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Homeopathy Medicine for all disease

Homeopathy Medicine for all disease



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Published by sharad79
Homeopathic Medicine for all disease just for you use it and Send comment on this post if you find it useful
Homeopathic Medicine for all disease just for you use it and Send comment on this post if you find it useful

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Published by: sharad79 on Mar 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Abdominal Pain (Colic)
Sudden, agonising, gripping pain in the abdomen is called abdominalcolic.
Check if most symptoms of any of these medicines match with most of your symptoms:
Colocynth 30 :
Very severe, agonising pain in the abdomen, especially inthe evening from 4 to 9 p.m. The pain comes in paroxysms, becoming soterrible every few minutes that the patient bends forward and twists andturns in bed to get relief. Discharge of gas, either from the mouth or theanus, relieves pain.
Dioscorea 30 :
Violent colic due to indigestion, occurring in regularparoxysms, as if the intestines were grasped and twisted by a powerfulhand. Pain gets worse from bending double or lying down but becomesless on standing erect or bending backward.
Mag phos 30 :
Severe, unbearable pain in the abdomen that comes inparoxysmal attacks. The pain compels the victim to loosen clothes andbend forward. Pressing or massaging the abdomen or applying heat to theabdomen. relieves pain. Discharge of gas does not relieve pain.Mag phos should be used when Colocynth fails to relieve abdominal pain.
Plumbum 30 :
Excessive pain in the abdomen from indigestion andobstinate constipation. The pain starts at the navel and then spreads in alldirections. The victim feels that the stomach (abdominal wall) is beingpulled by a string towards the backbone.
 1.Take a few pills of the selected medicin every 10-15 minutes, tillthe pain subsides.
Acidity (Hyperacidity; Burning in the stomach)
Excessive intake of non-vegetarian, spicy or fried foods and mentaltension give rise to hyperacidity. If the condition is not treated in time, anulcer may develop in the stomach.
Homeopathic Treatment
Check if most symptoms of any of these medicines closely match withmost of your symptoms:
Argentum nitricum 30 :
Burning and pain in the stomach with severebelching and flatulence (gas). There is a sensation of splinter in thestomach. There is a great liking for sugar, sweets and salt. However,consumption of sweets causes diarrhoea. Diarrhoea is also caused byundue apprehension just before embarking upon an important activity.
Carbo veg 30 :
Acidity from consumption of alcohol, coffee, meat andfish, causing incessant sour or rancid eructations. So much gasaccumulates in the stomach that the victim feels the abdomen will burst.There is an intolerance of tight clothing around the abdomen.
Robinia 30 :
An excellent remedy for severe burning in the stomach,associated with pain in the forehead. Intensely sour eructations occur,frequently culminating into vomiting of a sour fluid. The whole body andthe stools smell sour. Indeed, Robinia is the remedy of first choice in thetreatment of acidity.
Consume a simple, blanddiet.2.Discontinue the medicine as soon as about fifty percentimprovement occurs. Restart the medicine if symptoms again orreappear later.
Asthma, Breathlessness
Asthma is an allergic disorder characterised by breathlessness, which isthe result of a spasmodic narrowing of the respiratory passages.
Homeopathic Treatment
Check if most symptoms of any of these medicines matches with most of your symptoms:
Antimonium tart 30 :
Asthma from cold, humid weather; an attack of asthma at 3 a.m., compelling the patient to sit up and seek open air;loud, rattling sound from the chest while coughing but nothing (mucous)comes out; soon the face turns pale and blue and gets covered with coldsweat; an important symptom of Antimonium tart is an irresistible desireto sleep, even during respiratory distress.
Arsenic 30 :
An attack of asthma precipitated after consuming colddrinks/foods; breathlessness worse from 12 to 2 a.m., the person isunable to lie down from fear of suffocation - must sit, bending forward;darting pain and burning through the upper third of right lung; asthmaaccompanied by inexplicable prostration and fear (of death).
Carbo veg 30 :
An attack of asthma after eating salted meat or fish;breathlessness and spasmodic cough causing gagging and vomiting;copious cold sweat on the face and the body; the person desiring fanningfrom a close distance. Carbo veg may prove to be life-saving when aperson seems collapsing or sinking from a severe attack obreathlessness.
Ipecacuanha 30 :
An attack of asthma especially in winter, preceded bysevere nausea and vomiting; soon there is violent constriction in thethroat and the chest, wheezing and dry cough leading to suffocation;persistent nausea (not relieved even after vomiting) and thirstlessnessconfirm the choice of Ipecac.
Nux vomica 30 :
An attack of asthma after digestive upset; prolongedbreathlessness from midnight till morning; shallow, oppressive breathingwith dry cough; with asthma, there is bursting headache and grippingpain in the stomach; frequent, ineffectual desire for stool.
 1.Asthma is one of the most difficult diseases to tackle. If none of theabove-listed medicines seems matching or if the selected medicinedoes not help, consult a competent homoeopathic doctor.
Backache (Lumbago), Sciatica

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