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Pharmacology Mock Exam MCQ

Pharmacology Mock Exam MCQ

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Published by anaeshkl

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Published by: anaeshkl on Mar 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.FentanylA . Has a potency 10 times that of morphineB. Is water soluableC. Has a large volume of distributionD. Does not accumulate even after repeated dosesE. Is metabolized to norfentanyl2. The relatively rapid awakening after a single intravenous bolus dose of thiopentone is due toA. Metabolism by the liver B. Distribution to fatC. Distribution to brain, liver and kidneysD. Elimination in the urineE. Ester hydrolysis3. The following are negative inotropesA. NifedipineB. LisinoprilC. AmiodaroneD. GlucagonE. Atenolol4. The following are recognized side-effects of the drugs listed in the bracketsA. Pancreatitis ( Frusemide )B. Nasal congestion ( Phenoxybenzamine )C. Cough ( Enalapril )D. Dry mouth ( Cyclizine )E. Increased bronchial secretion ( Chlormethiazole )
5. The following drugs are readily cross the normal blood brain barrier A. BenzylpenicillinB. PhysostigmineC. NeostigmineD. GlycopyrollateE. Vecuronium6. The following drugs may be used as antidotws for the treatment of the associated overdoses or poisoningsA. Naloxone and co-proxamol overdoseB. Methionine and paracetamol overdoseC. Sodium calciumedetate and cyanide poisoningD. Desferrioxime and lead poisoningE. Pralidoxime mesylate and organophosphorus poisoning7. The following are anti-hypertensive agentsA. MoxonidineB. PentolamineC. PhenoxybenzamineD. PrazocinE. Losartan8. The following local anaesthetic agents are estersA. AmethocaineB. ChloroprocaineC. CocaineD. RopivacaineE. Prilocaine
9. Drugs with greater than 50% oral bioavailability includeA. MorphineB. PropanololC. MethadoneD. AtenololE. Gentamicin10. The following are metabolized by zero-order kinetics in clinical doseA. PhenytoinB. ParacetamolC.EthanolD.AspirinE. Thiopentone11. The following drugs have a Vd greater than 100 litres in a 70kg adultA. AtracuriumB. VecuroniumC. DigoxinD.ThipentoneE. Fentanyl12. Pharmacological effects of morphine includeA. ConstipationB. Biliary spasmC. Histamine releaseD. CoughE. Release of antidiuretic hormone

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