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Inheritance WS1

Inheritance WS1

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Published by firas Abdel-Kareem

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Published by: firas Abdel-Kareem on Mar 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Omar Bin Al-Khattab Sec. SchoolBiology Dept
Worksheet – 1Name :
Introduction :
is the passing of traits from parents to offspring.
is thesciencethat study inheritance andvariationin living organisms.
was the first person to study inheritance. He chose
pea plants
towork on. Peas were an ideal choice because of the following :1.__________________________________________.2.__________________________________________.3.__________________________________________.4.__________________________________________.
He studied
seven traits
, each of which has two contrasting varieties.
Mendel started his experiment by
plants, these are, plantswhich when self fertilized produce identical offspring generation afteranother.
One of Mendel`s experiments :
Mendel selected two pure-breeding plants with alternative varieties of aparticular trait( one
pure tall
and the other
pure short
plant ).
He carried
between them.
He collected the seeds resulted and grew them to givethe first-generation offspring ( F1 )
He carried a self pollination for F1 plants and collectedthe seeds, and grew them to give F2 generation.
What results he got?
 ______________________________________________________________________  ______.
 ______________________________________________________________________  ______.
 ______________________________________________________________________  ______.
Note : Mendel repeated his experiment on other traits and everytime he got the same results.How Mendel explained these results?
He called the trait that appeared in F1 generation
He called the trait that disappeared in F1 generation
Every trait is controlled by ______________________________________.
Alleles separate during gamete formation. So, every gamete contains ___________________________,
Alleles of the dominant trait represented by
capital letter
.[ T : is thefactor for tallness ]
Alleles of the recessive trait represented by
small letter
.[ t : is thefactor for dwarf ]
An organism that has
two similar alleles
known as _________________________________________.
An organism that has
two different alleles
known as ________________________________________.
: an allele which has the same effect on the phenotype of an organism weather the organism is homozygous or heterozygous for thegene.
Recessive alleles
: alleles which only shows in the phenotype when nodominant allele is present.
So Mendel put his first law of inheritance ( Law of segregation ) :For the previous example :
 Tall plant contained 2 dominant alleles _____________ 
Short plant contained 2 recessive alleles _____________ 
When they were crossed, each plant formed gametes, so :
 The tall plant gave two similar gametes ______ and _______.
 The short plant gave two similar gametes ______ and _______.
We can represent the different possible combinationsof gametes using
Punnette square
All F1 were _____________________________________________.
In a heterozygous organism the dominant allele
T masks the effect of 
therecessive allele
 so all plants appears Tall.TT
homozygous dominant.tallTt
heterozygous dominanttall ( coz. Tmasks t ).tt
homozygous recessive.Short
 Genotypes phenotypes
: _________________________________________________________________________.
Characteristics of an organism are determined byalleles which occur in pairsOnly one allele can be present in a single gamete.

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