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Muve Music From Cricket Wireless Helps Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch "Pay Their Mortgage"

Muve Music From Cricket Wireless Helps Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch "Pay Their Mortgage"

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Published by Lindsey C. Holmes
From tech.co
From tech.co

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Published by: Lindsey C. Holmes on Mar 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lindsey C. HolmesMar 21, 2013Tweet
Cricket Wirelesshas been revolutionary in providing low-cost mobile phones and ser- vice to a targeted “urban” demographic. They were also one of the firsts to actually pro-vide good mobile devices in the MVNO market – placing those looking for affordabilityon par with those who can afford to splurge on the latest device. Then they did some-thing else. They incorporated a music service into their rate plans. Now, that’s inge-nious.Muve Music , which comes stock with all Cricket Android Rate Plans, providesunlimited song downloads, ringtones and ringback tones to its customers at no extracharge. For customers, access to Muve means instant gratification. I tried out the serviceat the Cricket booth in the Austin Convention Center during SXSW, and the quality isamazing - especially when paired with one of their Android devices powered by BeatsAudio. For the music industry, however, the service seems to do a little bit more… Likeactually pay artists for their music.I sat down for a quick interview with rappersGhostface Killahof theWu-Tang Clan
andSheek Louchat The Source and Muve Music Present Rhyme and Reason Concert atSXSW, which featured the artists, and asked about how music services like Muve are in-fluencing their record sales and the music industry as a whole. I was pleasantly sur-prised at their take.The Source and Muve Music Present Rhyme and Reason
Interview with Ghostface Killah of The Wu-Tang Clan
Tell me about how the record industry has changed. How technology hashelped or hurt the record industry? It’s powerful in that you can put your records outthere without the middle man/record labels, but you can’t sell music in the same waythat you used to.
Ghostface Killah:
It’s a double-egde sword. I miss the old system at times. It was morehands-on, and it just felt like you had to really work. Everything now seems too easy. It[technology] can be a good thing because you can reach the masses and quick, butrecord sales went down. So it depends on how you look at it. It can be a good thing anda bad thing. I’m an old school kat, and I understand what’s going on now. But you have
to move with the times to make it work. Simple as that.
The steps in a service like Muve – Ghost, how do you feel about these services?Are they helping or hurting the music industry?
Ghostface Killah:
They can’t hurt. They are paying us for our music. However you needto package it, through a phone or whatever, just package it.
What’s next for Ghostface?
Ghostface Killah:
I have a new album dropping on April 26th. It’s different. I’m tryingto do a lot of things that I have never done before. Everything I do is a year or two in ad-vance. I’m working for next year. It’s all about the future.
Interview with Sheek Louch of The Lox
Sheek, what do you think about Muve as a service and what it’s doing for themusic industry?
Sheek Louch:
I think it’s beautiful. Not only because they bought us out here for SXSW,you know us OG’s like myself and Ghostface, but also for what they are doing for theyoung boys that are coming up. Showcasing their talent is what it’s all about.
That’s a great political answer, but what about money? Are they paying you?
Sheek Louch:
Let me take my shades off and get serious with you. **Takes shades off** Idon’t do anything if there’s no money. It’s about getting that paper. Other than that,there is nothing to even talk about. Especially when you’ve got mortgages and car notes.I’m grown now. If Muve wasn’t paying, I wouldn’t say anything else about it. Period.So there you have it. Garnering rapper endorsement, and specifically grown rapper en-dorsement, Muve seems to be a pretty good service. I also love that Ghostface and Sheek Louch are rolling with the punches, utilizing digital for its infinite power instead of looming in “the record industry has changed” woe-is-me funk.I hope Muve saves all of your pirate souls and gives you good music-buying karma.
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