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uplb perspective 9th ish

uplb perspective 9th ish

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Published by Mark

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Published by: Mark on Mar 12, 2009
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March 13, 2009
USC, Admin clarify Feb Fair issues
page 2
Deifying Hephaestus
page 7
Not just another EDSA
page 12
     L     A     Y     O     U     T
   S   A   L   V   A   T   O   R   R   E   D   E   V   I   N   C   E   O   L   A    Ñ   O    |
     P     H     O     T     O
    K   A   R   L   S   U   M   I   N   I   S   T   R   A   D   O
Diliman Dreamers
page 8
CEB withholdsofficial results
Due to election protests
Outgoing USC Chairperson CharisseBernadine Bañez tallies the numberof votes in arguabl one of the most
controversial USC-CSC elecons in
recent ears.
The Central Electoral Board (CEB) is yet to release the ofcial
results of the 2009 Universit Student Council (USC) and College
Student Council elections as the protests led by contending
political parties remains unsettled.
Composed of the College Secretaries, Student Organization and
Activities Division Head, Ofce of Student Affairs Director, USC and CSC
chairpersons or representatives and
UPLB Perspective 
editor in chief orrepresentative, the CEB is responsible for the conduct of the elections, as well as hearing of election-related protests.
SAKBAYAN Deputy Secretary-General Leo XL Fuentes led a
protest to the CEB, stating that SAKBAYAN found two black propagandamaterials in buildings around the campus titled “Fusebox” and “Bakithindi dapat iboto ang SAKBAYAN?” last Feb. 25 and 26. According to
the USC-CSC election guidelines, “Black propaganda materials areprohibited and subject to conscation.”
Copies of “Fusebox,” which attacked candidates from both parties ina satiric way, were found scattered around the campus. The “Fusebox,”
although claiming to be the “Opsiyal na Okray Station ng Yuelvi. Kabog.
Sabog. Bugbog.” was unsigned.Another black propaganda material “Bakit hindi dapat iboto angSAKBAYAN?” released by the Save the Youth against Communism and
 Terrorism and which labeled eight student leaders such as outgoing USCChairperson Charisse Bernadine Bañez, USC Chairperson-elect PamelaPangahas and others as communists and terrorists, were disseminated
in the campus.Bañez said, “Sa pinaka-esensya, hindi niya (black propaganda)tinatalakay ‘yung pangkabuuan na layunin ng isang eleksyon sa loob ngpamantasan, which is propaganda education”.She stressed that a propaganda should raise issues that would pushstudents to participate in the elections and not stir confusion amongthem.
 The protest led by SAKBAYAN also covered BUKLOD’s one-half 
lengthwise sample ballot, which allegedly violated the election guideline which states that “only sample ballots of the size should not exceed onefourth of a bond paper….”
Paul John Barrosa, BUKLOD-UPLB candidate for USC councilor,led a protest asking for the disqualication of all SAKBAYAN candidatesafter the party distributed yers titled “Strengthen our unity, Onward with our struggles” on Feb. 25 and “Biguin ang PampulitikangPanunupil” on Feb. 26. The yers contain SAKBAYAN’s clarication on
the allegations stated in the said black propaganda.
Similarly, Dr. Vivian Gonzales, Ofce of Student Affairs Director,
reported that SAKBAYAN allegedly violated the guidelines set by theCEB to campaign only up to Feb. 24. Gonzales also submitted a sworn
statement regarding her confrontation with Fuentes about the yers.Barrosa also led a protest against Bañez asking the CEB to inhibit
her from participating in all its proceedings because of her ‘gross lack of 
professionalism and objectivity during the actual conduct of the USC-CSC Election.’  The CEB counted as violations the release of SAKBAYAN’s yers andBUKLOD’s sample ballot.Meanwhile, Barrosa’s protest against Bañez was dismissed by theCEB since the elections require the presence of the USC chairperson.
Nikko Angelo Oribiana and Estel Lenwi Estropia
UPLB Perspective
March 13, 2009
A Staff Regent (StR)from the ranks of Research,Extension and ProfessionalStaff (REPS) and administrative
staff (AS) sector will be the new
addition to the Board of Regents(BOR), the highest polic-
making body in UP.
