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What is a Torsion Field by Wilbert Smith

What is a Torsion Field by Wilbert Smith

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Published by CXXXVII

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: CXXXVII on Mar 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wilbert Smith Reviewed
I was asked again "What is a Torsion Field?"People working with the diamagnetic elements, and devices like the Joe Cell, or even copper coil devices, need a "mental model" with words to enable sharingof the methods of experiment. Hopefully a vocabulary which can assist personal comprehension and experiences as observed. Study of the physics at theatomic level can go quite deep with the conventional science, however some model to understand the fields will assist the experimenter who is learning as theygo. I have found Wilbert Smiths model coming up more frequently as a personal tool. While Orgone models are very expressive of the emotional joy and eventhe power aspects, I have searched out much more in attempt to cross this present art into a science. One picks up the calipers, and begins to tune vibrationsdirectly, then math extrapolation allows for unexpectedly stronger devices to be engineered.[Extracts from the c_s_s_p group discussion 10 / 3 / 10] (I apologize for the lack of organization of the material, it is as was formulated and many subjects arerevisited at various places.) Dave L
Polarity and Zero Point Field
I will attempt to share some mental models. However I note that with hot and cold there is opposite paths, yet temperature has no opposite, it is the
you land on with hot or cold shifting your position. [Others here may be better equipped to bring in anti matter and anailation concepts. They are wellbeyond my experience.] The Zero Point Field, is more like the temperature, and can slide two directions off the background field in a device. I will attempt togive some explanations for the necessary manipulations found to be most effective.
A diamagnetic element is repelled from
ends of a magnet. The nuclear strong force layer in the atom is spherical. This field does not have poles, but haslayers of stability where orbital shells are maintained. [A constant linear distance from a center point in space.] A distance has no opposite, that I am aware, itsimply is. While there are two paths, or vectors, along it that may oppose in a state of vibration. An electron shell can vibrate, a proton shell also, and also abeam of light.Diamagnetism is reactive. Bring a magnet near a spinning copper cylinder and it repels more the closer it gets, and the faster the copper cylinder spins. Themagnet also gets dragged with the copper, so it receives two forces. See the spinning cylinder experiments, where I studied the diamagnetic elements, versusthe magnetic ones. They react differently in this way to motion and magnetic fields.SpinningCylinder.htmIf any still believe diamagnetism is a weak force, this experiment should lay that to rest forever in their minds, as they observe the magnet being released andflying across the room at high velocity from a copper disc but no such interaction from an iron disc.Think about how a spinning electron with both north and south poles can stay in an orbit around the nucleus and maintain a correct distance, never crashinginto the center and never flying off, though we can throw all kinds of interaction at it to stress it, it will always recover. I challenge you to achieve this usingonly magnets as modern physics texts suggest. There must be a repelling force to create this effect, and it must repel both poles. The spinning copper cylinderexperiment explains this and allows you to feel these forces in your hands. The repelling force changes intelligently and maintains a distance. It also becomesmuch stronger then any magnetic field I have ever witnessed from a permanent magnet.
