shifts duringthe event. On average, 2,160 mealsare packaged in one hour per ta-ble.The event will run from 4 p.m.to midnight on Friday, April 5.Packaging will resume on Satur-day, April 6 at 7 a.m. and go until 7p.m. Saturday evening. Volunteers
will finish the work from 1 to 5
Pack-A-Thon seeks 100,000 meals 
Volunteers man a series of stations to package food during last year’s pack-a-thon. Individuals and group are urged to get involved in the three-day event to be held at the United Baptist-Presbyterian church. Auctioneer Jim Smith takes a bid during the PheasantsForever banquet and auction last week. Everything fromshotguns and bows to wildlife prints and home decor
p.m. Sunday.It costs $400 to run one tablefor one hour. In the past, groupsthat signed up to work would raisethe money to purchase the foodand materials for the shift. Volun-teers don’t have to participate in agroup.“We also get a lot of individualswho volunteer as well,” adds Scha-fer. “We are asking any individualwho wants to participate to bring$10 to help cover the costs.”Last year, a few groups chal-lenged each other to see who couldpack the most meals in a desig-nated time period. The Mount Ayrfootball team challenged the Lenoxfootball team, as well as ClearviewHome went up against Mount AyrHealth Care Center. The footballteams alone packaged over 25,000of the meals during their time pe-riod. At this time, football teamsfrom Lenox, Bedford and MountAyr will be challenging each oth-er.Other groups like 4-H groups,church groups, civic groups, busi-nesses and families are encouragedto volunteer their time and helpraise money.Schafer also noted that if thefee would prohibit someone fromparticipating, something will beworked out so they can still help.Just give him a call to set up atime.“Challenge yourself to spreadthe word,” Schafer encourages.“Use your voice to inform othersof the event and ask them to join.Call your friends, text your neigh-bor, tweet your family or post oldclassmates to come out and volun-teer.”Tax-deductible donations maybe sent to Melanie Jackson, 1429250th Street, Maloy, IA 50836.To sign up to volunteer or spon-sor a table, contact Ron Schafer,801 S. Henderson Dr., Mount Ayr,IA 50854, call 641-414-1527 oremail schafer@mchsi.com.People can also follow Ring-gold County Cares on Facebookat www.facebook.com/Ringgold-CountyCares.Breakfast with the Master, Ring-gold county’s traditional RinggoldCounty Ministerial Association-sponsored series of breakfasts andworships to prepare for Easter, willbe held again this year at the FirstChristian Church in Mount AyrMonday through Saturday, March25-30.Breakfasts begin each morningat 6:30 a.m. followed by a shortworship. Many of the churches inthe county are taking part in oneway or another in the breakfaststhis year.A goal of having 100 or morepeople take part each morninghas been set for this year and thecounty community is encouragedto take part. A freewill offering istaken for the breakfasts, with mon-ey over and above the cost of thebreakfasts going to help with needsof area residents during the year.Theme for the breakfasts thisyear is “It Is Finished.” Eachmorning there will be a breakfastfollowed by music and a shortmessage.Schedule for the event this yearincludes:Monday, March 25 -- Theme:Life and Ministry of Jesus. TheMount Ayr Assembly of God willhost the Monday breakfast of sweet rolls plus the cereal, fruitand drinks available each day.Doug Rohrer will be the speaker,the church will provide greetersand clean up and set up crews andFrank Hudson of the Communityof Christ has special music.Tuesday, March 26 -- Theme:Teaching of the Disciples. TheUnited Methodist Church LargerParish will be the host for the Tues-day breakfast featuring biscuits andgravy. Skip Rushing will be thespeaker, the churches will providegreeters and special music. Theywill join with the Ellston, Tingley,
Kellerton and Beaconsfield United
Methodist Churches to provide thecleanup and set up crew.Wednesday, March 27 --Theme: Old Testament Prophe-cies of Jesus. Wishard Chapel willbe the host for the pancakes andsausage breakfast on Wednesday.Bill Armstrong will be the speakerand the church will provide greet-ers and special music. The MountAyr Restoration Branch will join inhelping with the cleanup crew thatday.Thursday, March 28 -- Theme:Separation Between God and Man.The United Baptist-PresbyterianChurch will be the hosts for thebreakfast of egg casseroles pro-vided by several of the churches.Mike Maddy will be the speakerand the church will provide greet-ers, special music and the cleanupand set up crew.Friday, March 29 -- Theme:The Plan of Salvation. The UnitedChurch of Diagonal will be thehosts for the breakfast featuringdonuts and fruit cups. Ed Shieldswill be the speaker, the church willprovide the greeters and specialmusic and join with the Communi-ty of Christ in providing the cleanup crew.Saturday, March 30 - Theme:Death is Defeated. The First Chris-tian Church will host the cooks
choice breakfast in the final day
of the event. Chris Conklin will bethe speaker and the church will beproviding greeters, special musicand join with the Free MethodistChurch in providing the clean upcrew.Alan Smith will be master of ceremonies for the week and Vir-ginia Scott is coordinating the foodfor the event.
Breakfast with theMaster begins Monday
helped raise money to improve pheasant habitat and other conservation projects.
Pheasants Forever well attended
A Mount Ayr man has died
as the result of a traffic accident
in Decatur county Friday.According to the accidentreport from the Iowa StatePatrol, on March 15 RobertErickson, 77, was driving aBuick LaSabre eastbound onHighway 2 in Decatur City atapproximately 11:40 a.m. Aneastbound Dodge Ram pickupdriven by Lathum Saxton, 39,of Leon attempted to turn leftinto a parking area when it wasstruck by Erickson’s vehicle.Both vehicles ended up in thenorth ditch facing east.Both men were transportedby ambulance to the DecaturCounty Hospital in Leon, whereErickson was pronounceddead.Neither driver was wearinga seatbelt, according to the pa-trol report.According to the patrol,charges are pending in the ac-cident.
Mount Ayrman dies incar accident
Old iron on the square
The Waubonsie Antique Tractor Club showed off severalof their tractors on the Mount Ayr town square last Thursday as part of the community’s commemorationof National Agriculture Day. Events also included a performance by storyteller Michael Cotter at thePrincess Theater Thursday evening.
The Mount Ayr city councilapproved the purchase of a differ-ent street sweeper but postponed a
firm decision on the future of the
city’s garbage removal contract intheir regular meeting March 18.
Street sweeper
City superintendent Brett Wisereceived council approval to pur-chase a street sweeper to replacethe one currently in use. Wise saidthe current sweeper, estimated tobe a 1970s model, simply doesn’tdo a good enough job anymore.As a replacement, he has located a1998 model that is being traded infrom the city of Washington. For aprice of $31,500, the unit will becompletely refurbished, includingreplacement of the roller bearings,and will include operator training.As for the city’s current sweeper,Wise said it could be traded in ormight possibly be worth more asscrap. The new sweeper will bedelivered in May, but payment willbe postponed until July, the begin-
ning of the new fiscal year. The
city had already accounted for thepurchase of a new sweeper in itsrecently-approved budget.