Section 12h of the UP Charter
of 2008 states that the Staff Regent shall represent two sectors,
the full-time REPS and AS, for two
 years. The StR will be elected in asystem-wide selection on March31 by the two sectors he or she will represent.
As per the new UP Charter,
the BOR composition will nowinclude 11 regents, three of which will represent community sectorsof the university: the Student,Faculty and the Staff Regent.Dr. Daniel Mendoza, president
of UPLB Research, Extension andProfessional Staff Association(REPSA) supports the inclusion
of an StR who would look out fortheir welfare.Mendoza added that issuesregarding their promotions and
the equality among employees of 
the university may be given moreattention by the BOR through theStR.However, Erick Vernon Dy, a
member of REPSA, said through
a text message that most of the
REPS still prefer having a REPS
regent as “a representative whoreally knows their plight.” The guidelines for the StRselection were crafted by a SystemAd Hoc Committee, which iscomposed of representatives of recognized organizations from
REPS and AS in UP.
Nominees should haverendered ten years of service in theuniversity with at least three yearsof membership to any recognized
REPS or AS organization.
 The selection process willstart at the constituent universitylevel with the nomination from
REPS and AS sectors, followed by
selection through election of threenominees. The top three nominees will then proceed to the system- wide, secret ballot election wherethe nominee who will get the
highest votes from the REPS and
AS will be declared Staff Regent. The results of the StR election
 will then be submitted to UPPresident Emerlinda Roman for
appointment by April 8. The election for theconstituent university level in
UPLB is slated on March 13 where
6 precincts will be designatedin the campus. Nominees forthe constituent university levelare Amorsolo Alcantara of theOrganization of Non-academic
Personnel in UP (ONAPUP), ZosimoDimaculangan of ONAPUP, LeniGarcia of UP System Assemblyand Alexis Mejia of All UP WorkersUnion.
Estel Lenwi Estropia
REPS, admin staff toselect first Staff Regent
YOUr ThUmbmark hErE.
A sheer drop from the historic 70.54 percent voter turnout last September council
elecons, this year’s 38.82 percent turnout might indicate students’ disillusionmentwith the ‘dirty’ polical conficts that mar the recently concluded elecons
USC, admin clarify Feb Fair issues
As the Universit StudentCouncil (USC), together withstudent organizations, worked
in pushing for the celebrationof February Fair (Feb Fair), thedisagreement between the USC and
the administration regarding the
conduct of Feb Fair left the USCwith difculties in organizing the
 The Centennial Feb Fairtransformed into a protest fair as the
administration’s late approval of the
event resulted in various problems for
the USC, which almost delayed the
conduct of the Feb Fair.
Last Feb. 9 and 10, theadministration ordered theCommunity Support Brigade(CSB) to check the receipts of theconcessionaires as proof of their
payments to the USC.
Members of the CSB barred someof the concessionaires from setting up
stalls at Freedom Park, while other
vendors were stopped and were forced
to show their receipts right at the UP
Meanwhile, the Ofce of 
the Chancellor (OC) releasedMemorandum No. 1 Series 2009last Feb. 10 stating that “Feb Fair
concessionaires are required to
register with the Business Affairs
Ofce (BAO) as per implementingrules and regulations set by the USC.”
 The memorandum further stated
that concessionaires should pay P2,000 for space rental and P 1,000 for
other utilities.BAO Director FaustinoArienda said that after the dialoguebetween the administration andthe concessionaires held at the OC,Chancellor Luis Rey Velasco pulledout the provision regarding thepayment of the abovementioned fees.
However, Velasco requestedArienda to monitor the USC on properhandling of funds by requiring the
vendors to get permit from the BAO.Maricris Cynthia Ariz delosSantos, Finance Committee Head of 
Feb Fair and USC Councilor said,
“hindi included sa rules namin
(USC) ang pagpapa-register ng mga
concessionaires sa BAO.”Conchita Nuñez, a FebFair concessionaire, said shethought everything regarding theirparticipation in the Feb Fair has been
settled between them and the USC
 weeks before the fair. She said she was surprised by the memorandum
released by the OC on the rst day of 
the fair.
