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Open Innovation: Rx for Improved Human Health

Open Innovation: Rx for Improved Human Health



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John Wilbanks of Science Common explains how the principles of Open Innovation, that encapsulates the power of the informed user to drive innovation in new product design, can transform the field of human health.
John Wilbanks of Science Common explains how the principles of Open Innovation, that encapsulates the power of the informed user to drive innovation in new product design, can transform the field of human health.

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Published by: The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation on Mar 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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consists of 
what everybody has seenand
what nobodyhas
KAUFFMAN Thoughtbook
E x c E r p t f r o m
Fourth in an ongoing series, the
Kauffman Thoughtbook 2009 
captures what we arethinking, learning, and discovering about education, entrepreneurship, and advancinginnovation. This collection of more than forty essays is written by the talented KauffmanFoundation associates, partners, and experts who are pursuing the principles and visionset by our founder, Ewing Kauffman.REQUEST YOUR COMPLIMENTARY COPY AT
©2008 by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. All rights reserved.
Ope Iovtio:
Rxor Iproved H Helth
John WIlBanKS
Vice Presidet, Sciece Cmms prject t Cretive Cmms
It’s  ter beig sed  lot these dys.Ope iovtio (OI) ecpsltesthe power o the iored ser to drive iovtio i ew prodct desig.It ebles sers to bild ew prodcts tht sit theselves, s opposed toctrers, which develop ew prodcts or prot.This shit to ser-drive iovtio leds to explosive growth i prodctsd etres i disciplies rgig ro “Thredless,”  coity o t-shirtdesigers d byers, to  grop o egieers bildig the best kite-srg kitso the rket. I ech re where it is observed, OI deocrtizes iovtioprocesses—shitig eoros cotrol to the ser—d hs explosive powerwhe cobied with digitl coictios etworks.Thredless epitoizes these eleets o OI. This coity o people lovesshirts, ro desigig the, to byig the, to tlkig bot the. Thosdso Thredless sers sped their ree tie cretig t-shirt desigs—rtistic, y,iroic, textl, visl—d sbittig those desigs i stdrd orts, ree o chrge, to the grop’s Web-bsed or or votig by the other sers. Wiigdesigs re prited i liited qtities, the de vilble or sle bck tothe coity. The copy behid the process kes  tidy prot by dit o 
Excerpt ro
Kauffman Thoughtbook 2009
. ©2008 by the Ewig mrio K odtio. all rights reserved.
79- Ope Iovtio -
cretig d itiig the coity throgh trst d trsprecy, bt theiovtio d desig hppe t the ser level, ot the ctrer level.This ser epoweret is recpitlted i other geres, icldig cotet, withthe dvet o biqitos digitl sic d photogrphy, d eve i egieerigelds like robotics d terils sciece.a odtio or Ope IovtioOpe iovtio is’t  “trl” otcoe o digitl systes d sers, however.It sits o  set o pre-coditios, detl irstrctrl eleets tht llowOI to eerge i soe systes ster th i others.OI strts with iteroperble iortio d low trsctio costs. Digitl cotetis  good exple: We se it eortlessly tody. Thik bot tkig  digitl pictreo yor Cpe Cod vctio d sedig it to  Web-bsed photo-shrig site soyor ily i other stte c see yorzig view o the wter. It’s esy. Yoc eve do it sig yor phoe.This ese is possible or two key resos:irst, ost digitl cers prodcestdrd le orts tht ost coptersc red, iplte, d plod;d secod, there re essetilly o ees iposed o cer sers s they red,iplte, d plod les—or o the sers who view the pictres o the Web.The pictres represet iteroperble iortio vilble t low trsctio costs.ad they reslt i eve ore iovtios: ser-creted cledrs, pictre books,postge stps, d eve ore t-shirts.
OI deocrtizesiovtio processes—shitig eoros cotrolto the ser—d hsexplosive power whecobied with digitlcoictios etworks.

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