Water Vortex Tunning,
[Picture below]In the tube there are two vortexes, the outer one spins CW down to the bottom, where it hits a sharp tip, and the center vortex spins CCW back up the tubescenter and out the tiny hole at the top.As I increase the pressure on the water supply, I tune the two vortexes, and when they hit a pi/2 ratio it is most notable. What the author describes as "watercoming to life." This is one and the same as the pi/2 tunning I have been doing with other devices using length ratios. I can tune the water through about threedifferent peaks by varying the pressure on this beaut' little device. The higher pressure peak, expands it's field pretty large. I get high on life just filling a jar of water if tunning is correct!Getting out of the box, for me,
Wilbert Smith
. [Undoing all the pitfalls of a linear science, and starting over.]You ask how does this fit into 90 degrees? The science part. I love this document as it really messed with my mind a few years back, but is really simple onceyou start applying it to what we are seeing in the experiments.http://www.rexresearch.com/smith/newsci~1.htmThis is the geometry of space as consciousness can easily grasp it. Space is 3 dimensional. Length, Area, Volume.Field forces are also 3 dimensional, although invisible, and here is the entry point for time as we know it. Tempic field, Electric field, and Magnetic field, all atsome vibrational frequency. These all fit together the same as space in quadrature. Tempic field is linear drop off, Electric field is distance squared drop off, andmagnetic field is distance cubed drop off. Magnetism acts like a volume mathematically, but inside it are the other two forces also at 90 degrees. Just like avolume in space must have three dimensions, a magnetic field also must. A voltage interacts as an area as 2 dimensions, on a capacitor plate. A tempic field asa line in space, one dimension, in rotation describes a sphere, the basis of all matter with vibration moving inwards and outwards.This is called "quadrature concept." Wilbert gives us four levels of quadrature, creating 12 dimensions of conscious interaction with our environment to createour reality. I am still learning from this model. I just gave you the first two levels. Space, and then the Field Forces. Each have three aspects that are all at 90degrees to one another. These little packets however are always in motion and
is the pattern of the atomic models in physics.
The function of spin is so all of us can share a time frame, and thus believe we are all in the same reality. Notice however that what we sense as a life force, is abalance of two spins. In the water vortexer, there is a mix, or proper pressure ratio, that causes the water to come alive. I have identified this "feeling of life"arising from a pi/2 ratio between two vibrating objects that are concentric. Tunning the pressure of the water at the tap changes the ratio between inner andouter vortexes. The unit below can hit about 3 different levels of this as you tune the pressure without adjusting the bottom exhaust port.Note the water leaving the top of the unit is spiraling down the output tube and has high mass spin qualities.Chinese herbal medicine uses the words yin and yang, They classify medicinal herbs with a set of yin yang symbols. Korean JinSing is considered yang yang.Sugar is yin yin.....etc. Life and health are found in a
state. I believe this is where Reich got slightly lost, trying to vilify yang yang as evil. Either off balance state is not so good for human life. If one eats only sugar they will not do well either.This root force can also be created at the atomic levels with vibrations of any kind. Mixing, or
, is where we create either a life draining force, or a lifesustaining one. This is why it is very important to self observe. When a body is stressed out, it goes yang yang, as we use a female spin to counter balance this,the result is ecstasy for a time, like a massage only in a few minutes. However if the body over time goes too yin, then lethargy will rule, and the mind will getsluggish.Thus there is generally never one set device for healing that is static, or should not be monitored. With exposure however, the body learns to self regulate thesetwo forces, and can then balance stronger fields that might make a newbie feel sick over time.This is why I have sought for so long a perfectly balanced system, one that can be left active and is still very strong. The pi/2 is the best I have found at thispoint. The body will swing both ways around it, but if it always returns to this ratio then health and joy may be the result. To me it is stability layering. Sincethese torsion devices do effect our emotions and our health, to master using them we must also consider how they interact with us. Imagine a power supply thatalso supports health, and runs off the zero point field. Then imagine one that drains you. I believe both are possible.
I have studied the time reality many times, and never so interesting as with
party levitation
. The four people count together, and if the cadence is not lost thenthe person in the middle rises with little effort.On a failure where one person misses a count, 1/4 of the body gains it's weight back just slightly before the cadence is lost, rather then after it. This is areversed cause and effect in linear time flow.This led me to the belief that time is constructed of two vectors passing through one another in opposite directions, between two events or markers. If there is asolid cadence, then there is a fixed ability to stay in time. If cadence is lost the effect breaks down between the two counts, and before the lost beat happens. Icould sense who was going to miss the beat and started to fall before it happened.
