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Bank Regulation and Supervision around the World

Bank Regulation and Supervision around the World

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Published by Petros Arvanitis
World Bank Policy and Research
World Bank Policy and Research

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Petros Arvanitis on Mar 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Policy Research Working Paper 6286
B Rut d Suvud t Wd
 A C Udt
 Martin Čihák  Aslı Demirgüç-Kunt  María Soledad Martínez Pería  Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou
T Wd B Of  t C EmtF d Pvt St Dvmt Ntw &Dvmt R GuF d Pvt St Dvmt mDmb 2012
   P  u   b   l   i  c   D   i  s  c   l  o  s  u  r  e   A  u   t   h  o  r   i  z  e   d   P  u   b   l   i  c   D   i  s  c   l  o  s  u  r  e   A  u   t   h  o  r   i  z  e   d   P  u   b   l   i  c   D   i  s  c   l  o  s  u  r  e   A  u   t   h  o  r   i  z  e   d   P  u   b   l   i  c   D   i  s  c   l  o  s  u  r  e   A  u   t   h  o  r   i  z  e   d
Produced by the Research Support Team
Te Policy Research Working Paper Series disseminates the ndings o work in progress to encourage the exchange o ideas about development issues. An objective o the series is to get the ndings out quickly, even i the presentations are less than ully polished. Te papers carry the names o the authors and should be cited accordingly. Te ndings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in this paper are entirely those o the authors. Tey do not necessarily represent the views o the International Bank or Reconstruction and Development/World Bank and its afliated organizations, or those o the Executive Directors o the World Bank or the governments they represent.
Policy Research Working Paper 6286
T  t t tt udt  t Wd B B Rut d Suv Suv, d xtw qut. Ft, w t t df ut d uv btw  d - ut? Sd, wt t  ut duv d t du t  d?T  d t df btw  d- ut  v t  ut duv. I tu,  ut () d tt dt  t d w tu tt, (b) d w tt  -b tvt,() w  tt  t ut ttmt  bdT    dut  t O  t C Emt, F d Pvt St Dvmt Ntw; dF d Pvt St Dvmt m, Dvmt R Gu. It  t    ft b t WdB t vd   t t  d m  tbut t dvmt  du ud t wd.P R W P   td  t Wb t tt://.wdb.. T ut m b ttdt m@wdb., dmuut@wdb., mmtz@wdb., d m@ wdb.. d  , d (d) d w tv t vt t t mt b’ . Suv ut  ut tt t v ut t t   b w, d t  m t mvut d uv,  w  vt tvt mt -t. S, m ut d uv t b d t t b, t  d tv w : t td (m m - ut), dtu m bm m u, d mm w tdud  t   b vd b ut.
Bank Regulation and Supervision around the World:A Crisis Update
Martin Čihák, Aslı
Demirgüç-Kunt, Maa Soledad Martínez Pea,and Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou
: Banking, Regulation, Supervision, Survey
 JEL Classification
: G10, G20, E58
 The authors are with the World Bank. This paper’s findings, interpretations, and conclusions are entirely those othe authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the World Bank, its Executive Directors, or the countriesthey represent. Insights and encouragement from Jim Barth, Gerard Caprio, and Ross Levine, who organized theprevious rounds of the survey, are gratefully acknowledged. The work on the 2011–12 round of the survey startedwith the collaboration of Roberto Rocha, Costas Stephanou, and Haocong Ren. The survey benefitted from inputsfrom numerous bank regulation experts in the World Bank, including Krishnamurti Damodaran, Katia D’Hulster,Cedric Mousset, and David Scott, as well outside, in particular, Michael Andrews and Jan-Willem van der Vossen. The survey would not have been possible without the many country officials answering the questionnaire. PKF(U.K.) and Auxilium helped with compiling and following up on the survey responses. The survey was financed inpart with support from the U.K. Department for International Development (DFID). The analysis presented in thispaper benefited from comments received at a World Bank seminar. Any remaining errors are ours.

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