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Chapter II Definitely Maybe

Chapter II Definitely Maybe

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Published by mason_100
bizarre ramblings. One part fanfic, two parts crazy.
bizarre ramblings. One part fanfic, two parts crazy.

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Published by: mason_100 on Mar 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The first main event of August was the release of “Live Forever”, Oasis’ third singleand the first “ace” Noel had used. The single went straight in at number 10, thusgiving them their first Top 10 hit but Noel was somewhat surprised with this, believing a song of this quality would chart higher, It was also the first single thatcontained that crossover quality – unlike the first two singles, where they were probably only going to appeal to those who liked Oasis’ style of music, “LiveForever” would appeal to a broad range of music lovers, making the Number 10ranking a little bewildering. Nonetheless, it served to enhance Oasis’ reputation as a band and also Noel’s as a songwriter further. Those critics who had bracketed Noelas a “cheap-shot writer” were no longer able to do so, the two words “live” and“forever” being substantially more than sufficient to shoot that down in flames. Noelwas only too aware of this, sensing the danger that his band were going to be labelledas headline makers for causing trouble rather than making music, he said to MelodyMaker at the time:
“There’s more to us than rumours,hearsay , gossip and sensationalism about drugsand fucking shagging in hotel rooms. This is what we’re all about – songs. We’re areal band with real songs and everything else is just incidental. That’s what we’ll beremembered for in 20 years time, not incidents on ferries or drug busts or whatever.”
Reviews for the single were very positive from both the NME and Melody Maker,with both publications featuring Oasis on the front cover, which was the first time insix years that had happened, U2 being the previous feature. NME waxed lyrical aboutthe release, suggesting that Oasis had the world within their grasp and couldeffectively do whatever they wanted to and finished by calling it “a terrific song.” Noel once again provided vocals for one of the b-sides, this time giving fans aninsight into how the forthcoming “Definitely Maybe” tracks, “Up In The Sky” was born, performing it on acoustic guitar. The other two b-sides were the oft-forgotten psychedelic rock classic “Cloudburst”, which was included on the Japanese version of “Definitely Maybe” and a live version of “Supersonic”.Beatles similarities and references had started to be made by the music press and thiscould be the reason for Brian Cannon/Noel’s choice of using John Lennon’s AuntMimi’s house for the front cover. The other theory was that, as Live Forever was asong for/about Peggy, this was being symbolised with the house in which one of  Noel’s idols grew up in. Brian and Noel were certainly giving the art lovers amongstthe Oasis fan-base something to think about, with three drastically different covers for three releases, all with contrasting meanings, styles and messages.Although again disappointed with the chart position Noel was satisfied with the other  purpose of itsrelease, namely to demonstrate his talents as a songwriter and silence afew critics. Noel, as always was following hismaster plan.Three days after the release, Oasis travelled to Newcastle to play a now infamous gigat the Riverside Centre, the first of eight gigs before the release of “DefinitelyMaybe”. Similar to the gig at Ilford in June, when the band walked off stage, the
mood of the crowd was menacing, something Oasis were now used to and 99 timesout of 100 nothing would come of it. There is always that 1 time, though and Newcastle was it. The band was playing the fourth song of their set, “Bring It OnDown”, when a fan jumped on-stage and punched Noel. In retaliation Noel hit the fanon his back with h is guitar and he fell back into the crowd. Blood poured down hisface and the band left the stage quickly to head for their dressing room. Still incomplete shock, they took stock of what had occurred and decided to go to the tour  bus, returning to play never being an option. As they left the centre they found 300angry fans had surrounded it and were smashing it up. Some of the band’s equipmentwas also damaged by the mob. Pushing their way past, the band managed to get onthe bus and sped off to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Hospital to get Noel looked over.There was no real damage, only cuts and bruises which would remain for severalweeks.Radio 1wasthere to record the show and Jo Whiley recalled it as: “The guy who punched Noel had a huge ring on his finger. Noel had loads of blood pouring downhis face. It was awfuland prettyscary. People were trying to get backstage and werethrowing bottles at the crew. No definite reason has ever been given for the attack, with theories surroundingfootball rivalries being the most popular ones, but it seems far more likely that the fanhad too much to drink and decided to make a name for him.The guitar Noel had used to hit him with was the Les PaulJohnnyMarr had givenhim, which he had used on The Smiths most famous album and one of