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A Break Through

A Break Through

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Published by slggrm7
Dream I had envolving demons.
Dream I had envolving demons.

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Published by: slggrm7 on Mar 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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March 11, 2009 A Break through
Last night I had a dream I was living in my Aunts house. It wasn’t anormal house, at least for me. They seemed to be gone on a trip andI was in charge of the house. Although it always felt like I was alwaystrying to protect the home. It was nearly sundown. People werethroughout the house and I did not want them there. I had a badfeeling. The house was not the same as it is today. It was veryspacious and seemed as if it went in a circle. As I was trying to getall the guest to leave I followed some around to what seemed to belike a spooky dungeon or a cave. I walked along the hard, dark, dirt-filled ground. It was pitch black. The only light was hanging from theceiling swaying back and forth. I remember something telling me if Iwere to walk through the hall I would be possessed but I did itanyway.As I was walking I noticed a door to my left, faded white incolor with a grey sign on it that read “Electric Room”. I was alwaysscared to go in there. There was no light and I felt it was a hide outor a room meant for evil. I noticed that the door was open andthought one of the guests might have been in there… I continued towalk the hall.The path led me to the outside to the backyard. Amazingly itwas still light outside. As I looked to my right I saw an evil spirit or ademon. It actually looked like a man dressed in a complete sniperuniform. If you’ve ever played Call of Duty 4 it looks exactly like thesniper but for some reason it came off as an evil entity. It mighthave been because he was hovering across the ground… My phonewas vibrating. I was telling my sister, Lauren, the situation and notto let any people including my Aunt and Uncle to come over. Sheclaimed that I was crazy and that I was seeing things again. I lookedto see if I could still see the being but he was gone. I began to walk quickly to the front yard and noticed right in front of me about 20yards was a demon. It was a woman with a green pigment to herskin. She had long thick hair dull in color I can’t describe it. Her hips/midsection were deformed. It looked as if they were not connectedto the bottom half. We sharply made eye contact. She gazed into myeyes trying to inflict fear. My first instinct was to run. Remembering Iwas still on the phone I told Lauren that I was going to prove it toher. “I have been dealing with this to many years” I exclaimed! Idecided to go face to face with the demon. If I die she’ll know whyI’m dead and I’m not crazy. Starring in her eyes I walked angrily. I

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