Garbage removal contract
After several weeks of discus-sion and a series of meetings withgarbage collection contractors, thecouncil voted to send a letter toWaste Management giving themthree months notice of the city’sintent not to renew the existingcontract that expires June 30. In the
Council weighs optionson garbage services
meantime, the council will contin-ue to explore options for the futureof the garbage collection service.If the council should decide duringthat time to continue service withWaste Management, the terms of the existing contract will continueunchanged. Superintendent Wiserepeated his warning that under theexisting contract the city will losemoney unless it approves a rate in-crease from the current $16.50 permonth.Tim Newton of Divine Wastebrought letters of recommendationfor his service from local busi-nesses and restated his company’sinterest in bidding for the city’sgarbage removal contract.
Booster station project
Carl Elshire from MSA Profes-sional Services informed the coun-cil his company had received theconstruction permit for the boosterstation project from the Depart-ment of Natural Resources.To get the project off the ground,Elshire brought the contract forconstruction services for councilapproval. He explained the contracthad three components. The biddingand negotiation component wouldanswer contractor questions and
provide clarifications on specifica-
tions about the project during thebidding process. The constructionadministration component wouldreview shop drawings, especiallyon the pump station, to ensure ad-
herence to project specifications.
The resident project guide compo-nent would furnish an on-site proj-ect manager to meet with contrac-tors and oversee construction on aregular basis.Elshire said he would immedi-ately begin working with city clerkPam Poore to get the bidding pro-cess underway. Once the call forbids was published, he estimatedan open bidding period of approxi-mately three weeks. Once contractswere awarded, he estimated an-other eight weeks for completion
of fieldwork prior to installation of 
the new pump station. He said de-sign, manufacture and installationof the pump station would takeconsiderably longer, but he esti-mated completion the project priorto the end of the calendar year.
City superintendent report
Superintendent Wise updatedthe council on a number of itemson which his department is cur-rently working.
• The recently-installed light-ing fixtures on the west side of 
the square are currently not func-tioning. They continue to trip thebreaker whenever they are con-nected to the power source, and EdRotert, the project electrician, be-lieves there is a short in the systemsomewhere. He and Wise will con-tinue to investigate the problem.
• Wise has contacted two com-
panies to discuss repairs to citystreets in the coming months. Inthe meantime, the city crew is
filling potholes with rock, but he
stressed this work is strictly a tem-____________________________
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Ringgold County Hospitalboard of directors met in regularsession following the public hear-
ing on the fiscal year 2014 budget.
Teresa Roberts began the meet-
ing with the financial report al-
though much of it had been previ-ously discussed and explained inthe budget hearing meeting.She noted that online paymentsare being incorporated into theelectronic system which will pro-vide more options for paying bills.Single payments as well as recur-ring payments will be available.Medicaid expansion, part of theAffordable Health Care Act, con-tinues to be a topic of discussionas it is under consideration in thestate legislature.Administrator Gordon Winklershared information from his dayspent attending the Iowa Hospi-tal Associations Legislative Day.
Hospital board discussesbudget, Medicaid expansion
Winkler sat in on the Senate Hu-man Resources debate and alsohad the opportunity to speak withstate senator Joni Ernst. The billwas caucused by both parties andpassed out of committee by a voteof 8-5 along party lines. The billwill be debated in the next fewweeks.Governor Terry Branstad didintroduce a plan called HealthyIowa, but Winkler said it appears
to reflect more of a position state-
ment than a plan with substance.Winkler reiterated earlier meet-ing discussions with regard tothe potential negative impact forhealth care providers if Iowa doesnot opt into the Medicaid expan-sion. Compared to the currentIowa Cares program supported byGovernor Terry Branstad but set tosunset in 2013, the Medicaid ex-pansion would cover an estimated150,000 Iowans as opposed to theestimated 89,000 covered underIowa Cares.In further discussion regardingimpact to Ringgold County Hos-pital, county funds and residents,it was explained that Iowa Caresdoes not provide mental healthcare which makes funding thoseexpenses fall to the county fromproperty tax funds and takes awayfunds for other areas. The Medic-aid expansion would cover mentalhealth costs for eligible Iowans.Under Iowa Cares the only costcovered is that of patients admittedto the hospital from the emergencyroom. Other charges are not cov-ered and rural areas like Ringgoldcounty are sorely lacking in ad-equate funding to cover necessarycare for those uninsured commu-nity____________________________
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Mount Ayr Record-News Thursday, March 21, 2013
Ringgold County’s News and Advertising Source Since1864Published byParagon Publications, Inc.122 W. Madison St. • P. O. Box 346 • Mount Ayr, IA50854Telephone (641) 464-2440 • Fax (641) 464-2229e-mail: recnews@iowatelecom.netA Consolidation of The Ringgold Record • Twice-A-Week News(Established 1864) (Established 1892)
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is an infection of the lungs that can cause mild tosevere illness. Certain people are more likely to become ill withpneumonia. This includes adults 65 years of age or older andchildren younger than 5 years of age. People up through 64years of age who have underlying medical conditions like dia-betes or cancer and people 19 through 64 who smoke cigarettesor have asthma are also at increased risk for getting pneumonia.All adults age 65 or older are recommend to receive pneu-mococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPSV).
If you are age 65 or older and have not received this vaccine, please contact Public Health to schedule an appointment at 641-464-0691.There is no cost to persons with Medicare Part B.
Thursday, March 28 Thursday, March 28 
Mount Ayr American Legion building Mount Ayr American Legion building 
6:30 p.m. Social • 7 p.m. Dinner 6:30 p.m. Social • 7 p.m. Dinner 
• Start off with Jim Werner’s prime rib and catering by• Start off with Jim Werner’s prime rib and catering byJan Ford.Jan Ford.• Short meeting with trophy auction to follow.• Short meeting with trophy auction to follow.• Free to paid members. You can pay membership at• Free to paid members. You can pay membership atthe door.the door.
Breakfasts are great tradition
& other things
Community traditions come and go, but one of the events that has stood the test of time, at least sofar, is the Breakfast With the Master event that leadsup to Easter each year.I’m sure someone has a count on how many yearsthis has been a county tradition, involving many of the churches around the county, in a joint effort of services in preparation for the celebration of the res-urrection of Jesus.I don’t know for sure, but I know I have attendedduring the week in almost all of those. Not everyday, because of my job responsibilities, but someeach week.I’m looking forward to sharing in the breakfastsagain next week.
