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Myth Animal and Discriptions

Myth Animal and Discriptions



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Published by bresail4

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Published by: bresail4 on Mar 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 These creatures look exactly like humans except for one important detail: their faces are on their chests. Some of them do have heads, which they carry around with them under their arm. TheAcephali are said to have once been human, but they rebelled against the gods and to punishthem the gods removed their heads.
 The Afrit are from Arabia and are the most powerful type of Djinn.They can take any form they desire, and are inherently evil. Their name translates as "unclean spirits". Afrit is also spelledAfreet, Affreet, or Ifrit.
 Aigamuxa are creatures that plague the Hottentot tribe of Africa. They live in the desert, and feedon the flesh of men. They are easily beaten, however, as their eyes are located in the insteps of their feet. In order to see their victims they must get on their hands and knees and hold up a foot.Other than their misplaced eyes they look like men.
Al Burak 
 The Al Burak is a mule with the head of a beautiful woman and a tail and mane of peacock feathers. It is a Arabian symbol of Purity. The Al Burak flew the Prophet Mohammed aroundArabia and to the seven heavens and brought him back before the water glass he knocked over had the chance to spill onto the ground.
 The Alicanto is a bird from South America that eats gold ore, which causes his feathers to reflectlight. He cannot fly, being too ladden with metal, so he scuttles around on the ground.
Amalthea is the goat who suckled Zeuswhen the god was an infant. Out of one of her horns flowed nectar, and out of the other, ambroisia. After Alamthea died, Zeus took her horns and keptthe golden apples of the Hesperides in them. Amalthea is also spelled Amaltheia or Amalthaea.
 The Amphisbaena is a two-headed creature. One of it's heads holds the other at the neck, bending the creature into a circle. It moves by rolling itself likea hoop, and can go in any direction in this way. The Amphisbaena is the firstcreature to come out of hibernation in the spring. It has very poor eyesightand likes to eat ants.According to the Roman writer Pliny, the skin of the Amphisbaena can betaken as a remedy for cold shivers.The word Amphisbaena means "to go both ways" in Greek.
 Angels are the messengers of the gods and are far more ancient than either Judaism or Christianity would suggest. They are made of light itself, and are protective creatures of ultimategood. The word angel means "messenger"The Angels of the ancient Hebrew people were separated into ten classes:1. Bene Elohim2. Cherubim3. Erelim4. Hashmalim
5. Ishim6. Malachim7. Ophannim8. Seraphim9. Sishanim10. TarshishimThe Angels in the Koran have different jobs: nineteen deal with Hell-Fire, eight support thethrone of God. Several others take the souls of the deserving to Heaven when their physical bodies die. Two stay with each human during their life. One recording good deeds, the other baddeeds.The ancient Syrians had nine types of Angels separated into three classes:Upper Class:CheribumThronesSeraphim Middle Class:LordsPowersRulers Lower Class:AngelsArchangelsPrincipalities
 Angiras areangelsfrom India. They carry messages between the gods and men. Angiras issometimes spelled Angiris.
 Apsaras are water nymphs from India. They are described as beautiful women with wide hipsand red colored toes. They wear gauzy clothing that mimics the movements of water as theydance.
 Argus was aGiantwith 100 eyes that were placed all over his body. He never closed all of hiseyes at once, sleeping with at least half of them open. For this reason he made an excellentguard. The Goddess Herahad him guard the maiden Io, a lover of Zeuswho had been turned into a white cow.Zeussent Hermesto rescue the maiden, which the god was able to do by singing to Argus and getting him to close all of his eyes. When Argus was completely asleep and unaware,Hermeskilled him. In return for his service and sacrifice, Heraplaced his eyes onto the tail feathers of the peacock, a bird which from then on has been sacred to the Goddess.

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