Delos Santos said she, USC
Chairperson Charisse BernadineBañez and FebFair Ad Hoc CommitteeHead Aira Olivia Garcia were
Katrina Elauria
 The CEB decided to hold rst
the proclamation of winners in theelections except for those underindependent parties until all protestsare resolved. The CEB is yet to discussthe unresolved protests and the resultof the election on March 13.
Ligaya Vanessa Enriquez of BUKLOD-UPLB led an election
protest moving for a recount inthe College of Arts and Sciencesprecincts because one of thevolunteer allegedly did not readthe names of all candidates from
BUKLOD written on ballots even
if the names are spelled correctly,and at one instance the volunteerallegedly misread the votes. Also,
Enriquez claims that the counting
of ballots in the said precinctsstarted without administrativevolunteers and the counted ballotslack signatures of representativesfrom any administrationpersonnel.
Similarly three BUKLOD
candidates for College of Development Communication-
College Student Council requested
for a recount in their college asthe absence of voting procedure isallegedly evident in cases wherevoters listed thirteen Collegecouncilors instead of only ten,thus the votes for the last threecouncilors in the ballots werenot counted. Also, the precinctallegedly does not provide privacy
to voters as required by the
CEB and counting of ballots stillcontinued even if the numberof ballots did not tally with themaster list.
 The Feb. 25 to 26 USC-CSC
elections turnout dropped to 38.82percent as compared with theprevious elections and plebiscitelast semester that recorded a70.54 percent turnout, the highestsince post-Martial Law period in
the UP system.
Bañez said the elections aresupposedly held for studentsto know more about issuesconcerning them and to be able tochoose leaders who will serve theirinterests.Furthermore, Bañez said,“Hindi siya (election) ‘yungpagpili ng mga personahe, massiya (election) sa mas mulat napartisipasyon ng mga estudyantekung saan sila (mga estudyante)mismo ‘yung may alam sarason kung bakit kailangan ngpartisipasyon nila,” she said.
Bañez added that “the USC
had been busy in campaigningfor the CRSRS, organizing for theFebruary Fair and spearheading
the USC-CSC election that is why we (USC) lacked on inviting
students to participate in theelections.”
SAKBAYAN dominates USCNewly-elected USC ofcials
cannot yet assume position. The
outgoing USC is on hold over
capacity until the declaration of the
ofcial results of the elections (see
Pamela Pangahas won
over Calayag as chairperson while Odraude Alub won overCarlo Cruz as vice chairperson.
SAKBAYAN dominates the USC
 with nine councilors while only
one councilor from BUKLODmade it to the USC.
Feb Fair...
Pangahas, Pamela Angelie (S)
Calayag, Ernest Francis (B)
Alub, Odraude (S)
Cruz, Carlo (B)
Aguihon, Bhen (S)Dumlao, Luntian (S)Berris, Joseph (S)Zuñiga, Elvis Gerald (S)Carlos, Maria Elena (S)Burgonio, Faith Jov (S)Pason, Bonifacio (S)Aao, Angelo (S)Barrosa, Paul John (B)
Quiambao, Severino (S)
Ferraren, John Michael (S)
Calderon, Maria Camille (B)
Villegas, Wylee (B) Jovellano, Marlem Elect (B)Santos, Pamelyn (B)
Table 1. Full unofcial results of the 2009 USC-CSC elections.
 b   i     l     l     b   o a r  d  
Nagpapasalamat ang Textbook Exchange andRental Center kina G. at Gng. Celestino “Boy“Pisigan/IH Dorm Manager sa ibinigay na P 1,000.00pambili ng libro para sa mga estudyante, gayundinkay Gng. Remedios Parala, concessionaire ngPurefoods Hotdog, na nag-donate ng P 500.00.
UPLB Perspective
March 13, 2009
Christian Escudero,DevCom ‘08, has experiencedvisiting the Scholarship andFinancial Assistance Division(SFAD) almost ever da fora month last semester withhopes of receiving his refund.
