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description: tags: 6-MiscAug

description: tags: 6-MiscAug

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Published by: anon-147624 on Jan 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This section provides additional information necessary to further assist the user in theimplementation of the EDE process. 2000-2001 ISIR Changes, Message Classes, as wellas Correction Test Cases, are provided in this section.
October 1999 (2000-2001)
 EDE Technical Reference
(185 H)6-1
2000-2001 ISIR Changes
When looking at this table, note that the Valid Field Content Modified lists ONLY thechanges. It DOES NOT list ALL the valid content.In the 2000-2001 ISIR layout some filler lines have been deleted that are NOT includedin this table because they are typically replaced with other fields. Note: The order of the Dependency Status questions has changed. Also, the AssumptionOverride codes have been renumbered to reflect the removal of assumption override 1.
2000-2001ISIR FieldName2000-2001ISIR Field #1999-2000 ISIR FieldName1999-2000ISIR Field#Deleted,Added orModifiedValid Field Content Modified
Application Source Code154DeletedCombined this field with ApplicationSource Site CodeAssumption Override 1--Parents’ Number In Collegeassumed to be 1 whennumber in college equalsnumber in the household and both are greater than 2.120DeletedDeleted Assumption #1; reorderedremaining assumptions NSLDS Perkins ExpandedLending Option Flag287Deleted NSLDS Perkins FirstDisbursement Prior to10/1/92?288DeletedTransaction Source Code156DeletedCombined this field with TransactionSource Site CodeTransaction Verification Flag151DeletedVerification Tracking Flag152DeletedAssumed Father’sSSN257Added000000000 to 999999999Blank AssumedMother’s SSN258Added000000000 to 999999999Blank Drug OffenseConviction33Added1 = Eligible
2 = Partially Eligible, will becomeeligible during the award year 
= Ineligible or Don’t KnowBlank Father’s Last Name67Added0 to 9Uppercase A to ZSpace(s). (period)‘ (apostrophe)- (dash)Blank Father’s SocialSecurity Number 66Added000000000 to 999999999Blank Input RecordType116Record Type128AddedC = Correction ApplicationD = Duplicate RequestH = History CorrectionR = Renewal Application/ RenewalApplication on the WebS = FE or FOTW applicationsBlank = Initial ApplicationFebruary 2000 (2000-2001)
 EDE Technical Reference
(185 H)6-2
2000-2001 ISIR FieldName2000-2001 ISIR Field #1999-2000 ISIR FieldName1999-2000ISIR Field #Deleted,Added orModifiedValid Field ContentModified
Mothers Last Name69Added0 to 9Uppercase A to ZSpace(s). (period)‘ (apostrophe)- (dash)Blank Mother’s Social Security Number 68Added000000000 to 999999999Blank  NSLDS AggregateUnsubsidized PendingDisbursement287AddedNumeric N/A NSLDS AggregateUnsubsidized OutstandingPrinciple Balance283AddedNumeric N/A NSLDS AggregateUnsubsidized Total290AddedNumeric N/A NSLDS Pell Award Amount(1, 2 or 3)316, 327and 338AddedNumericBlank  NSLDS Post-ScreeningReason CodeThe student’s eligibility haschanged since the initialscreening. See code for description of change.281Added1 = Student went into defaulton a loan2 = Student owes a newlyreported overpayment3 = Student is no longer indefault4 = Student no longer owes anoverpayment5 = Other Prisoner Match154Filler149Added1 = Not a prisone2 = Prisoner in local facility3 = Prisoner in state or federalfacility8 = Record not sent to match9 = Sent, match not conductedStudent is selected for Verification156AddedY = Selected N= Not Selected* = A subsequent transactionwas selected for verificationApplication Source Site CodeIndicates the origin of theinitial application and the sitelocation.158Application Site Source CodeIndicates the origin of theinitial application.155Modified11 = Electronic App21 = Electronic Renewal App41 = FAFSA Express52,53,55,56 = ACT Mt. Vernon 61 = FAFSA on the Web62 = Renewal on the Web71 = NCS ADEFAA AdjustmentIndicates whether acalculation was requested byan FAA.113Adjusted EFC CalculationRequestedIndicates whether acalculation was requested byan FAA.108ModifiedApplication Receipt Date132Application Receipt Date127Modified20000101 to 20011231October 1999 (2000-2001)
 EDE Technical Reference
(185 H)6-3

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