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Polar - Embedded Column

Polar - Embedded Column

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Reversed phase column
Reversed phase column

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Published by: VRampriya on Mar 22, 2013
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Te Florida State University 
Evaluation of Polar-Embedded Reversed-PhaseLiquid Chromatography Columns and theTemperature Dependence of the Phase Ratio
 Van Quach
Florida State University
is Dissertation - Open Access is brought to you for free and open access by the e Graduate School at DigiNole Commons. It has been accepted forinclusion in Electronic eses, Treatises and Dissertations by an authorized administrator of DigiNole Commons. For more information, please contactlib-ir@fsu.edu.
Recommended Citation
Quach, Van, "Evaluation of Polar-Embedded Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography Columns and the Temperature Dependence of the Phase Ratio" (2009).
 Electronic eses, Treatises and Dissertations.
Paper 2242.hp://diginole.lib.fsu.edu/etd/2242
 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITYCOLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCESEVALUATION OF POLAR-EMBEDDED REVERSED-PHASE LIQUIDCHROMATOGRAPHY COLUMNS AND THE TEMPERATURE DEPENDENCE OF THEPHASE RATIOByVAN QUACHA Dissertation submitted to theDepartment of Chemistry and Biochemistryin partial fulfillment of therequirements for the degree of Doctor of PhilosophyDegree Awarded:Fall Semester, 2009
 iiThe members of the committee approve the dissertation of Van Quach defended on August 6,2009. ___________________________________ John G. DorseyProfessor Directing Dissertation ___________________________________ Michael Blaber Outside Committee Member  ___________________________________ William T. Cooper Committee Member  ___________________________________ Michael G. Roper Committee Member  ___________________________________ Sanford A. SafronCommittee Member Approved: ___________________________________ Joseph B. Schlenoff, Chair, Department of Chemistry and BiochemistryThe Graduate School has verified and approved the above-named committee members.

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