My first memory of attending one was back many
years ago when we met in the new First ChristianChurch building. The old church had burned downand the new one that replaced it was just opened, if Iremember.
The first events were more modest affairs. If I
remember correctly, we met in the two classroomsnext to the kitchen and didn’t get out into the bigroom of the church at all.The tradition of those early days is just as it istoday. We met for a breakfast, shared some singingand a short worship service, which prepared us forthe day. I remember sharing my father’s testimony of an experience with Christ at one of those. In that ex-perience he lifted a lump of coal to be touched by theMaster and saw it changed to a beautiful diamond.
He felt that his calling was to help people find that
same life-changing experience in their lives whenthey allowed His touch to make a difference in theirlives.Over the years, the breakfasts grew to need all thespace in the fellowship hall with averages of morethan 100 people a day sharing. The weekly numbersreached high into the 700’s for the six days.The past couple of years the numbers haven’tquite matched that peak, but the tradition has con-tinued because of the involvement of so many peo-ple who share their time to get the food ready, greetpeople, provide music, share a message or clean upand set up for the next day.Virginia Scott has headed up the food for manyyears and for the past couple of years has men-tioned that someone else needs to take on that re-sponsibility for her. If she ever does retire, she willbe hard to replace. In each church too, the genera-tions of service turn over as the years go by.Hopefully the breakfasts will be a traditionpassed on to the next generation as well, as thegraying set shares their responsibilities with othersand then passes on the torch.If people share their good memories of themorning with friends, new people will share in theexperience. I’m looking forward especially to Sat-urday next week. Some of the family will be homeand I hope to introduce my grandchildren to thiscommunity event that is so unique.Maybe some day in the future, one of themmay say, “Grandpa, remember when we went tothe Easter breakfast at that church with all thosepeople?”I’ll be able to share some of the stories of howa county came together each year to share their ap-preciation for the Master. It would be a blessing tosay that they are still doing that every year. Thatwill depend on people giving of their time to workon the event, and taking the time to be part of it.
Fifty Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record-News, Thursday, March 14, 1963.)
The first new 4-H uniforms ap-
peared Thursday at the Mount AyrCommunity high school duringNational 4-H Club Week.
The 1963 officers of 260 Central
Iowa Blue Lodges will be honoredby Des Moines Consistory A. A. S.R., March 16, in the Scottish Rite
Temple in Des Moines. Officers of 
Faith Lodge No. 179, A. F. & A M.,who will attend the meeting to whichall Master Masons are invited, areDick Bolton, worshipful master;Laurance Bishop, junior warden; J.M. Anderson, treasurer; Eldon Main,secretary, and Jack Elliott, seniordeacon. Several other members of the lodge also plan to attend.The town of Mount Ayr Tuesdaysold swimming pool bonds in thetotal amount of $70,000 to Sparks& Company of Des Moines at anannual interest rate of 3.75 percent.Only one bid was submitted. Thefunds from the sale of the bonds willbe used to pay for Mount Ayr’s newswimming pool, which will be con-structed this spring and summer.Approximately 13 1/2 blocks of paved streets in Mount Ayr will beresurfaced this summer, providinga proposed resolution of necessityis passed by the town council.During the 25-year history of the Mount Ayr chapter of FutureFarmers of America, 48 membershave earned the Iowa Farmer de-gree. Twenty-eight are farming inthis area, three are veterinarians,three are with the U.S. Departmentof Agriculture, four are in a collegeof agriculture, three are teachingagriculture and science, two aretruckers, two are engineers, one is anevangelist, one is selling insuranceand one is a clerk. Six have also
earned the organization’s highest
honor, the American Farmer Degree.Of the 48 members, 25 were presentfor the 25th anniversary banquet onFebruary 22. Those present at thebanquet were Marvin Triggs, How-ard Martin, Loren Campbell, Billie
Wimer, Phillip Foltz, Dr. Ronald
Lynch, Roy Rinehart, Ryland Gar-ner, Robert McCreary, Marvin Lane,
Wayne Foltz, Sam Sickels, Leland
Sickels, Loren Elliott, Dale Bickel,Richard Weehler, Wayne Walters,Melvin Gray, Dr. Gene Zinn, IvanDolecheck, Ivan Dennis, LarryKimball, Richard Wilson, LelandRauch and Gary Campbell.Ten members of the Mount Ayrchapter of Future Farmers of Amer-ica were awarded three gold andtwo silver ratings in district F.F.A.contests held Saturday in Ankeny.Gold ratings were received by DavidBarker in the public speaking divi-sion and Craig Elliott in freshmancreed speaking, both of whom willadvance to state competition, and bythe parliamentary procedure team,composed of Phillip Drake, LarrySwank, Dan Sickels, Craig Riggsand Jack Gross. The chapter programteam, composed of Dan Barker andDavid Umbarger, speakers, andLarry Weaver, project operator, andthe chapter treasurer’s book, kept byRonnie Wood, were awarded silverratings.The Charles Patrick 60-acrefarm in Riley township was soldyesterday at public auction to LeRoyBrown for $116.00 per acre. Thefarm adjoins land owned by Mr.Brown. The sale was conducted byGenevieve Brammer, guardian; Em-met R. Warin, attorney and DennisOwens, auctioneer.Births reported at RinggoldCounty Hospital this week were ason, born March 11, to Mr. and Mrs.Harry Allen Scott of Mount Ayrand a son, born March 10, to Mr.and Mrs. Larry Paul Dye of SaintJoseph, MO.Obituaries in this issue wereLawrence Combs, Cole Arthur Mur-rin and George W. Rogers.
Twenty-five Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record-News, Thursday, March 24, 1988.)Census data from 1970 and1980 were used to show employ-ment changes in Mount Ayr andRinggold county over the 10-yearperiod. Across the county, therewere increases in employment inevery category except agricultureand government. Agriculturalemployment dropped from 1,091in 1970 to 782 in 1980, accordingto the analysis, while governmentpayrolls slipped from 142 in 1970to 112 in 1980. The report tied theagricultural job loss to the down turnin the ag economy and the govern-ment job losses to the shrinking taxbase due to population decline. Thelargest increases in employment forcounty residents came in services,where 643 were employed in 1980,and manufacturing, where 195 wereemployed in 1980 compared to 134in 1970. There was an overall declinein jobs, however, with 2,535 in 1980compared to 2,618 in 1970.Frank Butler and Annie Oakley
get set to match up in their first
shooting contest in an early scenein Irving Berlin’s “Annie Get YourGun” which will be presentedtonight (Thursday) and Friday atthe Mount Ayr Community highschool gymnasium. The musical is
a production of all the fine arts areas
at the high school.It was a night of celebration of the 50th year since the foundingof the Future Farmers of Americachapter at Mount Ayr Communityhigh school and the establishment of the vocation agriculture departmenthere. There were 35 FFA membersand their advisors and 150 guests,including FFA members and advisorfrom Grand Valley and membersfrom Creston, who took part inthe 50th annual FFA banquet andprogram held Monday night, March21, in the MACHS Commons.Sean Thomas, 16-year-oldMount Ayr Community high school junior and son of Robert and JaneThomas of Mount Ayr, has beenaccepted as a member of the IowaState Fair Singers, a select group of 21 high school vocalists and some14 instrumentalists.Some of the top awards at theFFA banquet Monday night went toEd McCreary, chapter star farmer;Doug Hickman, star chapter agri-businessman; Elsa McAlexander,star greenhand, and Randy Hensley,most valuable FFA member.Births reported this week werea son, born March 15, to Gary andDarla Sobotka of Diagonal and adaughter, born March 22, to Wayneand Charlotte Ward of Mount Ayr.Obituaries this week were AliceM. Davis Putney, Fern Olive Glea-son Wright, Charles Everett Michel-son, Samuel Edward Rhoades andChase Lee Comer.
