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Roanomics Volume 3, Issue 2

Roanomics Volume 3, Issue 2

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The official newsletter of the Roanoke College Economics Program
The official newsletter of the Roanoke College Economics Program

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Published by: Alice Louise Kassens Uhl on Mar 25, 2013
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can give tothe Schol-arshiphere.Se-lect
and in
LowryScholar-ship Fund (ECON)
We believe the sticker is a positive way to promote our  program, and we are look-ing forward to seeing them proudly displayed aroundcampus. The program con-tinues to grow in numbersand in quality, and we re-main dedicated to enhanc-ing the academic experienc-es of our students.I hope to visit with many of our alums during AlumniWeekend festivities. Our tent will be with our BUADfriends outside of WestHall.
I ECON @ RoanokeCollege
Coming to a car window, adorm room window, or a book bag near you: themuch coveted and highlyanticipated bumper sticker  proclaiming your allegianceto economics at RoanokeCollege! Be the first per-son in your dorm, frat, or team to proudly display thissought
after item! Suppliesare limited, so get yourstoday!!
Okay, okay, is that toomuch hype? Perhaps, butthe economists are veryexcited about current stu-dents and alums braggingabout their experiences inthe economics program atgood old RC. So here arethe ways you can acquireone of our bumper stickers:
(1) Currently enrolled stu-dents who have OFFI-CIALLY declared econom-ics as their major or minor will be given a bumper sticker. Please see DreamaPoore to get yours today.She will have a list of ma- jors and minors;
(2) Students currently en-rolled in an economics classand receive a grade of A or A
, regardless of their ma- jor, will be given a bumper sticker;
(3) Roanoke College alum-ni who majored or minoredin economics will be sent a bumper sticker, or they canget one during AlumniWeekend by attending theDepartmental reception onSaturday afternoon at WestHall. If you would like tohave your sticker mailed toyour home address, pleasesend me a self 
addressed,stamped envelope with firstclass postage and I will seethat you get one. There isno charge for the sticker, but a donation to the LowryScholarship fund would begreatly appreciated. You
From the Colonel
s Desk 
Reaching out
This is our fifth release of Roanomics and it continuesto grow in popularity. Sev-eral alumni have sentemails or posted on socialnetworking outlets that theyenjoy reading through thenewsletter.We are thrilled thatRoanomics is catching onin this way. Reconnectingwith alumni was one of the purposes of the newsletter.
If there is something thatyou would like to see in thenext issue, send an email toroanokeecon@gmail.com
Remember that you can
keep up to date on the Eco-nomics Program betweenissues of Roanomics byfollowing our blog,kas-sensroanokeecon.blogspot.com,which is updated sever-al times a month, includingitems on current students.
Roanoke College Economics Program
Winter and Spring 2013
Volume 3, Issue 2
Advising tips:
The Economics Pro-gram offers a major anda minor 
If you major in BUAD,there are only five addi-tional courses left tocomplete the minor inECON (one of whichcan count as the BUADelective)
Several of the ECON200
level courses serveas electives in BUADconcentrations
ECON 121 can substi-tute for an INQ 260
Inside this issue:
 News and notes
Student Editor 
Faculty update
Presentations, etc.
Fed Challenge
Blog 10,000 hits
Health and the la- bor market
Student commenton the economy
Economics Club
Upcoming events
Travels with Dr. Bob
Dr. Garry Fleming
The Economics Club at Roa-noke College continues
andwith a budget! If you are inter-ested, please fill out the interestformhttp://kassensroanokee-con.blogspot.com/2012/01/economics
Danielle McCloskey '10
andher husband Michael '10 wel-comed their first baby, MathewGrayson, on February 16th at7:50am. He was 6lbs. 7oz. and19 inches. Roanomics first birthannouncement!
Greg Long `14
welcomed ason into this world March 17th!Congrats! Two birth announce-ments in one newsletter!
The Virginia Consumer Senti-ment and Price ExpectationsIndexes will now be releasedeach quarter! The February
2013 report can be foundhere.
Jorge Guzman Correa `12
kicked off the RC EconomicsProgram
What can I do witha degree in economics?
serieswith a presentation on his work with the Peruvian government.
Economics Club
travelledto Richmond to visit the FederalReserve and Bank and supportRoanoke College economists(students and faculty) present-ing their research at the 2013VAE Annual Meeting. Be sureto contact
