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Chair Essay

Chair Essay

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An idea that makes the reader think about what really defines a chair. Or, for that matter, anything.
An idea that makes the reader think about what really defines a chair. Or, for that matter, anything.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Michael James McConnell on Mar 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Michael McConnellAP Language & CompositionDefinition EssayDraft 03
A chair is…
Of all things that have defined man throughout time, perhaps no other object has defined manmore than the chair in which he sits. A chair tends to be seen as something a person lounges on for comfort. And has become more than four pieces of wood nailed to a board. Chairs come in manyvarieties today, but most of them build upon concepts as old as the pyramids. The Egyptians used chairsto show status, as did the Romans, and early Germanic tribes. A chairs implied “I have the power” because they meant that someone had extra money to spend.What defines a chair? Physically a chair is a piece of furniture that is comfortable enough tosquat on. Usually chairs consist of a flat surface to perch on, fleshed with soft, comfortable, and squishycushioning and fabric. Some chairs have legs to keep the sitter off the ground. This practice goes back tothe middle ages when people became aware of the vile diseases that could be festering in the cold andwet mud. Tables keep our food off of the ground and after awhile people realized that hovering around atable and eating was uncomfortable. Someone brilliantly converted the table concept into smaller,thinner, simpler tables built lower to the ground. Eureka! The bench was born. People sat on these babytables, today we call them benches. Utilizing tables and chairs kept people off of the ground, and out of the repulsive slime festering on the ground lurking with the unknown. Today chairs have new purposes,and looks. Examples of the new ideas of chairs include transformer chairs (couch by day, bunk-bed bynight), chairs that glow, chairs shaped like toothbrushes, cubes, eyeballs, the possibilities are endless.One furniture artist has even designed penis and vagina furniture! The question remains; what is a chair?The simple answer is that a chair is something we sit on, but a chair can mean so much more.
If Joe the Plumber walked into a metropolitan apartment he would see abstract art in the form of furniture, and interestingly stylistic use of color. The paintings on the walls may not depict an exact picture or even contain color, but instead they show of skewed and twisted shapes. The whole apartmentmay be themed in black and white tones. Tired from a long flight Joe frantically looks for anything torest his head, and butt on, but nothing familiar catches his eye! His metropolitan friend points to what herefers to as the couch – a toothbrush like apparatus with cloth covered bristles which seem to sway back and forth like the as if to be caught in the waves of the ocean. Joe cautiously slouches sluggishly into thefields of octopus tentacles; he was surprised to find that the “couch” as his friend put it, is amazinglycomfortable. The chairs cannot be defined as the four legged flat surfaced wood we know and loveanymore. Now Chairs come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. The “toothbrush” chair for exampleshows us where our recliner may be headed. Other examples of peculiar lounges of the gluteus maximusmay include chairs that mount the ground on wheels which swivel and turn, couches that seem to climbthe wall like a centipede, or even a Persian rug that has been sculpted into a recliner! The possibilitiesseem endless. The chair one sits in defines our taste and lifestyle.Chairs can also be a symbol of power, or wealth. The throne of England, physically, a goldenchair encrusted with jewels and elaborate carvings has a powerful and symbolic meaning. The thronerepresents imperial power. For centuries monarchs have used thrones to show their supreme authorityover their subjects. In early American homes, only the head of the house sat in a chair. He was in a chair to show that he was indisputably in-charge. Chairs have been used to show how important an individualis, or assumes they are. The office of the president displays the importance of the president by a verycushy, comfortable, overly elaborate chair and oak desk. The reason for this is to show the importance of the presidential office. People over indulge on elaborate, lavish, ornate objects to show their status.Sprouting from ages of tradition, the chair is a luxury. Chairs once meant social status of the rich, and

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