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Will of Abdullah Azzam

Will of Abdullah Azzam



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Published by Sharif

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Published by: Sharif on Mar 11, 2009
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The Will of 'Abdullaah Yusuf 'AzzaamFrom the house of the brave commander Jalaaluddin Haqqani,Monday afternoon, 12th Shaban 1406 H, 20th April 1986
Praise be to Allah we seek his forgiveness and take refuge from our mischievous and bad deeds. If Allah intends to guide someone there will not be anyone to misguide him and if Allah intends to makesomeone go astray there will not be anyone to guide him away from Allah. I bear witness that there isno God but Allah, and Muhammad is his slave and messenger.OH, LORD! Nothing is easy except what you make easy and you can make the difficult thing easy if you wish. The love of Jihaad (fighting in the way of Allah) continues to dominate my life, Myself, Myfeeling, My heart and my senses.The verses of Surah At-Taubah that reveals the final rulings of Jihaad until the day of Judgementfilled my heart with pain and sorrow when I see my inability and the unwillingness of all Muslims tofight for the cause of Allah.The Verse of the Sword which abrogated a hundred forty some verses of Jihaad, which were revealedbefore it, is a definite answer and a decisive reply to anyone who wants to play with the verses of fighting Jihaad in the way of Allah or to try to change its clear meaning or to deviate from its precisedefinition. The verses of the Sword:
"And fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together but know that Allah is withthose who restrain themselves." Surah At-Taubah, Verse 36"But when the forbidden months are passed then fight and slay the pagans wherever you findthem and seize them beleaguer them and lie in wait in every stratagem (in war) but if theyrepent establish regular prayers and pay zakat (alms to the poor) then open the way for them,for Allah is oft-forgiving, most merciful."Surah At-Taubah, Verse"People who are making excuses for not fighting in the way of Allah are mocking and ridiculingthe religion of Allah and we are ordered to avoid them leave alone those who take their religionto be mere play and amusement." Surah Al-Anaam, Verse 70
Having great ambitions without doing your utmost to realize them is the characteristic of people whodo not seek to reach the high. Maintaining and visiting the sacred mosques is not comparable toJihaad for it is reported in Sahih Muslim that the reasons for revealing verses 19-22 of SurahAt-Taubah :
"Do you consider the giving of drink to the pilgrims or maintaining of the Sacred mosque notequal to Those who believe in Allah and the last days and strive with might and means in thecause of Allah They are not equal in the sight of Allah and Allah guides not those who dowrong. Those who believe and immigrate and strive with might and means in the cause of Allah.With their goods and persons have the highest rank in the sight of Allah. They are the
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people who will achieve salvation." Surah At-Taubah, Verse 19-20"Their Lord doth give them good tidings of mercy from himself of His good pleasure And of gardens for them where in are the delights that endure. They will dwell therein forever Verilywith Allah is a reward the greatest of all." Surah At-Taubah, Verse 21-22
The reason being is that some of the companions of the Prophet disagreed among themselves onwhich of the good deeds, next to iman, is the best in the sight of Allah. Some said maintaining thesacred Mosque, some said giving drinks to pilgrims, others said Jihaad.These verses are a definite and clear answer that Jihaad is better than maintaining and visiting thesacred Mosque, especially when we know that the reason for revealing these verses is the disputeamong the companions over this issue. Reasons for revelation cannot be misconstrued, or altered,because its meaning is precise and straight to the point.'Abdullah Ibn Mubarak ( May Allah have mercy on him) sent a letter to Al-Fudayl ibn Iyaadh in whichhe says:"Oh you who offer prayer in the sacred mosque! Had you witnessed us in the battlefield You wouldknown that, compared to our jihaad, Your worship is child's play. For every tear you have shed uponyour cheek, We have shed in its place blood upon our chests. You are playing with your worship,While worshipers offer your worship Mujahideen offer their blood and person (life)."From this one must understand that Ibn Al-Mubarak believes that offering prayers and maintainingthe sacred places while the sanctity of these places is being violated, blood is being shed, honor of Muslim women is being violated and Islam is being uprooted. He believes that offering prayers insuch circumstances is playing with the religion of Allah the Almighty, Yes, allowing Muslim to beslaughtered while the only thing that we do is to offer them lip service from a distance and rub ourhands together without taking even one step towards elevating the suffering of Muslim. Sure that isplaying and ridiculing of the religion.How could a Muslim settle and keep quite while Muslim women are captured by the aggressiveenemy?I firmly believe as I wrote in the book (Defense of Muslim land is the most Important Obligation uponeach and every Muslim after Iman ) and as Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyya saidNext to iman, nothing ismore urgent (obligatory) than deterring the aggressor enemy who destroys Islam and the well-being of Muslims.I strongly believe (Allah knows better) that there is no difference between he who does not fight andhe who does not pray, fast, or pay Zakat.I believe that all Muslim Ummah is facing a great responsibility before Allah then before futuregeneration.I believe that no Muslim is excused in abandoning Jihaad (fight in way of Allah), no matter what theexcuse is: dawah, authoring books, or tarbiyyah.
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I believe that every Muslim on earth bares the responsibility of abandoning Jihaad, and the sin of abandoning the gun. Every Muslim who passes away without a gun in his hand faces Allah with thesin of abandoning fighting. Now fighting (jihaad) is compulsory upon each and every Muslim on earthexcept those who are exempted, and by definition a compulsory act is an act that brings reward orpunishment.I believe (God knows well) that the people who have legitimate exemptions for not fighting are: Theblind, the terminally ill, the lame and the oppressed, men, women and children who cannot get or findtheir way to the battlefield.All Muslims bear the sin of abandoning Jihaad in Palestine, Afghanistan, or in any other part of theworld in whichMuslim Lands are threatened by infidels.I believe that no permission is required to fight in the path of Allah, not the permission of the parents,husband, teacher or Amir . And this is the conscience of all Ullema throughout the history. WhenJihaad is compulsory, a son must fight even without the permission of his parents a wife without thepermission of the husband. And Anyone who tries to deny this clear ruling has exceeded his limits andfollowed his desires and wishes with no guidance from Allah.It is a decisive and clear-cut issue that does not leave room for misinterpretation.The Khalifah's permission is not required in three cases:If the Khalifah himself does not call for Jihaad when there is a need for it.If getting permission means missing the opportunity for Jihaad.If we know in advanced that permission cannot be granted.I believe (God knows better) that the Muslim Ummah is responsible for the honor of every Muslimwoman that is being violated in Afghanistan, and responsible for every drop of Muslim blood that isbeing shed unjustly, therefore, they are an accessory to these crimes. And that is because they canprovide them with weapons to protect themselves with, and because they did not provide them withthe medical assistance they need, or the money to purchase food, or the tools with which they can digtrenches in which they can seek shelter.All this they could have accomplished, but they did not!It was reported in Hashiat Al Dasoqi Vol. 2,Pages 111-112: 'That if someone had an abundance of food and let someone else starve to death, thinking that he will not die from starvation, he should payhis Deyat (blood Money) from the money of his family but if he knew that person would starve todeath, here he should either pay the Deyat from his own money or should be killed as a Qissas.'Thus, we see the punishment that is awaiting for wealthy people who waste their wealth in satisfyingtheir personal desires and in acquiring complementary commodities.3.2.1.
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