Ignoring his parents’ advice
to enroll in a private universitythey could afford rather than
in UP, he was glad that he was
transferred to Bracket C from what was initially marked asBracket B in his Form 5, butthe reimbursement process hasalready cost him a lot of time andeffort.He would again undergothe long and tedious applicationprocess and he worries becausethe money he gets back is still
insufcient for next semester’s
By June 2009, however, the
administration is set to onceagain rebracket the Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance
Program (STFAP).With this, Christian,including thousands of UP
students who have to bear with the 300 percent Tuitionand other Fees Increase (ToFI),
 wonder: Will the rebracketingnally help?
Last January, the two-
member committee composed of 
Prof. Edgardo Atanacio and Prof.Emmanuel Esguerra of the UP
Diliman College of Engineeringand College of Economics,
respectively, submitted to UPPresident Emerlinda Romanthe review of the current STFAP
alphabetic bracketing scheme. The review has an objectiveof being able to “expand the
coverage of benets under theSTFAP without compromising theProgram’s basic principle, which
is to allow those who can paymore to do so, while ensuringthat the state subsidy is targeted
towards poor students of UP” andmaking STFAP more “responsive
to present conditions”. Thereview is in accordance with
Roman’s administrative order
last November.In an email, Roman
conrmed that the UP
administration is hoping to“implement the rebracketing
proposal in June this year.”
“This will cover all those whohave been covered by the tuitionadjustment (ToFI) - thereforeall those who came in starting2007 either as new students ortransferees,” she said. 
 The review committeeproposed four options that can
be used as bases for the STFAP
rebracketing. Among these,Atanacio and Esguerra stronglyrecommended option 4
(see sidebars) 
.In the present alphabetic
STFAP, a student’s family income
 would determine his bracketamong brackets A to E. BracketA has the highest tuition rate
of P1,500 to P1,000 per unit
depending on campus whileBracket E has a 100- percent
tuition fee discount and a P
12,000 per semester stipend.Student Regent ShahanaAbdulwahid said though there would be more students who
could avail STFAP because of the
split Bracket E option, this isstill not an assurance that it can
help majority of UP students.Records of SFAD as of rst
semester of 2008 show that out
of 1,623 grantees of STFAP inUPLB, only 4.56 percent, or 74
students are under Bracket E, while 64.81 percent or 1,042students are in Bracket C.
 The Ofce of the Student
Regent is currently studying thecommittee report and will updatethe ToFI policy review initiated
during SR James Mark TerryRidon’s term.
In an interview in an ABS-CBN News Channel program lastDecember, Roman admitted that
Rogene Gonzales with reportsfrom Estel Lenwi Estropia
Admin seeks to rebracket STFAP
Comparison of proposed rebracketing to current STFAP
·Bracket E will be split into E1 and E2 and will entail fulltuition and other fees discount, but only students in E2 shall
receive the P12,000 per semester stipend.
·The upper limit of Bracket E2 shall be adjustedperiodically according to the official poverty threshold, but
must not be lower than P80,000.
·Family income base for determining Bracket C students
 would be raised from P 135,001 to P 250,000.
·Family income base for determining Bracket D students
 would be raised from P 80,001 to P 135,001.
* Recommended option for STFAP rebracketing by the review committee ** Groups I comprises of Diliman, Manila and Los Baños while Group II includes Baguio,Mindanao, San Fernando and Visayas.Source: Report and Recommendations of the Committee to Review the Current STFAP Income Ranges and Brackets by Prof. Edgardo Atanacio and Prof. Emmanuel Esguerra 
OPTIONS BASED ON FAMILy INCOMEAP1,500/P1,000BP1,000/P600CP600/P400DP300/P200
D2Free tuitionbut with other fees
EFree tuitionwith P12,000 stipend
E1Free tuitionE2
Free tuition with P12,000
P135,001 toP500,000P80,001 toP135,000
 Less than
P250,001 toP500,000P100,001 toP250,000
 Less than
Option 1CurrentOption 2Split C andRaise E ceilingOption 3Split C andExpand D
P250,001 toP500,000P150,001 toP250,000P100,001 toP150,000P250,001 toP 500,000P135,001 toP250,000
P80,001 toP135,000
Less than
Option 4*Split C andExpand E
Greater th
an P1,000,000P500,001 to P1,000,000
Bracket andtuition per unit
(Group I/II) **
Rock music of various
 bands, the sounds of speakers
and the cheers of studentswere heard even from afar.Swarms of people hustled in
the Freedom Park to bask in
the festive atmosphere of this
year’s Feb Fair.