Ten Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record-News, Thursday, March 13, 2003.)For the third year in a row,the Mount Ayr Community highschool team has won the Pride of Iowa academic day competition. Ateam of 16 Mount Ayr Communitystudents represented the school atthe competition held at East UnionCommunity high school Thursday
and brought home first place again.
Members of the academic team in-cluded Jeff Burgher, Brian England,Lydia Richards, Morgan Rumple,Brad Wilson, David Campbell,Luke Larsen, Kylee Minnick, JasonWilkey, Adam Triggs, Jacque Baker,Allison Snook, Crystal Sterling,Alycia Clymer, Brett England andLyndon Hawkins.
It’s on to the state jazz cham-
pionships again for the Mount Ayr
Community high school jazz band
after competition over the week-
end. The Raider jazz band made a
long day of it Saturday, competing
in two different jazz festivals and
bringing home first place fromeach -- a banner weekend for the
group. Also qualifying for the jazz
championships in a wild card spotwas the Lamoni Community high
school jazz band, directed by Aaron
Comer, a Mount Ayr Communityhigh school graduate. Comer’s bandwill be competing in the Class 1Adivision.Spring play at Mount Ayr Com-munity high school Friday andSaturday night will be “Who ShotElvis?,” a comedy directed by ShaunKniep.Eian Schnoor, son of EricSchnoor of Jacksonville, FL, is at-tending his senior year of high schoolat Mandrin school. He placed secondin the Florida state wrestling tour-nament, 140-pound class. Schnooris the grandson of Roger and JaneSchnoor of Mount Ayr.When the girls state basketball
tournament finals are held in Des
Moines Saturday night, two MountAyr Community drill team memberswill be preforming with the all-Iowahonor drill team. Chosen to partici-pate with the group are MAC drillteam members Rachel Sobotka andKatie Weddle.A Mount Ayr Community el-
ementary school student placed first
in the Iowa Girls State Wrestlingtournament held in Gilbert Sunday,
March 2. Chelsey Hosfield, a sixthgrader, took first place in the divi-
sion consisting of sixth, seventh and
eighth grade girls. Hosfield is the
daughter of Randy and Stephanie
Hosfield of Diagonal.
The birth reported this week wasa son, born March 1, to Sharyn andKevin Whittington.Obituaries this week wereCharles Wesley Bastow, CharlesWilliam Foster, Rita Berniece HartMyers and Johnny Smith.
Legislative coffeeto be held Saturday
A legislative coffee will be heldat the Ringgold County Extension
office, 101 N. Polk Street, Satur-
day, March 23 from 1-2 p.m.The monthly local meetingwith Senator Joni Ernst and Rep-resentative Cecil Dolecheck is freeand provides an opportunity forthe public to hear what is takingplace at the state capitol as wellas receive a response to questionsthe public may have. Everyone iswelcome to attend.The legislative coffee is spon-sored by the Mount Ayr Chamber.
to the
To the editorPlease renew my subscriptionto the Record-News.It is the only newspaper we get,and we read it cover to back.Even though I have been gonefrom Mount Ayr for nearly 35years, I still think of Mount Ayr as“home” and like to keep informedof the “happenings” of the town.All the improvements, the well-kept homes and businesses, thenew businesses and the new hospi-tal, school and jail certainly provethat Mount Ayr is a thriving place
that its citizens (and former citi-zens) can be proud of.
I am proud to call Mount Ayrmy hometown.Sincerely,Kay Sickels MosierLittleton, CO
Writer proud of her hometown
Dear Mr. Hawley and staff,I would like to express my
thanks for the notification and
completion of my Master degreein Mathematics Curriculum andInstruction. I am new to the area,and I appreciate the thoughtfulnessof my husband, James E. Smith,who is a resident of this com-munity, for wanting me to let theresidents know a little about me
Smith welcomedby community
as a new resident. I have receivedmany comments and greeted withsincere congratulations.I am happy to be accepted intothe community and wish to ex-press my thanks to all who havetaken the effort to let me know that
I am recognized and am welcome.
I love the children that I haveworked with and hope to continuewith help to their education andfriendship.Expression is to wish and ex-press my thanks many more timesto you in the community for theheaven-sent welcome received.Sincerely,Geraldine (Gerri) SmithEllston
Running for oce?
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According to the Federal Re-serve Bank of Chicago, farmlandvalues in its coverage area rose 16percent in 2012, the third largestgain in 35 years. Marc Shober of AgWeb.com, editor of FarmlandForecast, an educational blog de-voted to investments in agricultureand farmland, believes they willcontinue to rise. In fact, Shobersaid farmland values and farmerincome will continue to rise thisyear.In terms of farmland, Shobersaid the Chicago Fed survey indi-cated that despite the worst droughtin 55 years, high commodity pricesand record farm income pushed updemand for farmland—with no endin sight.
Farmland values: On the rise lastyear, forecast to continue upward
In terms of weather, he pointedout on AgWeb.com that tempera-tures in the Corn Belt have beensteadily increasing during Febru-ary, along with improved precipita-tion, helping to moderate droughtconditions.Subsurface levels are still atthe danger point, with 57 percentof the nation in moderate or worsedrought conditions. Shober saidfarmers are hoping for plenty of spring rain and “for drainage tile
lines to start flowing again; a sign
of increased moisture—deep be-neath the surface.”Economically, Shober notedthat the Creighton University farm-land price index decreased for thethird straight month, from 71.5 inJanuary, to 67.0. That is the 37thconsecutive month, though, that theindex has remained above growthneutral, and the farm equipmentsales index rose to 65.8, from 63.8in February.Coupled with the strength infarmland values, U.S. net farm in-come, according to the USDA, isexpected to set a new record highthis year, driven by a record corncrop and high commodity prices.Crop reserves, the agency said, areanticipated to rise, too, after deple-tion of supplies from the droughtlast year.Production will also be on the rise,Shober noted. He reported thatfarmers are expected to plant 254million acres, the second largest onrecord. The rise will be in the eightmajor crops, corn, soybeans, wheat,upland cotton, rice, sorghum, bar-ley and oats. The result is that netfarm income could increase to$128.2 billion with a “B” this year,up from $112.8 billion last year and$117.9 billion in 2011.Along with income comes ex-penses, and the USDA predictsproduction costs will rise to $249.8billion, up $10 billion over 2012.
