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Published by Arisa Simpan

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Published by: Arisa Simpan on Mar 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Time becomes more and more valuable as it appears to be passing by so quickly.Every minute spent too long on doing something leads to the delay of another andsomehow a lot of events seem to follow. And as the years go by, the needs of man continuesto grow with it
needing to accomplish more and more things in a day that used to bedeemed impossible.Nowadays, man no longer has to walk for hours just to get to his designated place. We no longer have constantly be extra careful in typing a report or writing an assignment.Nor do we have the need to wonder in the library for hours in search of resources for wehave welcomed innovation long before. We have embraced the concept of technology. Technology has solved several human problems simplifying our lives yet making usmore effective and efficient in terms of our work. As we develop, we take technology withus. Some may wonder why if it is as effective and efficient as it is but as we grow we tend tobe more complicated thus making our present known way of doing things a bit less thanhow it used to be. This is where Information Technology (IT) comes in. Those who are involved in ITare those who are determined to find new ways of making complicated works into a simpletask. These are the individuals who completely embrace the need for change. Today, different institutions have welcomed various means of making their work more effective and efficient in their individual workplace that would also be beneficial totheir clients. One of the important sectors that should welcome innovation is the educational
institutions where millions of students enroll in each year. In line with this, it will be betterfor an institution to have a computer based enrollment system instead of the traditionalmanual system for them to have a faster and more efficient way of operation. Thisinnovation may also be an advantage of an institution to another especially if they are locatedin metropolitan places. Although the development of a web based enrollment system may cost theinstitution, they may consider a part by part development of it starting with a web basedregistration system for the students. From there, they may be able to development it little by little until they have attained a complete web based enrollment system. But the possible
innovation won’t come to a stop just there. The system could be the start of something new 
such as an online class, if the need arises for it, or an online forum wherein students andprofessors may continuously interact outside of the classroom. Aside from good quality education, other services of an institution may be wellconsidered of a new student in search for a new school.
Company Profile and Its BackgroundHistorical Background
San Sebastian Recoletos College de Cavite was founded on 1966 by AugustinianRecollect Fathers. At first, the school had only a single building, part of which was the
Father’s residence, with only 281 students from the high school and college departments.
 Over the years, the student population increased particularly in the collegedepartment.
 This development prompted the enhancement of the college’s pool educators as
 well as the corresponding expansion and upgrading of its facilities and curricular offerings.
From its humble beginning, San Sebastian College-Recoletos de Cavite continued to evolveinto one of the leading educational institutions in the province of Cavite.Due to the continuously increasing student population in the college department, theinstitution developed the Student Information System (SIS) in 1999. This system was notactually an enrollment system but it mainly stores personal information of each collegestudent studying in SSCRdC.However due to technology, SIS was replaced with Automated College EnrollmentSystem (ACES) on 2000. ACES was the combination of SIS and the newly inventedenrollment system, it stores personal information of each college student and at the sametime stores the curriculum used by the school to be followed by the certain college student.In 2001 there were revisions with SIS and ACES that resulted into a modern version,the Integrated Information System (IIS). It was the same as ACES but there wereimprovements when it comes to the technicality. And today SSCRdC is using the Academic Information Management and EnrollmentSystem (AIMES). This system was created and first used on 2009. The system storespersonal information about a certain college system and simultaneously manages everything that concerns the enrollment of a specific student. It involves the subjects to be taken andnot to be taken by a student, the assessment of payments in the accounting department andthe record of grades received by the student in every semester he was enrolled in.

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