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I Insult Doctor

I Insult Doctor

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Published by Erwin Wahid

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Published by: Erwin Wahid on Mar 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I Insult Doctor
Medical Profession
Erwin Wahid
I Insult Doctor ByDr. Erwin Wahid M.D., M.S., Ph.D. student UNISEL
In protest the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), Ribka TjiptaningProletariyati ask openly about the medical profession. If a doctor makesa mistake or omission, or conduct oversight of malpractice, the idea firstis his peers, or the doctors around her. Thus if conflict fellow draftsmanmust be stopped quickly to maintain unity. Because the saying to read:sprinkle with water in trays, exposed face alone.In licentious acts, directly indirectly. like it or not, like it or not:school doctor is expensive, the cost of medical school is expensive,commissions laboratories, drug commission, seminars and workshopsare expensive, create workshops and seminars cooperation withcompany medicine, make a registration mark (STR) expensive, makingletter of competence is expensive, making expensive license and postissue compulsory doctors perform intensive expensive, is causinggrowing lush Medical-Industrial Complex or the Imperialist Medical. Atthe ends of his most suffer are the patient or the patient's family, thepeople in the form of the public.In the medical field, the economic power moving from individualentrepreneurship doctors to form a joint. The expansion of the medical-industrial facilities (medical-industrial complex) is almost the same asthe capitalist imperialism. With the increasing commercialization in thehealth care health care turned into a commodity that can be bought andsold, such as merchandise or services. Given the demand for the
service is not limited to, the respective professions and companies findthe disease as a source of profit. As his case with exploit the workers bythe capitalists, the giant companies are engaged in the health sector didnot hesitate to exploit the patient. Imperialism in the medical field tosupport the process, being patient bear the burden of its more expensivehealth care costs.Indonesian Doctors Association is a professional association wasno match for the strongest among his other professional associations inIndonesia. In the past this organization not only suppress any physicianto follow the activities of the organization but also has implications for national health policy. But in addition his poor, the Indonesian Doctors Association not intervene paramedic standard set, so do not take controlprocedures and the issuance of a license to practice does not come togive recognition to schools paramedic. Suppose it never got alongPhysiotherapists working with rehabilitation specialists, but once there if there should be practicing midwives supervising physician, but now itdoes not seem since the doctor just got permission 3 place practice, it isimportant regulated and involve physician professional organizations.The important question to ask is how to determine the boundariesof medical decisions and legal perspective? For practical professionals,including doctors and other health means duty ethics and professionalresponsibility and meet the expectations of society, and act in aprofessional manner.On the one hand, the medical profession must maintain as aprofession to be self-regulating and should be free to decide what is

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