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genius topic

genius topic

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Published by Chris Kesler

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Published by: Chris Kesler on Mar 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is How do you plan on creating your presentation?To makMake a documentary on my grampa's farmhow doi will make a 3-d diagram of a horses circulatory system of a horse and explain how it works.How to Loot up answers on google and put it all togetherhow to find out how to put it on the internetCan me We present the website and show the process of making it.Can me We show the tutorials of making a website from scratch.How did I will provide a poster to put the information on,and I will put before and after pictures of the old andHow thI candownload abeatingheart togiveaway aneffectand i willput in allmy timeand hardwork tomake itthe best.i want tdont knowhow bamake a cool model and have awesome information only the interesting oneI'm am i plan to make a poster showing what and how the brain works.how to looking up information on goggle and other placesI am goiBy looking up my information on Google and saving it on my google drive . And , maybe instead of doi
howdid JoeMontana(fortyniners)QB getto behimself bygettingto thehall of fameandmakehis jerseysearch him up see how people think about him and also make his jersey and put it on a 3 syded presehow do to create the inside and outside of the roverIM GOIIS GOING TO BE ABOUT games that teach youI'mgoingto bedoingmyprojecton howrocketsworkand I'mgoingtobuild amodelof it.I'm going do a demonstration on the rocket flying in the air and I'm going to make a poster on it.How caBy researching it on Google and being creativeHow mIm going to make like real life where anyone can play it.How do Just by going to Google researching interesting things about babies forming inside there mothers.how to I'm going to make a design in a poster and make a model of it. And put the tings that the rover use to
How ar I plan on creation my project with a big excitement.By that i will need a poster board,being creative,lochildrencolors,jolly ranchers,sounds,and a sprinkle of awsomenes!Do youI plan ondoingmyprojecton aposterboard apresi orevencreatingawebsiteon howto do it.First Iwouldbrainstormthen Iwoulddo myfinaldraft.I Want Go To The SkateParkHow to Showing the class on a video on how to make a websiteI'm goinI will bring makeup to school than i will bring a model of whats in it.What cai'm going to do a video and write some in formation.my quei can make it by giving fact about how the healthy thing that we do affect our bodyHow ar I plan on doing a slideshow.I can put some cool effects and pictures on it.Black hoim going to make poster. make a model if i can depending on what i find when reserching for black ho

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