That largely reflects high commod-
ity prices, the agency said produc-tion in 2013 is expected to increase,resulting in a drop in market pricesthis fall. Even so, the USDA proj-ects domestic prices for corn, soy-beans and wheat will remain his-torically high, and above pre-2007levels.One of the keys to U.S. farmprosperity will be the strength of crops in South America, particu-
larly Brazil. Right now, it looks
pretty dry down there. As the 2013growing season gets underway, agood deal of help from Mother Na-ture, foreign competition and goodold dumb luck will drive the out-comes.I’ll see ya!
County officials and employees
from across the state traveled toDes Moines on Wednesday, March13 for the Fifth Annual CountyDay at the Capitol hosted by theIowa State Association of Counties(ISAC).Attending from Ringgold coun-ty were supervisors Royce Dredge,David Inloes and Kraig Penning-ton; auditor Amanda Waske; trea-surer Debbie Cannon; recorderKaren Schaefer and deputy sheriff Rob Haley.The event was intended to give
county officials and employees the
opportunity to be involved in thelegislative process by promotinglegislation that is of importance tocounties.ISAC staff spoke to the attend-ees about the current hot issuesand the latest on mental health re-design, road funding, property taxreform and other issues that willimpact local government.The group then visited the Cap-itol to participate in the lobbyingprocess by meeting with their re-spective legislators.
County officials focused their
discussions with their legislatorson ISAC’s top priorities – mentalhealth redesign, road funding andproperty tax reform. Each of these
issues will have significant fiscal
impacts on counties. County of-
ficials shared these fiscal impacts
with their senators and representa-tives
The Capitol Rotunda was filledwith ISAC affiliate member orga-nization displays. This gave thedifferent county offices the oppor-
tunity to introduce legislators andthe public to the important servicescounties provide and their role inthe effective administration of county services.
Officials attend
County Day atCapitol event
The latest Census Bureau re-lease includes information aboutbirths, deaths and migration inIowa and its counties.Between 2010 and 2012, Iowagained 9,269 residents from othernations and lost 3,274 residents toother states for a net migration of 5,995. Births outnumbered deathsby 22,494. Among counties, 17counties experienced more peoplemoving in than moving out and 41counties recorded more births thandeaths since the 2010 census.Gary Krob, coordinator of theIowa Library Service’s State DataCenter program, says that the cur-rent estimates show that Iowa’spopulation growth continues tobe the strongest in its metropoli-tan areas. “Of the 31 counties inour state that experienced popula-tion growth, 88.4 percent of thatgrowth occurred in seven counties:Polk, Dallas, Johnson, Linn, Scott,Story, and Dubuque.”
Urban areas increase population
Thursday, March 21, 2013
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Ringgold CountyCourthouse
News &
Boy Scouts
Mount Ayr Volunteer Fire Department 
5 to 7 p.m.
Freewill donation.
100% of the money collectedwill go to Boys Scouts of AmericaMount Ayr Troop 39.
403 E. South Street, Mount Ayr Ph. 641-464-3821
HOURS: Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.Saturday, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
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• Daniel E. Yoder of Lamoni andMiriam A. Swartzentruber of Lamo-
ni. Married February 26, 2013. Date
marriage filed March 12, 2013.
March 7-14, 2012
Sat Van Le, Mount Ayr, $132.50,operation of motor vehicle withexpired license.Kenneth Kline, Creston,$127.50, seat belt violation.
Sarah Elizabeth Ellis, Mount
Ayr, $200.00, failure to securechild.Joel Adam Osborn, Maryville,MO, $114.00, speeding 6-10 m.p.h.over the speed limit.
• March 13 - A judgment wasfiled in magistrate’s court finding
Josh Briner of Diagonal guilty of 
theft in the fifth degree.Briner was ordered to pay a fine
of $100, a surcharge of $35, a lawenforcement initiative surcharge of $125, court costs of $60 and res-titution to Jerry’s Sinclair in theamount of $71.79, all monies pay-able to the clerk of court by March20, 2013. Briner was also ordered
to be fingerprinted by the RinggoldCounty Sheriff’s Office withinseven days of this filing.• March 13 - A judgment wasfiled in magistrate’s court find-
ing Aaron John Kenover Elken of Mount Ayr guilty of interference
with official acts.
Elken was sentenced to sevendays in jail which is to be served
within 45 days of this filing. In ad-
dition Elken was ordered to paycourt costs of $60 and jail fees of $350, all monies payable to theclerk of court. Appeal bond wasset at $300 cash only.
• March 13 - A judgment wasfiled in magistrate’s court finding
Kayla Kathleen McVey, aka KaylaMorgan, of Mount Ayr guilty of driving while license suspended.McVey was sentenced to sevendays in jail, given credit for twodays served, and ordered to servethe remainder within 45 days of 
this filing. In addition, McVey wasordered to pay a fine of $250, a
surcharge of $87.50, court costs of $60, jail fees of $350 and servicefees of $21.50, all monies payableto the clerk of court. Appeal bondwas set at $300 cash only.
