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AS14 Autosonde Datasheet B210402EN D LOW

AS14 Autosonde Datasheet B210402EN D LOW

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Published by ThinkDefence
AS14 Autosonde Datasheet B210402EN D LOW
AS14 Autosonde Datasheet B210402EN D LOW

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Published by: ThinkDefence on Mar 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vaisala Unmanned SoundingSystem AUTOSONDE®
The Vaisala Unmanned SoundingSystem AUTOSONDE
automates thesynoptic upper-air observations. Itsaves costs and gives the freedomto extend the coverage of upper-air networks everywhere. Inpopulated areas, remote locations,or in climates ranging from polarto tropical, the efciency of theunmanned sounding system has beenproved.
Minimize OperatingCosts and MaximizeMeteorological DataAvailability
hasthe capacity to perform entirelyautomatically for 24 consecutivesynoptic soundings. It is only at thispoint the Vaisala AUTOSONDE
isrestocked and checked manually.A restocking and check visit onlytakes three hours, which meanseight synoptic observations perman-hour. This gives real benetsand operational reductions in costs.Fully automatic sounding in turn bypreprogrammable and repeatableactions improves data quality andavailability.Whether it is a new station, or areplacement of an older system,setting up and reconguring theVaisala AUTOSONDE
is quickand inexpensive. This compactpackage includes everything fromthe sounding station to the balloonlling unit. It can be transported on atrailer, making it easy to relocate. Thesystem is also easy to recongure tosuit new sites saving time and money.
Proven Performancein Every Climate
systemhas a robust design and the ability tooperate automatically.The system is equipped with heatersand an air conditioner to cope with
Entirely automatic or 24consecutive soundings
Remote control andconfguration
All benefts o VaisalaRadiosonde RS92 and VaisalaMW31 Sounding System
Cost eective due to lowmaintenance and low man-hours
wide variations in any climate. Ineven more extreme conditions, a coldclimate kit is available to deal with aminimum operating temperature of-40 °C and additional windcovers raisethe operating wind speed up to 25 m/s.
Remote Flexible Operation
can becongured remotely from a centrallocation by using the Remote ControlSystem. It also allows the remoteinterruption of the regular soundingschedule to measure interestingevents such as extreme weatherphenomena. The whole systemnetwork can also be monitored fromone central location and remotelycommanded to adapt actionsaccording to changing weatherconditions.
 An attendant only needs to reload the daisywheel with radiosondes and balloons every 12 days.Vaisala AUTOSONDES have performed over 300 000 operational soundings duringthe past 15 years in different parts of the world.

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