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Blackjack Preltz Chapter 9 and 10

Blackjack Preltz Chapter 9 and 10

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Published by justinray111
The next exciting installment of the adventure novel Blackjack Preltz, be sure to get preceeding chapters.This is the best book I have ever written.
The next exciting installment of the adventure novel Blackjack Preltz, be sure to get preceeding chapters.This is the best book I have ever written.

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Published by: justinray111 on Mar 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Cave This time when we entered the cave, it was with a renewed sense of purpose. We wanted to find out moreabout the history of the Preltz.
 Armed with lanterns, we made our way through the ancient cavern. It appears as though the ancient Preltz were not a very sanitary bunch. Modern day Preltz have toilets like our own that flush. But here I was walking in the toilet. The toilets in the cave were open tubes that would allow waste to fall to the floor of the cave. I am glad that it was so very long ago and time has sterilized the floor. It must have been terribly smelly and hence the need for all of those ventilation shafts. I guess the Grunions would not have enjoyedattacking this city as they would have to walk through the waste on the floor so this may have been part of the Preltz defense.
 We made our way to the further reaches of the cave that we had seen before until we came to a verticaldrop-off on the floor of the cave. Sam made his way to the bottom and I tied all of ropes together andfound a good anchor spot and lowered myself down the cliff. Here the cave system continued andbranched into five passages. Down one passage we found a dome shaped room with tables and chairs onthe floor. We immediately recognized it as a “Flight centre” where young Preltz would be trained for lifeon the ground.
In The second passage, we found a room full of spears and slingshots all of which crumbled to dust at thetouch, except for the spear heads. This appeared to be an armory of sorts. Since we only had enough lampfuel for a few hours we left the other three passages unexplored but a quick peek into one of them showedfurther branches of the passage into who knows where.
 The Preltz and Grunions must have been at war with each other for a very long time and nature seems tohave got fed up with their bickering and settled the matter in a permanent fashion. It almost seems to be adesign that is in place. The Grunions are trapped by the desert on one side and the consuming fog on theother. The Preltz are free to expand across the sea if they wish to. Peace seems to have its rewards.
 The following day we set off back home, making faster time as we were lighter on the rations, we made itback to the land of the Preltz. On the way back, all we saw was sand and the journey was fairly quiet apartfrom WHOOSH! And the distant KACHUNK!! As Sam’s sand grapple would hit the desert floor somedistance away. It was official; the sand grapple was good for desert travel and extreme conditions, welldone Chelsea.
 We came out of the desert almost where we entered and across the fields we walked, making our way back home. We entered town almost undetected, but someone noticed us and within five minutes the wholetown was giving us a heroes welcome once more. We were immediately asked too see the elders but wehad to bath first, I think we smelled bad.
 The council greeted us with cheers and eagerly listened to our accounts of our adventure. The Grunionsintrigued them very much and they listened with bated breath as we excitedly recounted to them our firstencounter with them. I presented them with the spear head and explained to them that an upside downhelicopter could get to the cave in about four hours and cross the desert in about six.
P.R.A.’s head was called in to see if in fact the journey could be undertaken and after assuring them that itcould, a team was assembled to visit the cave. The team included an elder and was scheduled for the
following week. This would give enough time to Chelsea to fabricate new sand grapples, sand shoes andalso enough time for the team to practice sand techniques before leaving. Adventuring was not Sam andmy exclusive domain.
 The rest of this land was still unexplored. Sam and I discussed this at length. We wanted to know wherethe desert and sea met, if at all and while the council planned the trip to the cave, we planned the trip along the desert fringe. The town was abuzz with the “Council trip to our roots” as it was called. We informedthe council of our next adventure and since it was considered non risky, they gave their consent. I don’tthink that they gave our trip much attention as theirs was keeping their minds occupied.
 Their trip went ahead as planned, it was just one day. It took them three and a half hours to get to the cave

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