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Sta Filini Ds

Sta Filini Ds

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Published by jmvictoria6870

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Published by: jmvictoria6870 on Mar 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INTRODUCTIONT famil Staplinida includs about 48,700 d-scribd spcis in t world (Nwton, prs. comm.) andit is t scond larst famil of Coloptra aftr Cur-culionida. It is not surprisin tat suc a lar familwas abl to adapt tir lif stl to man varid abitats.T can b found bnat bark of dad trs or picsof wood, man spcis can b collctd from laf littror dpr lars of soil, otrs in stram banks, in dun,animal carcasss, funi or dcain fruits, and mmbrsof som tropical roups ar most commonl takn atlits. Man spcis in a numbr of nra ar known tob associatd to ants or trmits spciall in t tropics,
and others have parasitoid larvae of y pupae. Some are
linkd to bat uano insid t cavs, but onl fw rov-btl spcis ar tru trolobits, strictl adaptd forcav-dwllin wa of lif.W ar tratin r onl trolobitic spcis blon-in to subfamilis traditionall placd in Staplinida
sensu stricto
, i.. xcludin t formr Pslapida andScapidiida wic av bn rcntl includd as sub-familis witin t famil Staplinida. T currntsubfamil Pslapina as man mor trolobits, about150 spcis all ovr t world (Poi t al 1998), parti-
cularly in Europe (Besuchet 1985; Hlaváč et al in press)
and in USA (Bsuct 1982; Candlr 1992; Candlr& Rddll 2001).Scapidiinaarmcopaousand). Scapidiina ar mcopaous andtr ar no cav rcords for tis subfamil.Man spcis of Staplinida ar found in cavs orpits (undrtxprssionpitwundrstandrdp,undr t xprssion pit w undrstand r dp,vrtical cav somtims calld alpin cav)butmostof but most of tm ar itr accidntal visitors or at most trolopi-ls, spcis avin a rular association wit dark-zoncav abitats but not prsntin an spcial adaptationfor tis wa of lif. For xampl tr ar 15 trolopi-lic Staplinida known from USA cavs wr no raltrolobitic spcis occur (Pck & Tar 2003).Onl).OnlOnlfw mmbrs of tis famil ar rall strictl trolobitic,spcis adaptd to liv in cavs or pits and somtimsin t msocavrnous sallow substratum (ncfortrfrrd to r as ‚MSS’) (Culvr 2001). T majoritof Coloptra il adaptd to ts poan abitatsar mmbrs of t famil Carabida (mainl Trcina)and Liodida (Lptodirini) wic av dvlopd vrsuccssful stratis and t ar dominant amonst tcavrnicolous Coloptra.CATALOgUe OF TROgLOBITIC STAPhyLINIDAeIt is alwas imprcis t boundar btwn trutrolobits and trolopils, and also btwn poan(dp undrround) and ndoan (soil) nvironmnts:tr ar spcis for all drs of adaptations wit in-trmdiat stas, and som spcis mainl adaptd toac of ts nvironmnts can mix and occur totr.In ordr to mak a catalou of t tru trolobitic Sta-plinida, wic ar adaptd to t poan nviron-mnt, w tak in account onl spcis prsntin tfollowin caractrs: (1) dpimntd bod, (2) svr rducd (microptalmous) or absnt (lss/anoptalmous), (3) ls and antnna slndr and lon,
(4) whole or part of body with long, ne setae, and (5)
xclusiv prsnc in cavs or pits or in t MSS. Tspcis onl known from itr t MSS or t dp soilbut in armnt wit (3) and (4) av bn includd inour list. endoan spcis can sow caractrs (1) and(2) and can somtims b found in cavs and mor oftnin t MSS, but t ar not in armnt wit (3) and(4), bin trfor xcludd. W av takn into ac-count som small ndoan-lik spcis onl wn tar known xclusivl from cavs, not avin nvrbn found in t soil or in t uppr MSS. Finall, t
Catalogue of troglobitic Staphylinidae (Pselaphinae excluded)of the world
Ptr hLAVAC
& Arnaldo BORDONI
Na dolin 14, SK-040 14 Košic, Slovakia. e-mail: lavac@sproup.nt
Dpto. Bioloía Animal, Univrsit of La Launa, Tnrif, Canar Islands
Muso Zooloico “La Spcola”, via Romana 17, 50 125 Firnz, Ital e-mail: arnaldo.bordoni@libro.itABSTRACTAll trolobitic Staplinida (xcludin subfamil Pslapina) currntl known in t world ar listd totr wit all tir
known localities. 44 species belonging to ve subfamilies, Omaliinae, Staphylininae, Paederinae, Tachyporinae and Aleocharinae
