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Asthma n Homeopathy

Asthma n Homeopathy

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Published by voxpapuli

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Published by: voxpapuli on Mar 20, 2013
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Fundamental homoeopathic approach for the treatment of asthma . Homoeopathy recognises Asthma as a Hereditary susceptibility in which abnormal sensitivity to outside influences causes a periodic construction of the breathing tubes with wheezy and difficult breathing. The Fundamentalist School of Homoeopaths, do not generalise and term it as Asthma. They are abhorrent, of naming any disease. Theyinsist that disease is the result of the Psycho-Physical disturbances of the individual. In this method the patient sits in a long session with the physician.He narrates, all his symptoms, the timing of the attack what aggravates the symptoms, what ameliorates them, his grief, other emotions, his hereditary taints, his phobias his reactions, longings, in short everything about himself has to betold. The physician takes down the case in the patients own words, On the basisof the totality of the picture presented, the physician selects the remedy. Thephysician should be a keen observer in the homoeopathic sense and note down thedetails that are left out by the patient, his relatives or attendants, by his own observation. Hence to illustrate this method of treatment, we can only quotesexamples of cases treated by eminent Homoeopaths. In one case a U.P. Homoeopath took a case for one hour but could not find a single pointer that could lead to the selection of the remedy. But the keen sense of observation of the physician helped him to select the remedy in the next few days. He noticed that every attack of Asthma was associated with nausea. He selected Ipecac and the patient was cured.Dr. E. Harris Ruddock, has recorded a cure achieved through his keen sense of observation. A lady was seized with a severe attack of Asthma. The tightness of the chest and dysponea were extreme. The patient could not lie down. She had justcome after sudden exposure to cold. Dr. Ruddock prescribed Aconite. On visitingthe patient the next morning he found the patient in the breakfast room relaxedand comfortable. The doctor who had seen her in her violent distressed state could not even recognise the cheerful relaxed lady. 'Aconite' had acted so fast.He states that the lady had suffered from repeated attacks earlier and each timethe recovery was very tedious. The patient suffered another attack a few monthslater and one more dose of Aconite completely cured her. After a second dose there was no recurrence. The factors that lead to the selection of Aconite in thiscase were "Anxiety" and "Exposure". As the eminent homeopath Kent puts it the Aconite Asthma, will show itself on the face. There is great "Anxiety". Aconiteis a great remedy for dysponea from fear, such as occurs in nervous women. However to take a case like this, and find the characteristic symptom and prescribe asuitable remedy, the physician should have the speed of recollection and memoryof the computer. James Tyler Kent, the doyen among homoeopaths has cured somelongstanding cases of nervous asthma by giving potentised Arsenic. It is treat to study how Kent arrived at the characteristic symptoms of the patient. His description of Asthma of nervous character is unique. Asthma that comes on , aftermidnight in patients who suffer from cold, dry wheezing cough must sit up bed and hold chest, anxious restless with prostration. It will take a genius to observe the symptoms so keenly and recollect a matching drug picture and administer itin proper potency and dose. H.C. Allen indicates Sambacus Nigra in Milier's Asthma. His description of a typical case is vivid. "The child awakes suddenly nearly suffocated, livid blue, sits up in bed turns blue, gasps for breath which itfinally gets, child inspires but cannot expire".John H. Clarke, M.D. suggests 'Cuprum Met' when spasm is very prominent all over the body and there is vomitting after the attack. For Asthma associated with skin symptoms Dul Camara has been successfully prescribed by many. In such casesattacks come during the rainy season or brought on by sudden changes in hot weather. A reputed homoeopath of Hyderabad has good success in treating some casesof Asthma, associated with stomach disorders and flatulence by administrating Nux Vomica. But in all these cases the patient, has to be very communicative and cooperative. The physician should be very persevering, a keen observer and shouldhave a photographic memory of the Materia Medica. John H. Clarke has mentioned the difficulty he faced in the selection of the remedy in one of his cases. Apatient consulted him. The symptoms narrated by the patient were quite an amazing collection. The physician was baffled. Only after three or four attempts Clark

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