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Internship Assessment

Internship Assessment

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Published by Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell's Internship Midterm Evaluation
Sean Mitchell's Internship Midterm Evaluation

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Published by: Sean Mitchell on Mar 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Sean Mitchell
October 15, 2012at
Oskayak High School
 School Address: 919 Broadway AvenueSchool Phone: 659-7730 Co-operating Teacher(s): Erin JonesTeaching grade(s) and areas: Science 9, Biology 20, Communications 20, BioresourceManagement 20
CO-OPERATING TEACHER’S ASSESSMENT(Approximately one half page of prose)1.
The Contextual Description of the teacher, learner, subject matter andcommunity:
Oskayak High School is a cultural school where the purpose is to provide a safe, stableenvironment that enables students to experience academic success and personal healing.A long term goal is to provide our students with the tools and skills to relate to the worldof technology, trades, entrepreneurship and higher learning. Students are able to learnabout their own culture and celebrate through a variety of activities such as PowwowDance, Drumming, Beading, Cree Language,sweat lodge ceremonies, seasonal feasts andround dances, and cultural camps. It used to be a small school community but has beengrowing steadily over the past few years. Sean is responsible for teaching science atseveral levels. His chosen method is through Problem-Based Learning and his role inthis is as facilitator. Attendance is sometimes problematic at our school due to a varietyof challenges which the students face including housing issues and difficulty securingdaycare.
The Summary of Extended Practicum performance based on program goals:
Sean contributes many strengths to the classroom. He creates authentic activitiesfor students that are diversified to meet the needs of all learners. He hasdemonstrated a great deal of flexibility in both planning and assessment for learning as needed. In the short time he has been at the school he has been able to build strong relationships with students which aids significantly in classroommanagement. Sean is the coach of the boy’s volleyball team and has taken aleadership role in the recycling program which has helped to foster relationshipsoutside the classroom.
Please include your written comments, based on evidence and interpretationscollected in the Professional Growth Portfolio and in documented observations overthe term. (Approximately one half page per goal)The teacher candidate
Sean Mitchell
has achieved in the following areas:
Support broad areas of student growth by providing varied andconstructive learning opportunities
Demonstrated proficiency and growth:
Sean always circulates among students to ensure that they understand the task andto facilitate their learning
Tasks set out for students are engaging and meaningful because the case studiesare current. Students are given the opportunities to explore the topics within thecurriculum without feeling as though there is one right answer.
Throughout the process, Sean has given students a variety of choices in how theywill show what they know. This helps students to feel more comfortable sharingtheir knowledge because they can do it in a way that is comfortable for them.
Future goals:
There are many challenges when utilizing group-based activities. Sean and I havediscussed the need to do some activities that would complement the groupactivities but would be completely individual so that students would have anopportunity to showcase what they have learned.
Affirm dignity and respect for individuals (students, families,colleagues)
Demonstrated proficiency and growth:
Sean has excellent rapport with the students. It is evident that they feelcomfortable with him and respect his guidelines.
Sean participates in daily smudge and prayer with the students.
Assisted and participated in the Fall Feast and Pow-wow.
Future goals:
Student attendance can be a challenge here. Growth could occur in the area of communication with families as required.
Participating in a sweat before the end of internship would be another way toconnect to the students and their culture.
Strive to support social justice and ecological responsibility
Demonstrated proficiency and growth:
Sean works to include all students in the learning process. Where possible he provides assistance for students.
Integrates current issues into curriculum. Students participated in the GreatCanadian Shoreline Cleanup.
Future goals:
Providing enrichment opportunities for students who are ahead or not aschallenged as they could be.
Develop as a critical reflective practitioner who connects practicaland theoretical knowledge
Demonstrated proficiency and growth:
Sean deals with student issues in a respectful manner. Students are spoken to oneon one in a mutually respectful fashion.
Options are given to students as often as possible. Students feel like they have theopportunity to share their knowledge in a way which suits their learning style.
 Future goals:
Sean should utilize the expertise of our school Elder during the next phase of hisinternship.
Create a positive community in the classroom and school
Demonstrated proficiency and growth:
Sean always attends scheduled meetings and contributes to PLC meetings.
Students have a very comfortable relationship with Sean. They feel confident thattheir questions and comments will be received in a positive way.

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