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Country Facts

Country Facts

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Published by robotinthebackroom
10 Country Facts!
10 Country Facts!

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Published by: robotinthebackroom on Mar 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Country Facts: A Town Mouse
s Guide!
The countryside has long been a source of fascination to writers, artists and other
How do you manage?
they demand, unable to comprehend how you canexist without a multiplex/Primark/Currys etc. If it 
s not a
vanished world
of the kinddepicted by Wordsworth or Laurie Lee, it 
s the seemingly sweet cover for skulduggery,as in the tremendously popular
Midsomer Murders
series. That small area is so crimeridden, it 
s a wonder it wasn
t razed to the ground long ago.As somebody who
s lived in both- in the back of beyond as well as the city- I find it oddbut endearing. So in honour of these people who can
t cope without their daily latte, Igive you ... Country Facts!
Despite the majority of Brits living within towns, there are a disproportionatenumber of books, TV series and films set within grand country houses. Think of Downton Abbey, the current flagship of this trend;
Brideshead Revisited, TheRemains of the Day 
are all critically acclaimed novels later turnedinto big movies, the house playing a prominent role. They
re fantastic settings forthrillers and ghost stories- who can forget Manderley from
or the ghost infested Bly from
The Turn of the Screw 
Whether you
re intending to live in the countryside full time or just pay a visit,make sure you observe the Countryside Code. This series of rules andregulations, beginning in the 1950s as the Country Code, offers common senseadvice about things as miscellaneous as tidying away your litter and keepingyour dogs under control. Second nature, you might think- but not to everybody.
often regard farming as a one size fits all activity. In actual fact thereare numerous types of farming across the UK, dependent on factors such as soiltype, weather and flatness/steepness of the land. The chief kinds are arable(growing crops and cereals), pastoral (breeding and rearing livestock),horticulture (flowers, fruits and vegetables) and viticulture (grapes).
Sheepdog trials, where dogs competitively herd sheep around a course, havebeen running throughout the world for decades. The very first sheep dog trialswere held in Wanaka, New Zealand in 1867.
If anybody is regarded as a countryside laureate, it 
d have to be James Herriot,whose tales of the life and times of a country vet captivated millions of readers.The series was a phenomenon: not only has the original practice featured in thestories been turned into a museum, and the books televised, but a diesel train
running past the areas described in the stories was named James Herriot in hishonour.6)
Foxhunting has thankfully been outlawed in the UK as of 2004, though it 
s stillpractised in Australia, France and the US. Oscar Wilde summed up the pointless,brutal
the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable.
If you say
landscape painting
, chances are most people will think of the EnglishRomantic painter John Constable. Despite being one of the best loved Britishartists, he only sold 20 pictures within his lifetime. He lovingly recreatedDedham Vale on his canvases; the area
s been known as
Constable Country
If you ever capture a squirrel, tread carefully. If it 
s a red squirrel, it 
s anendangered species and thus protected under UK law; it 
s an offence tointentionally kill or injure one. On the other hand, the grey squirrel is regardedas an invasive non-native species and a pest. It 
s illegal to rerelease a greysquirrel into the wild or allow one to escape- if you ever catch one, you areexpected to humanely dispose of it.9)
A cow can only produce milk once she has calved; they produce the most milk at around forty to sixty days after calving. The amounts involved are mind boggling:the average American dairy cow produces approximately 9164.4 kg (or20,204 lbs) a year.10)
Many parts of the English countryside have their own unique dialect, the West Country dialects being probably the best known. Thanks to the West Countrynative Robert Newton
s performance in the 1950 film of 
Treasure Island 
, theaccent has become indelibly associated in the popular imagination with pirates!

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