ar known so far from t Palaarctic, Notropical and Orintal rions.K words
Coloptra, Staplinida, trolobitic spcisSubtrranan Biolo 4: 97-106, 2006
98 Ptr hlavac, Pdro Oromí & Arnaldo Bordoni
xclusiv prsnc in cavs is not nou for includinspcis not in armnt to caractrs (1) and (2).T last world list of trolobitic Staplinida (Bordo-ni & Oro1998)comprisd29spciswicarallalso1998) comprisd 29 spcis wic ar all alsolistd r. In addition w considr as bin trolobits
ve species which were known at that time but were not
includd in tat list,
 Micranops bifossicapitata
Outrlo & Oromíandíandand
 Ischnosoma spelaeus
W. Scriba.eit mor spcis av bn dscribd sinc t formrlist was publisd:
Uenohadesina styx
 Domene(Domene) hetzeli
 Domene (Lathromene) caure-lensis
Outrlo, gamarra & Salado;
 Domene gallaeciana
Fldmann & hrnando;
 Medon feloi
 M. antricola
 Micranops spelaeus
Frisc & Oromí and
 Alevo-nota oromii
Assin and
 Apteranillus minosianus
Lcoq& Quéinnc. In addition, on spcis of 
and onspcis of 
ar awaitin for t dscription, and
 Apteranopsis palmensis
hrnándz & Martín as bnplacd in snonm wit
 Alevonota tanausui
hrnándz& Martín. In all w currntl rconis 44 spcis of tro-lobitic Staplinida (xcludin subfamil Pslapina)
belonging to ve subfamilies, Omaliinae, Staphylininae,
Padrina, Tacporina and Alocarina and t arlistd r blow.W maintaind t oriinal nams for t cavs r-
ferred to herein, so we nd useful to list the expressions
for „cav“ in all lanuas wr trolobitic Stapli-nida av bn found: cuva (Spanis), cova (Cata-lan); cavrna, rotta, cava, rava (Italian); rott, cav-
erne (French); gruta (Portuguese); peştera (Romanian),pečina, jama (Serbian); špilja, jama (Croatian). Sima is
t Spanis nam for pit.Omaliina:
 Lesteva (Lestevina) sbordonii
Bordoni, 1973: 230Distribution: ITALy- grava di gntili, Campania, Salrno, S. Anlo a Fas-anlla
Uenohadesina styx
Smtana, 2000: 291Distribution: SOUTh KOReA- Cav yon’ on-ul, hwanji, Canson-ub,Kanwon-doPadrina:
 Domene (Domene) cavicola
Coiffait, 1954: 54Distribution: SPAIN- Cuva Navilla Funt, Acro, Sirra d Cazorla, Jaénprovinc, AndalusiaRfrncs: Coiffait, 1982: 417 (rdscription)
 Domene (Domene) hetzeli
Fldman, 2000: 327Distribution: SPAIN- Cuva dl Brazu, Asturias, Picos d europa, Sirra dlBrazu
 Domene (Canariomene) alticola
Oromí & hrnándz,1986: 135Distribution: CANARy ISLANDS: Tnrif- Cuva d los Roqus [tp localit], Tid NationalPark- Cuva Labrada, el Sauzal (Outrlo & hrnándz1992)- Cuva dl Vinto, Icod d los Vinos (Outrlo &hrnándz 1992. Dscription of larva)- Cuva dl Sobrado, Icod d los Vinos (Arcavalta tal
1998 and 1999)
 Domene (Canariomene) benahoarensis
Oromí & Mar-tín, 1990: 21Distribution: CANARy ISLANDS: La Palma- Sima Martín, Mazo [tp localit] 650 m- Búcaro d Martín (= Búcaro d Martín) Asmol t
al1992; Mdina t al. 1996; Outrlo & hrnándz 1992(dscription of larva)- Cuva d Barlovnto, Barlovnto- Cuva honda d gallos, Barlovnto (Mdina t al1996)- Cuva d los Francss, Francss, garafía (Mdinat al 1996)- Sima dl Llano d los Cstos, Funcalint (Mdinat al 1996)- Cuva d los Andns, Caldra d Taburint NationalPark- Cuva d los Palmros, Las Indias, Funcalint(garcía 1996)- Cuva dl Rincón, e Rincón, el Paso- Cuva dl Diablo, Pard Vija, Brña Baja- Cuva dl Salto d Tialat, Tialat, Mazo (garcía& gonzálz 1996)- Cuva d la Macacadora, Mazo (garcía 1997)- Cuva d los Caños, Mazo (garcía & gonzálz 1998)
 Domene (Canariomene) jonayi
hrnándz & Mdina,1990: 288Distribution: CANARy ISLANDS: La gomra- M.S.S., el Cdro, garajona National Park- M.S.S. Rvntón Oscuro, el Cdro, garajona N.P.(Frisc & Oromí 2006)
 Domene (Canariomene) vulcanica
Oromí & hrnándz,1986: 130.Distribution: CANARy ISLANDS: Tnrif- Cuva d Flip Rvntón, Icod d los Vinos (Arca-valta t al
1999; Outrlo & hrnándz 1992)- Cuva dl Vinto, Icod d los Vinos (Outrlo &hrnándz 1992. Dscription of larva)- Cuva dl Bucio, Auamansa (Sala t al 1996)
 Domene (Canariomene) sylvatica
hrnándz & Oromí,1993: 66.Distribution: CANARy ISLANDS: Tnrif- M.S.S., Barranco d Ijuana, Anaa.
