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Circuit Training Workout # 51 Kick Asana

Circuit Training Workout # 51 Kick Asana

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Published by Amy Lynn

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Published by: Amy Lynn on Mar 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Circuit Training Workout # 51 Kick Asana
Need: Mat, Medicine Ball, Dumbbells
Twisted Chair Pose Hold Right Side 30s
TO Rotating Jump Squats 30s, Repeat other Side TO Alternating Reverse Prayer Twists to Push Ups 1m
(reverse prayer twist 3 counts,step to push up, step forward on other side)
TO Medicine Ball Press Outs 1m
Atomic Medicine Ball Sit Ups with Reverse Lunge Twist 1m
(ball overhead, raise tostanding, jump, lunge twist each side)
TO Rotating Sit Up Side Crunches 1m
(side crunch, rollonto back and do a v-sit up, repeat)
TO Standing Split Leg Raises 1m Each Side
Medicine Ball Burpee Toss & Catch Squat 1m TO Alternating Medicine Ball Squat PressKick 1m TO Six Inch Hold 1m
(hold feet 6 inches off floor)
Plank Single Leg Knee Tuck HOLD 30s Each Side TO Typewriter Push Ups 30s
(lower,skim to other side then push up, repeat opposite direction)
TO Paused Jump Squats 1m
(in lowsquat position, pause hold 5 counts before exploding up into jump)
Down Dog Push Ups with One Bent Knee into Crescent Lung 1m Each Side
(in 3-leggeddog with knee bent lower into pike style push up then step into crescent lunge, step back and repeat)
TO Dumbbell X-Plosion 1m
(lighter weights,pause in squat, explode in X)
TO Hammer CurlsTO Overhead Press Full Circle 1m
(heavy weight, curl, press, rotate with arms raised 360, lower)

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