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35999307 Teresa Southwick Sheikh s Contract Bride

35999307 Teresa Southwick Sheikh s Contract Bride

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Published by anahita_A

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Published by: anahita_A on Mar 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Teresa Southwick The Sheikh’s Contract Bride
(The second book in the Brothers of Bha’Khar series)Sheikh Malik Hourani, Crown Prince of Bha’Khar, is a rich and powerful mandedicated to ruling his kingdom—but experience has made him wary of love. Beth Farrah has been betrothed to the sheikh since birth, but she has a secret!She’s not the woman he thinks she is….
CHAPTER ONESINCE she was headed for the seventh level of hell, now would be a good timeto sunscreen her soul.Alina Bethia Farrah knew truth was the best way to avoid the burning issues of the afterlife. And she’d admit to not always valuing honesty as much as sheshould have. But as much as she hated pretending, she’d made a promise toswitch places with her identical twin and stand up to the man her sister couldn’t― His Royal Highness, Malik Hourani the Crown Prince of Bha’Khar.Beth had only ever had her sister to count on, and Adina was the only personwho had ever loved her. Her request was the emotional equivalent of bleedingor being on fire. Saying no wasn’t an option.But now that Beth was here in the palace, waiting to meet the Prince, thereckless spirit that had convinced her she could pull this off completelywimped out. As she stared at her suitcases lined up on the exquisite marblefloor of the entryway, the deception that in her L.A. apartment had felt noble― wrong thing, right reason ― now just seemed wrong.She was pretending to be the woman who was going to marry the sheikh because her sister wanted out of the marriage agreement.As the firstborn by two minutes. Addie had been betrothed by their father, theBha’Kharian ambassador to the United States, to the royal heir. Now, Addiewas torn between being disowned by the father she adored or marrying a manshe’d never met. Neither alternative was appealing, especially after she’d begun dating a man ― possibly the man.It had been several years since she’d come of age, and she’d begun to hope thesheikh had forgotten their arrangement. But only a few weeks ago he’d begunthe process of finalizing their betrothal with wedding vows — and he wanted todo it sooner rather than later. That was when Addie had come up with the ideaof switching places.Outspoken Beth had often run interference for introspective Addie when theywere children, and had assumed her identity. But this wasn’t about which twinhad broken the lamp or hadn’t eaten her Brussels sprouts. This secret couldhave international repercussions.Beth didn’t like secrets. But she liked her sister’s situation even less. Beth hadonce fallen for a guy like the sheikh, a man from a politically connected familywho believed it was perfectly all right to be married and have a mistress. Hefelt entitled to play by different rules because he was a powerful man. Now her sister was engaged to one of the world’s most powerful men, and Beth could
only imagine what rules he lived by. This arranged marriage was just wrong,and somehow Beth would get Addie out of it. Now she waited for the Crown Prince in the apartment where the royalintended, or in this case her facsimile, would stay until the wedding. Nervous,Beth paced and checked out the place. The living room was spacious and bright, and filled with expensive art paintings, blown glass, and figurines.French doors opened onto a balcony overlooking the Arabian Sea, and whenshe pulled the doors wide the breeze blowing off the ocean cooled her hotcheeks.She could do this. She and her twin were interchangeable; no one could tellthem apart, not even their father. This should be as easy as falling off a log,especially with a guy who’d never met either of them.The knock on the apartment door startled her, even though she’d beenexpecting it ― maybe because she’d been expecting it.Letting out a long breath, she walked through the apartment, then opened thedoor and stared like a fool. The man standing there was tail and dark and— Wow. Handsome was an understatement.Pulling herself together, she said, “Hi.”“I am Malik Hourani” With the barest movement of his shoulders and head, heexecuted a respectful bow.“The Prince?”“Indeed,” he said.“How do you do?”“I do very well.” His dark eyes glowed with male approval. “Although I regretthat I was not there when your plane arrived.”“Technically, it’s your plane.”“That is true,” he said seriously. “But I did want to greet you and was unable todo so.”“That’s all right.” She’d been relieved. “I was told that you’d be tied up with business until this evening.”“Things went better than I had expected and I am grateful as I was eager tomeet you. Welcome to Bha’Khar, Adina Farrah.”

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