Runnin titl 99
 Domene (Lathromene) bergidi
Salado & Outrlo,1991: 209Distribution: SPAIN- Cuva d la Carrtra, Lón provinc, Pñarrubia-Carucdo
 Domene (Lathromene) caurelensis
Outrlo, gamarra &Salado, 2000: 166=
 Domene (Lathromene) carrillorum
hrnando, 2002:14Distribution: SPAIN- Cuva do eix, Mrcurín do Caurl (Luo)Rfrncs: Outrlo & gamarra 2003: 61 (snonmof 
 D. carrillorum
 Domene (Lathromene) gallaeciana
Fldmann & hrn-ando, 2005: 401.Distribution: SPAIN- Cuva do Cova do Ri Cintolo, Supna, Aromoso(Luo)
 Domene (Spelaeomene) aurouxi
español, 1970: 370Distribution: MOROCCO- grott Ifri l Caid, grand Atlas, Ait M’hamdRfrncs: Coiffait 1982: 419 (rdscription of f-mal)
 Domene (Spelaeomene) camusi
Primoff, 1949: 81(
)Distribution: MOROCCO
- Grotte du Gorane, near cap Cantin, Sa
Rfrncs: Vivs 1977 (dscription of larva); Coiffait1982: 418 (rdscription)
 Domene (Spelaeomene) cantonsi
español, 1972: 51Distribution: MOROCCO- Cav Wit Tamdoun, grand Atlas, rion of Imouzzrds Ida Ou Tanan, nar Tazntout, about 60 km Ne of AadirRfrncs: Coiffait 1982: 418 (rdscription of fmal);Bordoni 2003: 375 (dscription of mal)
sp. nov.Distribution: ALBANIA
- Unknown cave near the town Girokastr (Pavievi,Pavievi,
prs. comm.)
Watanab, 1994: 21Distribution: JAPAN- Cav Sizusi-dô, Sizusi, Mizuco-cô, KotoPrf.
Watanab, 1994:24Distribution: JAPAN- Cav yôzawa-dô, Kamiôzawa, Itsukaici-cô, TokoPrf.
 Lobrathium) bellesi
Bordoni, 1977: 17Distribution: BALeARIC ISLANDS: Mallorca- Cova d Can Sivlla, Pollnça.
 Medon dobrogicus
Dcu & gorscu, 1994Distribution: ROMANIA
- Peşteraovile,�obrogeamridionaleşteraovile,�obrogeamridionale
tra Movil, Dobroa méridional
 Medon vicentensis
Srrano, 1993: 4Distribution: MADeIRA- gruta dos Cardais, São Vicnt
 Medon feloi
Assin, 1998: 143Distribution: CANARy ISLANDS: La Palma- Cuva dl Salto d Tialat [tp localit], Salto dTialat, Mazo- Cuva d los Labrintos, el Paso (Oromí t al 2001:Cuva dl Bjnado)- Cuva d los Sorprndidos, el Paso
 Medon antricola
Assin, 2006: 48Distribution: CANARy ISLANDS: el hirro- Cuva d Jinama [tp localit], el golfo, Frontra(Oromí t al 2002:
n.sp.)- Cuva d Filba.
 Micranops bifossicapitata
Outrlo & Oromí, 1987: 136(
)Distribution: CANARy ISLANDS: Tnrif and Lagomra- Cuva Labrada [tp localit], Tnrif, Auaarcía,1040 m- Cuva Flip Rvntón, Tnrif, Icod d los Vinos,600 m- M.S.S., La gomra, Bosqu d el Cdro – Matarnos,1000 m,Rfrncs: Frisc & Oromí 2006: 25 (rdscription)
 Micranops spelaeus
Frisc & Oromí, 2006: 33Distribution: CANARy ISLANDS: Tnrif- Cuva Flip Rvntón, Icod d los Vinos, 595 m
Pinostygus galapagoensis
Cambll & Pck, 1989: 400Distribution: gALAPAgOS: Santa Cruz Island- Cuva d Bllavista [tp localit], Bllavista- Cuva d gallardo (= C. Bllavista) (hrnándz t al1992)- Cuva d elna, Santa Rosa (hrnándz t al 1992)
Stenopholea reddelli
hrman, 1969: 4Distribution: MeXICO- Cav Min, Tamaulipas, Ranco dl CiloStaplinina:
n. sp
Distribution: CANARy ISLANDS: Tnrif- Cuva d los Roqus, Tid National Park (Oromí tal 2001)

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