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Crystal Roby CA 2

Crystal Roby CA 2

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Published by Crystal Dawn Roby
Colonial America Paper 2
Colonial America Paper 2

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Crystal Dawn Roby on Mar 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Crystal RobyDr. Ridner Colonial America19 March 2013Paper Essay 2
The Luck of the Draw
Thinking about the seventeenth-
century colonies we’ve been studying (t
he New Englandcolonies (Massachusetts), VA, and the Middle Colonies (NY and PA), write an essay in which youdiscuss how SUCCESS was defined in at least two of these colonies.
 What is success? The definition of success is the attainment of wealth, position, honors,or the like. The colonies in the New World would define success in different ways. Many of the coloniststhat travelled to the New World where working-class families, who choose to became indentured servantsin order to better their lives. Success could also have been, if colonists could survive the first few monthsof living in the New World, they took a leap of fate so they could achieve the success they were alllooking for by travelling to a new place and to work for strangers, for a certain amount of years. MostEnglishmen and women viewed success very differently, men often wanted great wealth or a goodreputation, and women wanted to find husbands and raise families, and to be support system to their husbands, but they all believed that they could find their success in the New Worl
d, in today’s world we
could call that the American Dream.The story of social climber William Kendall is the perfect example of success, Pagan should have
named the chapter about William Kendall’s life,
 How To Succeed in Life Without Tryin
s a story of 
how a man rose to become some great for that time
, he changed his fate, he didn’t let anything get in his
it’s a very exceptional
story, because was an older indentured servant when he travelled to the NewWorld; Kendall was born into a working-class family in Brinton, where his family owned some land.Kendall life was full of ups and downs. Kendall was the youngest child, his father was a tailor; his familyconsisted of mostly farmers craftsmen. He would later move to the village of Yarmouth where he met awoman named Ruth, who would become his wife. They would have a son named William, but he wouldlater die. Life was not very kind to Kendall, his loss of his wife and son affected him deeply, andwhereabouts he wanted to start his life somewhere new. In order to do this he indentured himself toEdward Drew for about five years, in which he would receive his freedom and land to call his. Drew was planter who had been to England to conduct some business, Drew w
as also illiterate, but that didn’t stop
the planter to from holding various positions in the community, and he was well respected in the area.Wealthy colonists like Drew were consumed with greed; they were within hold land or other things fromtheir indentured servants. W
hen Drew died, Kendall’s
services were sold to William Strangbridge.Kendall finished his indentured service in 1654, that meant he would be able to work for good money thathe in turn could save so he could buy his own piece of land, and sometimes the law would be in favor of the indentured servant, like for an example Drew withheld some clothes from two of his servants, the inturn sued him and they won their case, therefore Drew had to hand the clothes over to his servants. Thisreally
doesn’t surprise me, that greed played a major role in some colonists’
lives, that maybe the onlyway to achieve they success they wanted you have lose your soul. There were other tactics that Kendallused in order to achieve the success that he wanted. When his former employer Strangbridge died,Strangbridge left Kendall a large amount of money that gave him a wealthy status. When Strangbridgedied he left some of his other properties to his wife only if she remarried, even then the property would bein control of the next husband she married. I guess you could view Kendall as some type of con-man whosaw an opportunity to increase his wealth. So a decent man can become greater, but sometimes it comes ata
 big price, so in a way Kendall had lost his soul so he could achieve that status he’s wanted all of his life,
you kind of have to respect him for that.
The story of Anne Orthwood, who was a young woman indentured servant who travelled fromEngland to find a husband in the New World.
At first glance, who wouldn’t think that Anne achieved the
success that she wanted for herself, I would like to think that she may have broken the cycle of povertyand illegitimacy, even though t
here’s not a lot of information on her son Casper Orthwood, who she had
John Kendall, who was the nephew of the powerful and respected leader in the colony William Kendal,who like came to the new from England to start over.
It’s a heartbreaking story abou
t who wanted toescape her fate. Anne was born to an unwed in 15
England; Anne’s childhood was not a happy
one, illegitimate children were looked down as if there were trash. When Anne became an adult, shedecided to come to the New World in search of building a new life and family there, shortly after arrivingin the colony, Anne begins an affair with John that results in a pregnancy the rips through the colony, andfurther makes Anne and outcast and highlighted how women were viewed and treated in the newlyestablished colony. The settlement of Jamestown was considered a success by the colonists who settledthere, they may have a rocky start in dealing with Natives who lived in that area. Many of the coloniststhat travelled to the New World
sometimes didn’
t make through, so the other colonists who survived thefirst couple of months in the New World as a success.Success, its definition is simple, that can be viewed in various ways, and so the many colonistswho gave up their lives in England to come to the New World looking for their success and some paid the price for that success.
They had to have known, that it wasn’t going to be easy and they knew it make cost
them their lives. They left the comfort of a life that they were used to in England for a chance atsomething greater for themselves and their families. I really think that all the colonists who ventured over to the New World were successful, they wanted to change their fate, they wanted to bet greater, and build

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