Noel’sfavourites ever) “The Queen Is Dead” and had also been owned by Pete Townsend before that. Noel was devastated to discover that it had been damaged. He calledJohnny Marr from Leeds the next day to explain and Johnny sent him another LesPaul immediately. Not the one he had played on one of Noel’s favourite albums, buta nice gesture and appreciated greatly by him. The people who support and help Noelreceive that back and, once Oasis had become massive he would ask Johnny’s bandsto play support to them.One of the problems highlighted by this attach was that they had no security at all, soif anything did happen it was down to the roadies and band to face and resolve it.These people were chosen for their technical, rather than fighting abilities and did notnecessarily offer the greatest protection in the world. This was a direct result of Oasishaving become so popular so quickly, almost overnight playing from half-empty clubsto frantic, hyped-up sell-out crowds and Marcus was well aware of this. He had beenspeaking to a security expert called Ian Robertson and the popular myth is that“Robbo” was in place for the gig in Leeds the very next night, such was their desire to protect their prize assets. Good story, but not the truth.Robbo had attended the New York Wetlands gig and effectively been interviewed byMarcus. Marcus was highly impressed with his credentials: ex-Para who had thenmoved into music security, looking after numerous bands including Duran Duran andPublic Image Limited, Johnny Rottten’s band after The Sex Pistols broke up. After the Newcastle incident Marcus did indeed call Robbo, but this was to arrange to meethim again, this time at London Astoria, 6 days later and that is when he took over responsibility for security of the band.
Robbo proved to be more than adequate security for Oasis for the year he was withthem. His problem was that his job was to protect the band from any risks or danger and he mistook this to mean that he was managing them! He overstepped the mark several times, in particular with Liam. Despite having worked with egos such asSimon Le Bon’s and John Lyndon’s, he seemed to forget that people working for rock stars do exactly what the rock star wants, not tell them what to do. He was sacked inSeptember 1995 after an argument with Liam went too far and he then wrote a book about his experiences with the band.After Newcastle Oasis played successful gigs, with no problems, in Leeds andWolverhampton and then went across to Sweden to play the Hultsfred Festival. Thishosted 20,000 people and Oasis had each and every one of them eating out of their hands. Always eager to celebrate such an event the band went back to the hotel bar,where they met the Verve and Primal Scream, two bands who were friends andneeded no encouragement to have the odd drink or two! Drink followed drink and the barman decided that damage limitation was the best course of action, informing the bands of the bars imminent closure. This met with much disgust and protestationsuntil Noel advised the barman this was fine, that he could leave as they were finishingtheir drinks and going to bed, anyway. When the barman left, the gang sprang intoaction, breaking the bar open forcibly and drinking it completely, totally dry! Thenext problem to be tackled was, now that his bar was empty, where should they go?Somebody remembered seeing a church in the town and so off they went, broke intothe church and searched for the communion wine!The result of all of this was an £800 fine for smashing up the bar, they were deportedfrom Sweden the next day and temporarily banned from the country!The recovered to play Nottingham two nights later, a gig which went well and markedthe first time the band used aliases when checking into their hotel! This followed theincreased security focus and also because they now had a determined army of groupies and overly zealous fans following them around. Although they were notoverly concerned with the groupie issue (Noel enjoying this to the full since becomingsingle again in June) they wished to control which ones were allowed access or notand so the aliases served to make them a little less easy to track down.Oasis’ biggest gig to date followed, playing the 2000 capacity London Forum the nextnight. Paul Weller had gone along to take in the gig, always keen to keep up to datewith up and coming bands and give them his support. After a successful gig he and Noel chatted backstage to a far greater extent than they had done in their drug/drink induced highs of Glastonbury! They hit it off well and this was to prove a real andlasting friendship between the pair, which continues to this day. Weller’s career wasnot exactly harmed by Noel’s constant citing of him as a major influence and wouldnot be harmed in later years by Noel’s guest appearances on his recordings, but thiswas and remains a strong, true friendship, with respect, admiration and trust on bothsides.The next day Oasis was recorded for Top Of The Pops, miming to “Live Forever”.This time Noel decided to revert back to the standard stage set-up, but kept theswirling Oasis Union Jack logo behind them. Image is vital for any band, and Noelwore shares and a blue Adidas track-suit top for the show, exactly the same outfit as

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