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Warn to File Suit

Warn to File Suit

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Published by tricia_mezzacappa

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Published by: tricia_mezzacappa on Mar 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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March 25, 2013Dear Mr. Orloski, (2nd warning via email)Regarding the blog of your client who has no restraint, cannot contain his hatred,and continues to have me fearing for my life:I dont appreciate being defamed while defamation lawsuits and counterclaims areall pending.I dont appreciate being accused of the crime of filing false police reportsI dont appreciate being accused of threatening to kill people because a poorly runand poorly managed Borough does not want to share public recordsI don't appreciate the multitudes of repeat blogs accusing me of being a racistI dont appreciate being called a nut job and a mentally ill patient (among othermaleveolent names) with a vendetta against West Easton Borough President KellyGross.I don't appreciate being accused of not worthy to carry a firearm, and depicted asunstable "nutjob" who will "kill us all" ( as well as dozens of other colorfulaccusations that I am a "time bomb", etc)I don't appreciate being accused of impersonating peopleI dont appreciate being blamed for writing "God Hates Fags" and othercomments,that spam this blog.I don't appreciate service of legal documents by hand at my homewhen you know that I want you and your client NO WHERE NEAR MYPROPERTY.Your lack of a postmark on service of legal papers has been reported to the USPostal Inspector . It is against the law for unauthorized persons to place items inmail boxes. Your genuine game playing with service of documents will hopefullycause your action to be dismissed, among other causes.If you do not delete these objectionable posts, then you, your client, Kelly Gross,Tom Nodoline and Tim Jones will all face counterclaims as this matter continues incourt.Consider yourselves warned. This blog post has been copied and placed in first

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