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Middlemarch - script to edit to

Middlemarch - script to edit to

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Published by Julie Thrasher
Script of the scene from Middlemarch which students edit the rushes to. There are four versions/points of view of the extract and this script provides the 'performance bed' for the scene's final edit
Script of the scene from Middlemarch which students edit the rushes to. There are four versions/points of view of the extract and this script provides the 'performance bed' for the scene's final edit

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Julie Thrasher on Mar 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MIDDLEMARCHINT. VINCY HOUSE - BREAKFAST ROOM - OCT 1829 - DAY It's a large room with a big table and a sideboard still with breakfast things on.ROSAMUND VINCY is sitting with her embroidery. She is alovely willowy blonde, very conscious of her own beauty.PRITCHARD, the servant, is tidying up the table and theclock is striking half past ten as MRS VINCY comes in from the kitchen. MRS VINCYKnock at Fred's door again,Pritchard, and tell him it's gonehalf past ten "This was said without any change in radiant good humour inMrs Vincy's face in which 45 years had delved neither anglesnor parallels" ROSAMUND(I think has hadelocution lessons) mamma when Fred comes down I wishyou would not let him have redherrings. I cannot bear the smellof them all over the house MRS VINCYNow Rosamund my love, A redHerring's not much is it. We womenhave to put up with little thingsand if it's only the smell of ared herring you can count yourselflucky. You'll be married some day ROSAMUNDNot to anyone like Fred Mrs Vincy is on her way out ROSAMUNDOr anyone else who likes to eatred herrings for breakfast (moreto herself) or anyone at all from Middlemarch Some people might think that the little three-parter from Rosamund make a pleasing flourish to end that exchange ButMRS VINCY has other ideas.She reappears in the doorway MRS VINCYSo it seems my love for you haveas good as refused your pick ofthem! ROSAMUNDMamma! MRS VINCYWhat is it Rosy? ROSAMUNDI wish you wouldn't say 'pick ofthem'. It is a rather vulgarexpression MRS VINCY(a bitlong-suffering)Yes, very likely my dear, whatshould I say then? ROSAMUNDThe 'best' of them  
 MRS VINCYWel I never, Do you know, thatsounds just as plain and common to me. But with your education you must know dear and she goes.FRED comes in. Good-looking, warm-hearted, feckless,immature, his mum adores him  FREDGood Morning Rosie! ROSAMUNDRosamund FRED(surveying wellstocked table)Ham, toast, potted beef...is therenothing for breakfast Pritchard? PRITCHARDShould you like eggs, Sir? FREDEggs...No! Bring me a grilledbone! PRITCHARDYes Sir He goes ROSAMUNDReally Fred, what would you thinkof me if I came down at half pastten and ordered grilled bone? FRED(Grinning, alreadytucking intowhat's there..)I should think you were anuncommonly fast young lady ROSAMUNDI don't see why brothers are to make themselves disagreeable FRED(ratherbrilliantly)I don't MAKE myself disagreeable,Rosie, It is you who find me so.Disagreeable is a word thatdescribes your feelings, not myactions He's clearly done an introduction to logic at University ROSAMUNDI think it describes the smell ofgrilled bone FREDNot at all, It describes thesensation in your little noseassociated with certain finickingnotions acquired at Mrs Lenon'sFinishing School..(going on fast to forestall herreply)Mother! I shall ride over to StoneCourt this morning. ROSAMUNDTo see Mary Garth, I suppose Mrs Vinc comes in aain and sas

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