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"VOCATION HITCH-HIKING™. . . or taking whatever job that happens to come your way." -Version2.0, by Michael Iva

"VOCATION HITCH-HIKING™. . . or taking whatever job that happens to come your way." -Version2.0, by Michael Iva



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Published by Michael Iva
Michael Iva says™
Michael Iva says™

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Published by: Michael Iva on Mar 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VOCATION HITCH-HIKING™. . . or taking whatever job that happens to come your way.
-Version2.0, by Michael Iva
• Your parents suggest that you pursue something to make them proud, or comfortable, or something they wish theycould havedone (without consideration of your aptitude or desire).Your friends were doing it, so why shouldn’t you?• You hear that other people were successful at doing something; so if others could do it, you could too.• You just settle for whatever is easy and available.• It seemed like the best thing for you to do at the time.• It was an offer you couldn’t refuse.• You just fell into it.• You thought you could make a lot of money doing it.• You thought it would be cool, or prestigious, or the ‘in-thing’ to do.• You had to make a living doing something, and this seemed as good a way as any.You were at the wrong place at the right time, and took what appeared to be an opportunity.
You just wasted one third of the rest of your lifetime.Many people seem to look for jobs with less of a future and more of a present. They do not know there is a hugedifference between the jobs they want, and the jobs they deserve (or earn), or what type of job is the right job for them.People do not seem to understand that all worldly success depends on serving and pleasing others. Everyone has toserve someone to be successful. No one can profit just because they think they deserve to, others have to think so too.Most people rarely do what comes naturally, or what is right for them to do because of their innate talents, aptitudes,and skills. How happy and fulfilled can you be if you are doing something that is not what you should be doing…something that is boring…something that does not fit your point of view, and mindset and interests and talents andskills and aptitudes?You can’t be! So, put your thumb back in your fist, and find your vocation the correct way
. . .
Look deep inside yourself and honestly answer the below questions, briefly, with the first thing that comes to mind.Once answered, your decision has unknowingly and already been made, for you, by you. You have just decided on the best vocation for you to pursue:• What is truly fun for you to do? _________________________________________________________________________ • What do you really love to do? _________________________________________________________________________ 
• What brings you pleasure when you do it? ________________________________________________________________ • What is interesting to do? _____________________________________________________________________________ • What do you enjoy doing? _____________________________________________________________________________ • What are you really good at? _________________________________________________________ 
• What is your passion? _______________________________________________________________ 
What are your answers to these questions? List them all and the reasons why. (Are any or all of your answers basicallythe same? Do you know why? Because it is your passion.)Once you have identified your basic answer, figure out how to prepare yourself to pursue it. Turn you aptitude andinnate talent into a practiced skill via training, practice, education, continuous- on- going- education; figuring out alongthe way how to properly commercialize it so you know how you can make a living by doing it.Remember, nothing is going to be easy, it takes time, and no one is going to look for you, or come to you. You mustseek whatever you want in life out. No one else can do this for you. You will need dreams, hope, faith, resiliency, and persistence to keep your passion alive. You will also need discipline, will, desire, resolve, and consistency to find whatyou want to get.You can't beat fun for having a good time; or as a vocation, a way to earn your living.Yet fun can also be a serious pursuit, like being in the correct vocation. Believe me, you’ll love making a living fromdoing something that is fun to do.People who love what they do are highly motivated by their desire and enthusiasm. This will lead them to be morecreative in bettering themselves and their output. They will enjoy their job more, and will be motivated to do more thanothers, and will consequently do it better. Work, well done to the best of your ability is one of the most gratifying of allhuman experiences. The contentment found in your true vocation spreads to everything else you do and every other aspect of your life.Your future employers or clients can hire brains and experience, but character and passion is something you mustsupply. Being the right person for the right job is hard for a prospective employer or client to ignore.So do what comes naturally to you. Go with the flow nature gave to you, that special something that was given to youto help you survive and prosper.Most people work just because it's a job. They never followed their heart. Their job supports their entire life style andeverything in it. Their job occupies too much of their time to be hated. Yet people who dread their work are leadingtragic lives.However, when you do what you love, you love what you do.People who love what they do are happy. The only joy most people ever get from a lifetime of work is stopping at theend of the day. The least they could do is loved what they do for a living. What a pity more people do not understandthis principle, “follow your bliss, to find who you are, and what you should do with yourself.”In other words…the simple formula for finding the most successful vocation for you is:
Honor your path,

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Michael Iva says: “Discovering your life’s passion and turning it into your vocation is not about finding out what you want to become, it is about finally understanding who you really are.”
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