(Call Origination Code: MA= Mount Ayr; KE = Keller-ton; EL= Ellston; TI = Tingley; DI = Diagonal; DE =
Delphos; MO = Maloy; BE = Beaconsfield; BO = Benton;
SC = Shannon City; BL= Blockton; RE = Redding; SV= Sun Valley; CO = In County; OC = Out of County; OS= Out of State)
March 7-14, 2012Thursday, March 7
9:23 a.m., dog call. (MA)3:24 p.m., caller reporting sto-len items. (MA)4:20 p.m., attorney calling forinmate’s information. (OC)
4:21 p.m., call for officer. (KE)
4:16 p.m., call about inmate’sbond. (OC)7:14 p.m., caller wanting toknow why the law is after him.(KE)8:04 p.m., caller reporting asuspicious vehicle that was drivingrecklessly. (OC)8:11 p.m., magistrate callingwith information regarding inmate.(OC)8:22 p.m., caller reporting asuspicious individual.8:25 p.m., caller with questionsregarding inmate’s bond. (OC)8:53 p.m., caller with informa-tion for dispatcher. (MA)
Friday, March 8
12:05 a.m., caller reporting sto-len property. (MA)7:25 a.m., caller reporting sto-len property. (MA)9:43 a.m., caller with jail/in-mate information. (OC)10:20 a.m., caller reportingtheir vehicle had broken down onthe highway. (MA)10:44 a.m., call back requested.(MA)11:25 a.m., caller with jail/in-mate information. (OC)11:26 a.m., caller reporting acontrolled burn. (MA)1:07 p.m., caller with informa-tion for sheriff. (CO)1:16 p.m., caller reporting atheft. (KE)1:43 p.m., caller with informa-tion. (CO)6 p.m., caller reporting animalabuse. (MA)6:46 p.m., 911 call. (CO)
Saturday, March 9
8:18 a.m., caller with questions
for officer. (KE)
3:23 p.m., inmate call. (MA)
4:52 p.m., caller needing offi-
cer. (MA)5:12 p.m., caller reporting ascam. (MA)6:57 p.m., REC call. (OC)
Sunday, March 10
9:27 a.m., inmate call. (MA)9:25 a.m., 911 call, request foran ambulance.9:55 a.m., paramedic calling toadvise they were on the scene.3:46 p.m., caller needing in-mate’s information. (OC)5:03 p.m., caller with message
for officer. (KE)
5:47 p.m., caller needing in-mate’s information. (OC)6:43 p.m., caller with phonecard for inmate. (OC)
Monday, March 11
12:58 a.m., caller reporting ve-hicle in the ditch. (MA)12:28 p.m., caller in the area.(OC)12:55 p.m., caller setting upvisitation with inmate. (KE)1:26 p.m., caller setting up visi-tation with inmate. (OC)1:46 p.m., caller with informa-tion regarding inmate. (OC)3:21 p.m., call for jailer. (OC)3:27 p.m., caller setting up visi-tation with inmate. (OC)4:27 p.m., phone card called in.(OC)4:39 p.m., 911 call. (BE)6:15 p.m., caller with informa-
tion for officer. (MA)
7:53 p.m., vehicle lockout.(MA)
Tuesday, March 12
2:12 a.m., caller reporting at-tempted theft. (KE)
2:24 a.m., reserve officer withinformation for officer. (CO)
8:35 a.m., caller advising theirvehicle had broken down. (MA)9:14 a.m., caller leaving phonenumber for the sheriff. (OC)9:45 a.m., caller checking on acase. (KE)9:55 a.m., caller reporting fuelstolen out of tank. (CO)10:10 a.m., caller with questionabout gun permits. (MA)11:16 a.m., caller advising of anunsafe situation. (TI)11:29 a.m., caller needing in-formation for insurance company.12:04 p.m., call for sheriff.(OC)1:10 p.m., caller needing infor-mation from chief deputy. (OC)1:36 p.m., call for sheriff. (BE)2 p.m., vehicle lockout. (MA)2:57 p.m., caller reporting asign down. (TI)
9:58 p.m., caller needing offi-
cer’s help. (MA)
Wednesday, March 13
8:40 a.m., caller wanting to pickup stolen property.8:55 a.m., caller reporting ha-rassment.8:29 a.m., vehicle lockout.9:20 a.m., caller wanting toknow the rules regarding ATV ve-hicles on roadway. (CO)12:25 p.m., caller with informa-tion regarding inmate. (OC)1:25 p.m., caller trying to locatefamily member. (MA)5:51 p.m., caller reportingpower lines were down on a truck.(OC)8:25 p.m., caller reporting as-sault. (MA)9:53 p.m., caller with informa-tion for inmate. (OC)
Thursday, March 14
4:57 a.m., caller with confusedperson who lives in Mount Ayr.(OC)6:52 a.m., caller reporting theyhad hit a deer on Highway 169.(CO)8:39 a.m., report of a controlledburn. (TI)
Ringgold County Courthousehours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.to 4 p.m. unless noted otherwise.Ringgold county now has awebsite at www.ringgoldcounty.us.
• Assessor:
Neil Morgan, 464-3233.
Amanda Waske,464-3239.
Board of Supervisors:
DavidInloes, chairman, Royce Dredgeand Kraig Pennington, members,464-3244.Supervisors meetings are opento the public and are held in the su-pervisors conference room located
on the second floor between theclerk of court and auditor’s office.
On days the board is not sched-
uled to be in office, please directall inquiries to the auditor’s office.
To schedule a meeting time withthe supervisors, contact the audi-
tor’s office.
Regular board meetings are
held on Mondays with official
public notice of the meeting agen-das posted at the Ringgold countycourthouse, Mount Ayr Record-News, Sun Valley Lake and Diago-nal city hall the day before.
Clerk of Court (a state of-
Jackie Saville,
464-3234; fax:
464-2478. Office hours: Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays, 8 a.m. tonoon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. andTuesdays and Thursdays, 8 a.m. -noon and 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
The clerk’s office handles ali-
mony and child support payments,
probates, civil and criminal filings,
magistrate’s court and records andservices of adoptions, conservator-ships, court proceedings, divorces,estates, grand jury, guardianships, judgments, juvenile proceedings,mechanic’s liens, mental healthadmissions, petit jury, surety
company certificates, state hospi-tal, traffic violations, trust funds,trusteeships. Certified copies can
be made of above listed records.Court records are also available atwww.iowacourts.gov.
• County ConservationBoard:
Kate Zimmerman, phone:464-2787, email: rangerkate@io-watelecom.net.Please contact for informationon rules and regulations, parks,trail ways, camping, shelter reser-vations, environmental educationand more. Parks are open March
15 - November 15. Walk-in traffic
is allowed year round.
• County Weed Commission-er:
Brenda Adams, 641-344-9629.
Development and Tourism:
Karen Bender, Coordinator, 464-3704. If anyone has any calendarevents, please contact the develop-
ment office at 641-464-3704.
• E-911 Service Board:
MerleWalter, 307 N. Webster St., MountAyr, 464-3311.
Emergency Management
Teresa Jackson, Coordi-nator, 109 W. Madison St., Suite105, cell: 641-202-9671; phone:464-3344; fax: 464-0663, email:tjackson@iowatelecom.net. Hours:Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30p.m.The tornado sirens in Mount
Ayr will be tested the first Tuesday
of each month unless there is se-vere weather.
Zach Gunsolley,P.E., 464-3232. 707 South Hender-
son Drive. Office hours: Monday -
Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
General Relief:
Gary Smith,109 W. Madison St., 464-2397.Mondays and Thursdays, 8 a.m. -4 p.m.; Tuesdays, 8 a.m. - noon;Closed Wednesdays and Fridays.In case of emergency 641-464-2397 or 641-202-1199.
