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March 21st 2013

March 21st 2013

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Published by The Ontarion
The Ontarion - University of Guelph's Independent Student Newspaper - March 21st 2013, Issue 170.10
The Ontarion - University of Guelph's Independent Student Newspaper - March 21st 2013, Issue 170.10

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Published by: The Ontarion on Mar 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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thursday, march 1st, 13
 U  Gl’ I S N
page 4
Pl p  hl
LGBQ roosalor counitycoordinator ositiondenied
andrew donovan
Rl,  LGBQ 
at Guelph was aced with a deni-
l     
the compulsory non-tuition ees
by three per cent. Te raise would
have provided the unds to sta a ulltime proessional to help
progress the status o LGBQ on
Te proposal or a community
coordinator is one o a ew ideas
    l b
together people who want a senseo community or are going through
dicult situations. According to
Barry ownshend, manager at
 C  N S, -
dents are still being ridiculed on
and o campus or their sexual
Te results rom a recent survey
taken would confrm the state-
  b .
“All 29 students who identifed
themselves as LGBQ talked about
either being targeted personally,
    b
targeted, experiencing intolerance
indirectly (overhearing negative
comments) or eeling like they
were perceived as an outsider or
Te proposal that was submitted
to the Compulsory Non-uition
Fee Committee was declined or a
b  . I ’ 
the members didn’t support the
initiative and good spirited intent
       b-
longing or students on campus.
It was the issue o raising ees that
     .T   l  -
posal reveals a dichotomy. On one
hand, there are many students
lk    
red square badge on their back-
pack, representing their support
o a tuition reeze (or cutbacks),and on the other hand, there is
the reality that scaling back ees
will also scale back the rather pro-gressive intentions o ideas such as
the one proposed by the LGBQ
ownshend noted that theAboriginal Resource Centre oncampus and the Oce o Inter-
cultural Aairs are the models thatthey’re looking at replicating, botho which have three sta positions.
Along with the proposal were
 900    , -l  ,   -
ditional 721 signatures online.Granted, the support o such aposition wasn’t unanimous, but
it did present the committee with
overwhelming evidence that de-
spite the reluctance to raise eesby most students, there is still a
substantial population that can beconvinced to raise ees i it is or an
   .
Te CSA also gave its endorse-ment or increasing support or
LGBQ students, but acknowledged
Whl th    t gt v, th m b th ttmt t   mmtt  th LGBQ mmt  th t.
A & ClS & HlLOElCC LClf
march 1st, 13
Glbl  Ll:
Students, sta,and aculty oninternational andnational news
rending topics on news sitesand witter oten have the most
discussion surrounding them or
various reasons relating to thelevel o public interest they gar-
ner, and the topic’s entertainment
. T k  
website, seven trending topics
 ll f lk P
Francis and Justin Bieber (botharguably religiously ollowed bymillions), technology, and the
  l  U.S.  k.
Because o how news is received
today, skimming through trend-
       k   ’    l,   ’  -    . I l  
people are talking about the top-
,    ’  
through news sites, you can still
keep up with global aairs.
quizzed an unsuspect-
     
National Post 
trending listthey’re amiliar with, as well as
   .
Te Onarion:
Glx S.
rmid Jl, f y d:
Y, I’   .
Te Onarion:
P F.
Y,   .
Te Onarion:
Rb F.
Y,    .
Te Onarion:
Te Ontarion:
Tat was the guywho mutilated the chemical en-
  l .
O ,    .
Te Onarion:
Te Onarion:
N K.
Te Onarion:
Y… ’?
Te Ontarion:
Which one o these
topics is the most interesting to
  ?
Glx S. I’ j 
everywhere. Everywhere I look,
     - b . I  lk    [].
Te Onarion:
A    l ?
J Bb.
Te Onarion:
G .
Tanks to the participant for this
week’s interview. If you havesomething to say about inter-national or national news, and would like to be contacted for  future issues, or if you want to
see a particular news story cov-
ered here, contact News Editor 
Alicja Grzadkowska at onnews@uoguelph.ca.
Bl  Hp  mp wl 
Attet at longestchain o bracelets willlink counity in ghtagainst HIV/AIDS
stacey aspina
A world record may soon be
broken in Guelph. At an event
held on March 15 in the Uni-
versity Centre, Bracelet o Hope
announced plans to break a
l :  z
will aim to create the longestchain o linked bracelets. he
event also eatured guest speak-
  l  l   l  Ml  H.Bl  H   Gl-
based organization that wasounded in 2005 by local phy-
sician Dr. Anne-Marie Zajdlik.
he grassroots organization
 C   
against AIDS in Lesotho, Arica.he organization sells signaturered and white beaded bracelets
to raise unds and encourage
.Bl  H ll 
to create the longest chain o linked bracelets to break thecurrent world record o 3,799bracelets in one chain. he
beaded bracelets are widely rec-ognized as a symbol o hope and
positivity, and represent unity
in the ongoing ight againstHIV/AIDS. Groups throughout
the city are encouraged to build
chains, and the chains will bebrought together at the World
AIDS Day Celebration on Nov. 30
at the River Run Centre to seei the current record has been
.  k   
was Dr. Alastair Summerlee,president and vice-chancellor
  .
“I’ve had the privilege o beingin many parts o Arica, and the
     
to put in, to deal with HIV/AIDS,
 ,”  Sl.
Dr. Anne-Marie Zajdlik, the
ounder o Bracelet o Hope, also
k   .“W   l l-   U  
Guelph. he campaign is nowabout seven years old. It hashelped establish an HIV/AIDSclinic in Lesotho, saving thou-sands o lives, and it has nowspread its wings into the com-munity, helping to create jobs
 l  L,  -  AIDS .”Zjlk k b  l
o organization, and believes
that the goal o ending AIDS is
bl,  .“W bl    
to end the AIDS pandemic inLesotho, and we believe thatGuelph is going to do that. Itseems like a huge goal, but asan HIV/AIDS treating physi-
cian, I understand that we have
the medications now available,
and i we could provide them tothe people in Lesotho, we would
stop the pandemic there,” Za-
 jlk .A  l l “
in Solidarity,” painted by Uni-
versity o Guelph art studentShaylah Costello, was present-ed at the event, through theMural o Hope initiative. Part-time undraiser Sian Matwey
ll     
way to brighten hospital wait-ing rooms, and has painted 45
murals or charity. Ater an acci-dent, Matwey is unable to paint,
but brought the idea to Brace-
l  H.
he mural located in the UCrepresents the work the orga-nization has done, as well asraising money that supports
ll ,  ,
and income generating projects.
During the World Record At-
, Bl  H ll b
selling two bracelets or ive dol-
l –  bl  ,   ll    . I       Gl      b bk,    .
s Mtw’ ml bght bth htl wtg m  th uvt ct g thBlt  H hllg.
sacey aspinaLL
“We believethat we aregoing to end theAIDS andeicin Lesotho, andwe believe thatGuelh is goingto do that.”
– Anne-MarieZajdlik

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