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NewConstruction Incentive

NewConstruction Incentive

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Published by Genability
Commercial New Construction
Commercial New Construction

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Genability on Mar 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pre-Notification Process
Sure Bet New Construction Program Instructions and Guidelines2013
Southern Territory Rate Schedules:Northern Territory Rate Schedules:
Program Eligibility
The program is available to applicants that purchase qualified energy efficiency measures and have these measures installed in a facility or campus that receiveselectric distribution services from NV Energy. The facility must have at least one meter on one of the rate schedules listed below. Customers served under other rate classes can only apply with authorization from the NV Energy Program Manager.
Projects should have an estimated total incentive greater than $250OGS-TOUGS-2IS-2LGS-1GS-2-TOULGS-3GS-3OLGS-1OGS-1-TOULGS-2OGS-2-TOU
Application Process - Projects must be completed between January 1, 2013 and November 15, 2013
1. Submit Transmittal, Project Information & appropriate Technology Forms. (Please fill out Project Information first to populate similar cellsin transmittal form.)2. Obtain a Consent to Progress Letter and continue with project constructionLGS-XGS-4
*See Sure Bet Policies and Procedures for details.
 A Pre-notification Application is required for all projects. Failure to submit a Pre-Notification Application may result in rejection of the application.
Pre-Notification Application Parts:1. Transmittal & Project Information Form (Please fill out Project Information first to populate similar cells in the Transmittal Form)3. Funding will be reserved as new construction measures are confirmed4. Submit Final Technology Forms with Project Completion Agreement, Third Party Agreement if needed and invoices after completion of project5. Provide documentation as directed6. Receive incentive payment within 4-6 weeks of Project Approval by NV Energy2. All appropriate Technology Forms3. All appropriate back up information such as manufacturer's specification sheets, W-9, data sheets, floor plan drawings, etc.
Fundin Reservation
¹DNV KEMA is under contract to NV Energy to implement the Sure Bet Commercial Incentive and New Construction Programs.
 All program details and all official Program updates will be posted on the Sure Bet Program website:http://www.nvenergy.com/surebetToll Free Hotline: 1-800-342-6335Fax Number: 702-216-2727
Revised 1/25/132013 Application, Version 2
Once the incentive measures have been completed, a Project Completion Agreement must be submitted within 30 days after the measures are installed andoperational. Failure to submit within 30 days could result in disqualification for the incentive. DNV KEMA¹ may request documentation from the applicant to verifymeasure eligibility and costs. Applicant should be prepared to provide a copy of a final invoice that provides sufficient itemization to assess which measures wereinstalled and the amount paid for the installed measures. Applicant should also provide copies and product specification sheets when necessary to prove that theinstalled equipment met the required specification for the incentive. Applicant should also expect to provide documentation on assumptions and calculationmethods used to estimate savings for custom incentive projects. DNV KEMA¹ reserves the right to request additional documentation as it deems necessary toverify eligibility, costs, and estimated savings.For every incentive requested, the appropriate Technology Form must be completed and submitted. Please remember to include all necessary supportingdocumentation including invoices and a signed Project Completion Agreement.
Project Completion Application Parts:1. Transmittal Form and Project Information Form (Please fill out Project Information first to populate similar cells in the Transmittal Form)
If funding for the incentive is currently available, applicants that submit acompleted Pre-notification Application will receive a Funding Reservation Letter that theproposed measures are likely to qualify for the proposed incentive. The Funding Reservation Letter may contain various conditions, such as a maximum incentiveamount and a time limit to complete the project. The letter does NOT guarantee, in any manner, that the proposed measures will be eligible for an incentive or thata specific incentive amount is guaranteed. The eligibility of each measure and the amount of incentive will be determined only after the Project Completion Application is submitted.
Project Completion Application Process 
Email: surebet@nvenergy.com
2. Signed Project Completion Agreement3. All appropriate Technology Forms4. All appropriate back up information i.e., invoices (see Sure Bet Policies for details needed), energy savings analysis, manufacturer's specificationsheets, data sheets, floor plan drawings, etc.5. Third Party Incentive Authorization Form, where applicable
Tiers & Limits
Tier 1 $0 - $100,000 = 100%Tier 2 $100,001 - $500,000 = 50%Tier 3 $500,001 - $1,000,000 = 20%Tier 4 $1,000,001 - Beyond = 10%
²Tiered incentives are calculated separately for the commercial retrofit and new construction programs, and separately for the NV Energy Southern and Northern service territories.
Sure Bet Program New Construction Instructions and Guidelines - Page 22013