Karen Schaefer,464-3231. Passport applicationsare taken daily from 8 a.m. - 11
a.m. and noon - 4 p.m. Certified
vital records can be obtained from8 a.m. - noon and 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
The recorder’s office serves as
a passport agent. Items needed to
apply are: certified copy of birthcertificate, driver’s license or state
issued ID, two-inch square pass-port photos and passport applica-tion (both available at recorder’s
office) and fees. Allow four to six
weeks from date of application toreceive passport book or card fromthe passport agency. Expeditedservice is available for an addi-tional fee.Individuals with recent namechanges can get their passportbook/card updated without a feewithin one year of issue. Formsmay be obtained at the recorder’s
office. For additional informationcall the recorder’s office or go to
www.travel.state.gov/passport.Avoid a $5 penalty by renew-ing boat registrations by April 30,2013.
Ringgold CountyPublic Health Agency, 464-0691.Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to4:30 p.m.
• Public Health Agency:
119 S.Fillmore, 464-0691. Hours: Mon-day - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Mike Sobotka,
 Emer-gency Only 911,
Non-Emergency(Available 24/7) 464-3921 or 464-2911.
 New location at the Ringgold County Law Enforcement Center,801 West South Street.
Hours are8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Road Conditions- dial 511 or online at www.Io-waRoadConditions. org.
Debbie Cannon,464-3230.
The second half of the 2011property taxes are due March31, 2013. Mailed payments post-marked by April 1, 2013 will nothave a penalty assessed. Whenpaying your taxes, please includethe tax stub from your tax state-ment.
Applications for 2013 IowaProperty Tax Credit for Elderly andDisabled Taypayers must be sub-
mitted by the filing date of May 1,
2013. Applications may be picked
up in the office or downloaded at
www.iowatreasurers.org.Property taxes can be paid on-line at www.iowatreasurers.orgwith Visa, Master Card and Dis-cover credit cards or e-checks.
Payments made in the office may
be with cash, checks or with a Mas-ter Card, Visa or Discover credit ordebit card.All documents conveying realestate need to have the name andaddress of the person to whomthe property tax statement is tobe mailed. Please check renewalnotices and tax statements for thecorrect information. If the infor-mation is wrong, contact the trea-
surer’s office.
Motorists can now renew mo-tor vehicle registrations online atwww.iowatreasurers.org if a re-newal notice is received throughthe United States Postal Service
that contains a personal identifica-
tion number (PIN). Please be awarethat the PIN can only be used one
time. Contact the treasurer’s office
for more information.Those with February birth datesare reminded to register their mo-tor vehicles by March 31, 2013.Bring in the renewal statement re-ceived in the mail so renewals canbe quickly processed.
• Driver’s License Office:
cated in the Treasurer’s Office.
Driver’s licenses may be re-newed any time during the period of 30 calendar days before and up to 60 calendar days after thedriver’s birth date.
The driver’s license stationhours are Monday - Friday, 8:30a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 3:30p.m. Phone 464-3230 with ques-tions.
Veterans Affairs:
GarySmith, 109 W. Madison St., 464-2397. Mondays and Thursdays,8 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Tuesdays, 8 a.m.- noon; Closed Wednesdays andFridays. In case of emergency 641-464-2397 or 641-202-1199.
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Mount Ayr Record-News
122 W. Madison, Mount Ayr, Iowa
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Thank YouThank You
would liketo thank all the 2013 Pheasants Forever sponsors for theirgenerous donations to enable our organization to helpcreate more food and shelter plots for a better pheasanthabitat in our county. Money spent in Ringgold countyincludes
Fogle Recreation Area,$20,620; Kellerton Grassland BCA, $18,000, and Don and
Advanced Ag LLC - CrestonAmerican Legion AuxiliaryAunt Jennie’s AtticB & M RecyclingBarker ImplementBass Pro Shop - AltoonaBean Town CafeBedford Building SupplyRandy BishopBoyer’s BarBoyt Harness CompanyBrundage ElectricCGI FoodsCabela’sCampfire Stories TVClearview Homes and ClearviewEstatesCommunity Meat ProcessorsCorning Gun ClubCountry BlossomsCunning Insurance Co IncCunning Real Estate and Land AuctionDari SweetDiagonal Building ProductsDick’s Barber ShopDollar GeneralDredge Feed ServiceEdward Jones InvestmentsEighmy MonumentCompanyExcel Engineering - DiagonalFarm and HomeFarm Bureau InsuranceFarmers Cooperative - Mount AyrFirst Federal Savings Bank - CrestonFirst National Bank - CrestonFogle Lake 3D ArcheryFord ConstructionMike FordFreedom Creek PrairieG & I Feed and GrainGavilon Ag Service, LLCGerold’s OffspringsGlendenning Motor Co.Great Western Bank - Mount AyrHeartland Energy SolutionsDennis Hemann, D.C.Hilltop Veterinary ClinicHymbaugh ConstructionHy-Vee - Mount AyrThe Insurance Station - Deb LarsonIowa State Savings Bank - CrestonIris’ Beauty ShopJames L. Pedersen, P.C.Jami’s House Cleaning - Jami LoveJamie’s Coffee Mill and DeliJim Smith AuctioneeringJohnson Trailer Sales - TingleyKelly James AuctioneeringKelly Tire and ExhaustKlejch InsuranceLeMar Industries Corp.Lefty’s Club TavernLiberty Exteriors - Jeff ChromyLongfellow DrillingLongfellow FoundationLucky LanesLynn’s SinclairMFA OilMickey D’sJ.D. Moberg -Moberg Iowa RealtyMount Ayr Community FFA ChapterMount Ayr Health Care Center andMaple Ridge Assisted LivingMount Ayr Golf and Country ClubThe Mount Ayr Inn & SuitesMount Ayr Massage TherapyMount Ayr Record-NewsMount Ayr Tractor and MachineMount Ayr Veterinary ClinicMunyon Plumbing and HeatingNAPA Auto Parts - Mount AyrJim NewtonNewton Sporting Goods andGunsmithingNotorius BBQThe OfficeJohn Parrish - PioneerPodium InkPrincess TheaterRicker Air Conditioning, Heating andPlumbingRieper Law Office - Des MoinesRinggold Beef ProducersRinggold County Conservation BoardRinggold County Senior CitizensActivity CenterRoberts Auto Inc.Romano’s PizzaRumors Bar and GrillJan Rusk - In Memory of MaxGlendenningSavanna Sky Landscape Design -Jeremy NewtonWayde RossScheels - West Des MoinesShafer Insurance AgencyService Tech - CrestonShellburg QuarrysSickels AutomotiveSickels Lime and RockSilver Spur Cafe & Bar - GrandRiverSmith OilSmith and Reynolds Car WashSouthwest Builder Supply, Inc.Southwest Iowa Rural ElectricCooperativeSplash ‘N Dash Car WashSportsman’s Warehouse -AnkenyClint SpurrierStephens Tire and OilSteve Newton ConstructionStill in StyleSubway - Mount AyrSunBest Foods LLC - ClearfieldSur-Gro - DiagonalSweet Escapes Salon and SpaTaygold CooperativeTaylor FiberglassGail Trullinger FamilyTrullinger FarmCurt Turner - American FamilyIns.US BankUnion County ConservationBoardVetter Equipment/Case I.H.Walmart - CrestonWatson and Armstrong FuneralHomesWhite’s WoodworkingWiley Pest ControlGordon and Linda WinklerWm. H. French AgencyWoodLink, Ltd.Jessie WoollumsTed Zimmerly
Ringgold County Pheasants ForeverBanquet Committee
Connie Huff Wildlife Area, $3,000.