Who would have thought
this yearly activity would nothave been possible just afew days ago? The students,through collective action, hadto protest just for this Feb Fairto continue. Iskolars ng Bayan were able to fight for this right,
 which reflects this year’s Feb
Fair theme, “RAGE generation:Reliving and Reaffirming
the Legacy of UPLB Student
Last Feb. 9, 50organizations held a picket-dialogue in front of the
administration building. Withan air of agitation, University
Student Council ChairpersonCharisse Bernardine Bañezannounced that the Feb Fair
 will be a Protest Fair. Around
300 students, in protest to
administration’s strict policiesfor the event, barricaded the UP
gate. The protest paved the wayfor the continuation of the FebFair even without the assistancefrom the administration. This is what the studentshad done during the Marcosdictatorship. Marcos curtaileddemocracy through abolishingorganizations, closing downthe student councils and thepublication all over the country.Students then conducted a
Protest Fair as an expression
of dissent against assaults onhuman rights. The Feb Fair,during that time, was held everySeptember. 
 The five-day Feb Fairevent exposed students torealizations and calls to actionregarding issues inside andoutside the campus. Theseinclude repression of right toinformation and assembly, the
farmer’s right to own a land, the
abduction of activists and theplight of people in Sitio Kabute.Klarence Orjalo, BA
Sociology, ’08 said, “mas naging
mataas ‘yung level ng akingpagiging aware sa mga issuesdito sa ating unibersidad patina rin iyong mga issues sa labas[ng university] at mas nagkaroonako ng initiative na parang masalamin ang tungkol doon [sa mgaissues].”For Rocky, not his real name,
BS Applied Physics, ’01, said
there was not much differencebetween Feb Fair this year and
the previous years. When asked if 
it has impact to him and to otherstudents, he said “Meron perohindi ganung kalaki ang impactsa mga estudyante na hindiaware sa mga issues.”Denise Lachica, BS
Veterinary Medicine, ’08, said“Bitin, kasi ve days dapat, nung
 Tuesday hindi masabi kung iyongevent ba ay matutuloy o hindi
dahil hindi sure kung ofcial.
Kung mas maaga, nakapag-enjoypa sana.”
 The Feb Fair served as avenue for students to knowdifferent issues.
Nikko Caringal with reports fromKris Loren Dula
When asked what is theessence of Feb Fair, USC
Chairperson Charisse BernadineBañez said, “Isa siyang [Feb Fair]mechanism para makatulong sapagpapataas ng pampulitikangkamulatan ng mga estudyantesa pinakamadaling paraan natatanggapin nila.” The Feb Fair exhibitednumerous shows andpresentations in line with itstheme. Famous bands likeItchyworms and BrownmanRevival performed. Many studentsand organizations supportedStar in Carillon, Gorgeous 20and Class Distraction. TheKabute Kids sang a song withlyrics about their lives and theinjustices committed by the Arroyoadministration as part of thesocial and political presentations.Representatives from differentpolitical groups such asAnakpawis gave a brief talk aboutthe situation of workers in presentand called for actions to help thesepeople.Ka Hermie, Chairperson of Organized Labor in Agricultureand Line Industries Associationsaid, “Baguhin, bawiin natin angsistemang mapagsamantala, angsistemang hindi gumagalang sa taosa kapwa tao sa kasalukuyang
sistema sa ating lipunan. Ito’y
Students assess centennial feb fair
NIghT Of ragE.
An excited crowd dances along with various music of bands that were showcased inthe Centennial Februar Fair.

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