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Children's Hospital - SPEC - From Gurney to Gridiron

Children's Hospital - SPEC - From Gurney to Gridiron

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Published by Eli Yudin
A spec script for the Adult Swim show Children's Hospital written by Eli Yudin.
A spec script for the Adult Swim show Children's Hospital written by Eli Yudin.

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Published by: Eli Yudin on Mar 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Children’s Hospital"From Gurney to Gridiron"ByEli Yudin2012 Eli Yudin eyud29@gmail.com202.285.1910
"LAST TIME" - INT. HOSPITAL HALLWAY - MORNINGNARRATOR (O.S.)Last time, on Children’sHospital...KAT and LOLA walk down the hallway with clipboards,laughing.LOLAAnd so I told him, if you were halfas good at having both arms as youare at tango, we could make thisthing work.They both laugh.INTERCOMATTENTION: HOSPITAL STAFF. THEREIS A CODE GREEN IN ROOM 156.They stop short. KAT drops her clipboard, slaps LOLA’s tothe ground.LOLAIt finally happened...KATA child got trapped in a giantwatermelon at the county fair. Go!LOLA takes off down the hallway. Kat smashes an emergencybox on the wall, and pulls out a giant mallet, floppy hat,and applies a fake mustache.MAIN TITLESINT. HOSPITAL HALLWAYGLENN exits an operating room, snapping off hisgloves. VALERIE catches up with him.VALERIEHow’d the surgery go?GLENNIt went. You’d be surprised howoften that happens.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.VALERIEHow often you have to remove a toytrain from a kid’s stomach?GLENNNo, how often I forget to anesthizea patient.VALERIEThat explains the all thescreaming...GLENNYeah, I got pretty excited.VALERIESpeaking of pretty, I’m excited forthe pickup football game latertoday. Are you gonna play?GLENN removes his lab-coat to reveal a letterman jacketunderneath. They stop at the desk.GLENNOh, is that today? I guess Illswing by. Did I ever tell you, Iwould’ve gone pro, except duringsenior year... just a week beforethe championship...FADE TO: Shot of a front door. A piece of mail comesthrough the slot. GLENN w/pucca shell necklace excitedlyopens it, his face falls. He rips necklace off, screaming.CUT BACKGLENN...that GOD DAMN acceptance letterto medical school. I regret itevery day.VALERIEEvery single day?GLENN retrieves & checks a day planner. Each day says"REGRET LETTER" with a box next to it. All days up to todayare checked off. He checks off today then puts it back inhis pocket.GLENNEvery single day.DORY comes up, with a cooler on a cart, panicked.(CONTINUED)

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