Where a bird flew into the engine of a jet I was taking off in, there was much mental confusion until a second bird also went through, where immediately mymind knew what had happened and all was clear again. Having at least two events in real time stabilizes the conscious flow. Having only one event, does not.The jet engine eating a bird was a loud shock, or a pulse if you will. It was a stunning event that grabbed my total focus in an instant, and caused a state of confusion.In the party levitation, you must all have a solid cadence of counting before and after the lift, or the body will go heavy again in the middle
between thecounts
. If counting is maintained with joy and focus one can stay in the air a pretty long time. Getting a group to go past 20 however is pretty hard, as in a stateof joy one will almost always be distracted for a single count. I can see how removing consciousness from this reality might cause it to break down and begin tofragment in time. Parts here and there, and no coherent flow.While time is experienced as events in sequence, memory is also cataloged, and thus we can distinguish one moment or day from the next. Since memory is aconscious phenomena, "time sense" is then mostly also a conscious phenomena. Wilbert Smith and Tesla both chose to speak only of motion, or frequency, andthus avoid such paradoxes of consciousness. Party levitation however adds much to unify the Spiritual experience, with the science of motion and showsclearly that gravity can be controlled by consciousness alone.Where a person lifts up into the air almost weightless, from a sequence of four people counting together, well it tosses out all the brute force one expects mustbe happening in a flying saucer. [We visualize atomic reactors and such.] The person in the middle also has their emotions raised, and all cares in the world aregone, lifted away. It can be a healing experience.
On Wilbert Smith
I still struggle with this. Pondering Wilberts mental model structure and adding to it from my experiences, playing with newer terms. Each time I seem to get alittle further with this thought experiment. In each case it seems to prove out for me, Wilbert was right on.Tempic field is the 4th on his stack, yes I agree. It is a field force, in his definitions.
Space Fabric -
1 - Length2 - Area3 - Volume
Then the Field Forces Fabric
[where time becomes necessary]4 - Tempic [~Time, Force that extends as a line or longitudinal vibration, the first motion or vector]5 - Electric [Force that extends as an area]6 - Magnetic [Force that extends as a volume]Time is a composite of the Tempic field, spin
or frequency in three quadrature directions, and memory, as we sense it. I used to see voltage as twotempic fields vibrating at 90 degrees, however three are always present but we may only be operating on one or two.One of the unique things about Wilberts model is realizing that a line with changing vector can create frequency, in only one or two dimensions as a forcevector. Also only one dimension at any one point of it's rotation. Longitudinal vibration from a center point or platonic form.I think Wilbert believed, trying to include time in the space fabric, ignores that there is "nothing at all" to have motion until a
field force rises
. And this is wellbeyond our comprehension as observers of the creation, [up to the point where we possibly master it.] The control fabric [described elsewhere], generates theAether background field making space seem like it can be warped, however it is only the fields within space that are being warped.He is looking deeply as what must come before another thing can appear on top of what came before it in the foundation of creation. 12 steps identified in astack. Well thought out.Wilberts stack helps me understand how "perceived linear dimensions" can change with the density of field forces, frequency, etc. As Tempic field changes sodoes light velocity and curvature. However to alter it, there must be
field force
present to compress or stretch out in frequency. The background field is alreadypresent and being sustained as a force, on many layers.Time is "powered" by the source power of the universe, whatever that is. He sees it as a Tempic field force. The first one of three that are a motional
. This is where time must become present for all else to exist. At the 4th dimension on his stack. Where he gives us much more is to add the nexttwo, Electric and Magnetic field, for me quite unexpectedly at first.The pulse train we feel, and may be unaware of, is at the base of our time sense.
Conscious Perception within a Background Field
There was some deep mental work I did early on with magnetic fields and light. But where I ended up, was realizing that as more vibration comes into a smallerarea and perceives other vibration present, the intensity of perception increases, and conscious time changes in that area of space as a field. The bubblebecomes more dense to all passing through it, because all are connected in some way. This is the nature of a "light node."One person staring into space, compared to 5 or 6 in a circle staring at each other, exchanging words or creating one center. Finally a condensation of all theawareness present into matter, then gravity or attraction emerges from the center point of the shared perception as one field shared by all present becomes acoherent reality to all present.I was myself on a beam of light. As I approach other beams passing by me I could only see them approaching and I could not see them leaving me. It causedme to accelerate into a state of joy, but also offered a model for magnetism that makes sense to me. After the pass the intensity or sharing stops. The field you

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