& P
Food Plots, $20,150;Food Plot Seed, $656; Woody Cover, $2,330; Ringgold County Hunter Safety, $1,250;Conservation Camps (Boys and Girls), $1,450; Buffer Strips, $4,000; Southwest Iowa SeedDrill, $675; Ringgold County S.W.C.D. Tree Planter, $1,000; Nesting Cover, $627; Archeryin the Schools Program, $1,000; CRP Enhancement Program, $1,250; LegislatureConservation Awareness, $275 and Iowa Pheasants Forever Wildlife Areas, $200 - for atotal of $76,483. The following donors support Pheasants Forever -- Please support them!
porary fix.• Soil and sludge samples from
the wastewater treatment planthave been sent to the lab, and Wisesaid sludge from the plant shouldbe ready for land application whenweather permits.
• Wise has met with the aquatic
center/FEMA safe room commit-tee to coordinate efforts to con-tinue that project. His departmentwill help run new water lines andphone lines, install a culvert undera sidewalk and assist Jeff Sickels inremoving the old bathhouse struc-ture. It was noted all work associ-ated with the FEMA grant must becompleted by May 17.
• The street crew has finalized
locations and will install trail signsalong city streets as part of theHealthy Iowa Initiative project. Inaddition, signs will be posted at the
More on city council discussions
Little League fields to alert people
to the location of the FEMA saferoom.
• Wise said there is considerable
work yet to be done in replacementof valves in the city water system.He has asked a number of compa-nies for price estimates and hopesto have that information within thenext few days.
• Wise also updated the councilabout wastewater certification for
the city crew. He said applicationsfor testing had been submitted, andthey’re now waiting for testingdates. He added the city had untilApril 30 to have at least one em-
ployee certified.
Other business
Vicki Sickels, representingRinggold County Public Health,
requested the council authorize
Becky Nardy, from the SouthernIowa Council of Governments(SICOG), to assist Public HealthAgency with grant applications.Because the city is a member
of SICOG, the authorization for
Nardy’s services had to come fromthe city.The council approved adver-tising for mowing bids using the
same specifications as last year.
They also approved the settle-ment agreement and release stem-ming from a wrongful terminationclaim by former city employee TedF. Wood.A Class C beer and Sunday salespermit was approved for Smith Oilcompany.Superintendent Wise said hewould investigate a handful of res-ident questions, including removalof the tree affecting a sewer line,replacement of a curb at an aban-doned driveway, the condition of the roadway near the camper dump
site and securing the flag above
city hall.nity members.The bottom line for this sce-nario is that Iowa is looking atthe Iowa Cares plan with limitedeligibility and coverage and onethat would have to be waivered bythe government to continue past2013. However, Iowa dollars havealready paid into the Medicaid ex-pansion, and if Iowa does not optinto the plan, those dollars will goto other states. In addition, withthe Iowa Cares program Iowa re-ceives 60 percent funding from thefederal government to cover theapproximate 89,000 eligible Io-wans and opting into the Medicaidexpansion plan would provide 100percent coverage for an approxi-mate 150,000 eligible Iowans.In further discussion of po-tential federal impact on hospitalfunding, it was reported that se-questration will go into effect April1 and will affect Medicare claimswith dates of service or dischargeon or after April 1. This change
will reflect a two percent reduction
to the provider, but will not affect
beneficiary payments such as co-
pays or deductibles.On a positive note, RinggoldCounty Hospital sponsored a freehealth care screening day that in-
cluded for the first time not onlylab screening but also fitness
screening. This screening wasavailable to both hospital employ-ees and public participants andwas offered by the Cardiac Rehaband Physical Rehab departmentsas part of a health and wellness
marketing plan. The fitness screen
will be offered on a quarterly basisand lab tests are offered annually.Good attendance at the event wasreported.New board member Mike Hop-kins reported on the Mercy boardorientation he recently attendedand remarked that it provided agood opportunity to become famil-iar with the operation of health carefacilities, with additional informa-
tion on legal and financial aspects
as well as physician recruitmentand other topics of interest.Dr. Jerald Phipps has been of-
ficially welcomed to the staff at
Ringgold County Hospital and fa-vorable response has been receivedfrom patients and from Dr. Phippsas he settles into his position.Old business reports included
continuing efforts to find a buyer
for the old hospital facility, with atleast one interested party, and theER situation remains short staffedas efforts to remedy the problemcontinue.
Teresa Roberts took the floor
again as the board asked for up-
dates on refinancing the current
bonds that have both high interestrates and hefty prepayment penal-ties. Roberts explained a new HUD
program that is in its first year andwill provide refinancing to approx-
imately 6-12 selected hospitals.Roberts explained the programhas some restrictive elements thatmight prevent RCH from takingadvantage of the program; how-ever, RCH also meets much of theoutlined criteria. It was decided tocontinue to explore the programin an informal way at this point togather more information before the
board makes any firm decision on
going forward with paperwork toapply for the program.The Ringgold County Hos-pital held their annual budgetmeeting Monday, March 11.The 2014 budget present-ed showed total revenue at$25,390,811 and non-operatingrevenue at $1,411,972.Total operating expensewas listed at $18,200,542 with$7,973,250 of that expense
from wages and benefits and
$10,227,292 from other operat-ing expenses.Total gain estimated for the2014 budget is $26,240.Teresa Roberts, CFO ex-
plained the five percent across-
the-board increase being con-sidered and voted on and alsorecommended a three percent
wage and benefit increase sub-
 ject to merit and cash availabil-ity.Additional items discussedbefore voting was the antici-pated rise in utilities due to the7-10 percent hike as per AlliantEnergy. Roberts noted that utili-ties are watched closely and thehospital is looking at usage re-duction.Items that will be purchasedin the 2014 budget include up-dated laparoscopic equipmentand a new power cot for theambulance service. RinggoldCounty Hospital ambulanceservices currently have onepower cot, but a second cot isconsidered essential for trans-portation safety of both patientsand employees.
RCH presents2014 budget
More on hospital board meeting
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