Conrad Clausen
if you are interested in joining theEconomics Club. They aremeeting each Wednesday nightat 8:00 pm this semester in theRamser 
Beamer MeetingRoom. Fun things to come!
Dr. Alice Kassens
officiallymoved into the position of Pres-ident of the Virginia Associa-tion of Economist March 21. Shewill serve until the next annualmeeting in March 2014.
Vincent Pennix `12
is movingto NYC for a new job with thePi Lambda Phi Fraternity(Pilam), an organization foundedat Yale University in 1895.Vince will help get the fraternitygoing at a college in the City.Good luck Vince!
The Economics Program sendsout deepest sympathies to
S.J.Brussard `10
and his family
Please let us know what is newwith you atroanokee-con@gmail.com or fill out our form atkassensroanokee-con.blogspot.com 
News and notes
Where are our alumni now?
tor at Northwestern Mutual inRichmond, VA
Nicholas White `12
works inInvestors Services at BrownBrothers Harriman in Boston,MA
Fill out the alumni survey atkassensroanokee-con.blogspot.com or connectwith Dr. Alice Louise Kassenson Linkedin.com
Have career advice or contactsfor our current Economics stu-dents? Please send an email toroanokeecon@gmail.com.
Cedric Porst `09
is a Senior Controller at L
Oreal in Germa-ny although he writes that hewill be moving to Paris soon for a position in his group
s Inter-nal Audit Department and thathe is excited about the travel-ling that he will undertake over the next few years.
Andy Gleason `08
is a CreditSpecialist at IDEXX Laborato-ries Inc.
Stephanie Melnik `09
is a Di-rector at Awesome Bars in SanFrancisco
Megan Rhodes `11
is an Asso-ciate Agent to Managing Direc-
Page 2
 My overall education at Roa-noke College, and particularlymy economics education, pre- pared me for dealing with theextremely varied career and educational experiences I havehad throughout my life
 Roanoke College alumna `72
Give us your comments viaalumni survey on our  blog and they might be included in thenext issue of Roanomics!
Danielle McCloskey `10
There arecurrently
 declared majorsand
declaredminors in theEconomicsProgram.Declare yourshere
Cedric Porst `09
I am once again shocked byhow my time has flown hereat Roanoke College. As Iembark on my last semester, Ifind that I am reflecting oftenon the moments spent outsidethe classroom but also experi-encing what these past yearshave looked like academical-ly.In my class, History of Eco-nomic Thought, commonlydubbed
I am get-ting a picture of what it isthat I have been learningthrough all of my earlier eco-nomics classes. In this time, Ienjoy the discussions, discov-er a sense of completion, andfeel moments of gratitudetowards my previous eco-nomic professors. In my sem-inar paper, I wish to discusswhat behavioral economicstells us about ethics and howthat is related to the 2007financial crisis. I am excitedabout writing this paper andthe learning it has broughtalong the way. I still wish to pursue a career once I leaveRoanoke College, in either accounting or a finance
focused field. Though I amnot concrete in my plans up-on graduation, I am confidentwith the knowledge that I amtaking with me.
 NOTE: Kerry has been aninvaluable resource to theEconomics Program. She hashelped Dr. Kassens run theEconomics Assessment Planand has been the Student Edi-tor for Roanomics. Her won-derful smile will be missed by many when she leavesRoanoke College in May.Thank you Kerry for your hard work and dedication tothe Economics Program.
The best of luck to you inyour life after Roanoke Col-lege. You will do well.
~ Dr. Kassens
Student Editor
s Note: Kerry Murphy `13
Page 3
Volume 3, Issue 2
Summer & Fall 2013 Courses
Summer 2013
ECON 122 Principles of Mac-roeconomics
Kassens (June)
Fall 2013
ECON 121
Khah, Hernandez
ECON 122
ECON 257 Competition,
Mo-nopoly and Public Policy
ECON 267 Labor Economics
ECON 232 Money & Banking
ECON 321 Intermediate The-ory: Macroeconomics
ECON 448 Econometrics
Check Webadvisor for all official times and section numbers.
(Blogging in Dr. Kassens
helped meto becomemore awareof howeconomicsaffects somanydifferentareas
enabledme] tounderstandhow what wewere learningin class couldtie in to other economicevents in our country andworldwide.
Kerry Murphy `13
"A lot of people talk about majoring in business ... actually, economics is even better, becauseyou learn a lot more quantitative analysis, a lot more statistics, and things that are applicable inkind of this big data world," she says. "Similar to physics, it's really good for salary growthoverall."
Kelsey Sheehy, US News and World Report,
College Majors with the Best Rate of Return on Investment
September 12, 2012.

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