Incentive Limits & Tiers
The total incentive paid for any application cannot exceed
50% of the total cost
of the new construction project. For projects that receive stimulus funds, thecombination of the funds received from the Sure Bet Program and the stimulus funding may not exceed the total project cost. Please see the Sure Bet Policies &Procedures for additional details.In addition to the above project cost limit, incentive payment rates vary when a customer or facility calculated incentive exceeds the tiers listed below in a calendar year. The tables below provide the incentive rates for each tier. Facilities or Customers do not avoid incentive adjustments by submitting multiple applications in acalendar year per program component per territory². The tables below show how the incentive adjustments will be applied.
Incentives are available for projects constructed to be a minimum of 10% better than the code under which the project was permitted. For projects permitted under IECC 2006, that code will define the baseline; for projects permitted under IECC 2009, that code will define the baseline. The Project Information Sheet in the Application has a block to identify the applicable code. Incentives will not be given for projects that are simply built to meet code requirements.Measurement and Verification (M&V) activities are a critical part of the energy conservation incentive process. This process allows NV Energy the ability to monitor the incentive activities to ensure that measures within a program are still cost effective and to continue to provide funding. As a condition of the programparticipation,
the customer agrees to allow NV Energy and its subcontractors to perform M&V activities
, that include but are not limited to; site inspections,spot measurements and the installation of data loggers for up to five (5) years after the project has been completed.The customer acknowledges that the energy efficiency credits that may result from the energy efficiency measures for which the rebate is paid inures to the benefitof the utility for compliance with the State of Nevada’s renewable energy portfolio standard. Credits referenced here refer to the Portfolio Energy Credits authorizedunder the Renewable Energy Act in the Nevada Revised Statutes, chapter 704, sections 7801 through 7828 (NRS 704.7801-.7828). Owners still retain ownershipof environmental credits, other tax benefits, or other credits not specifically created under NRS 704.7801 - .7828.
Internal Labor 
Internal labor costs can only be added to determine the total project cost for certain work that is performed and with the following limitations:For measures which involve simple lighting lamp conversion, such as removal of an incandescent lamps and replacement of an alternative lamp or conversion of aT-8 lamp to a lower wattage T8 lamp with no ballast change,
no internal labor costs can be used.
 All program details and all official Program updates will be posted on the Sure Bet Program website:http://www.nvenergy.com/surebetToll Free Hotline: 1-800-342-6335Fax Number: 702-216-2727
Revised 1/25/132013 Application, Version 2
 For measures which involve significantly more than just a lamp replacement or measures involving HVAC, Commercial Kitchen, Refrigeration or other non-lightingequipment being installed or replaced, the internal labor cost claimed cannot exceed 25% of the total documented project cost. The total documented project costincludes materials, shipping, tax, equipment rental, external (contracted) labor, or any other costs associated with the project for which the customer receives andpays an invoice. If the submitted internal labor cost is greater than 25% of the total documented project cost, only 25% of the documented project cost will beallowed. The 25% limit is the maximum that is allowed, the actual cost to be used will be based on the documentation of labor costs (hours spend and hourly rate)provided by the customer. The Sure Bet staff will have the final decision on whether the measure qualifies for the 25% limit. Please see the current Policies andProcedure Manual for additional examples.
Email: surebet@nvenergy.com
Tell us about yourself:
Please Check if Applicable
Prescriptive Lighting - 25% Better than IECC 2006/2009
Projected Completion Date:
Tell us about your project:
Prescriptive Lighting - 10% Better than IECC 2006/2009 
 Applicant Telephone Number:
Please fill out the Technology Forms FIRST to populate the incentive values.
Please fill out the Project Information & Technology Form Tabs FIRST to populate similar cells
 Applicant Mailing Address:Project Address:Project Name:Application Date: Applicant Contact Name:Applicant Business Name:
Sure Bet New Construction Program Transmittal2013
New Construction Technology Forms - Click on the form below to go directly to that tabin the application.
Project Information Form (Required For All Projects)Third Party Incentive Authorization Form
Revised 1/25/13--
Whole Building Based Incentives Prescriptive South Cooling and Miscellaneous
Fax Number: 702-216-2727Email: surebet@nvenergy.com
Total Incentive for New Construction Application
Toll-Free Hotline: 1-800-342-6334
Prescriptive Commercial Kitchen & RefrigerationPerformance Based Incentives
Complete program details and all official Program updates will be posted on the Sure Bet Program website: http://www.nvenergy.com/surebet
, --____________________ 

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