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description: tags: pandpactivity6

description: tags: pandpactivity6

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Published by: anon-933897 on Jan 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Policies and Procedures
Activity 6: Federal SEOG Program
676.10(Selection of students) and676.19(Fiscal procedures and records)Review Section:
Selection of Students
Fiscal Procedures and Records
Good Practices:
 To assist you with the completion of this Policy and Procedure, werecommend that you consider the following:
Consider developing the Policies and Procedures in a manualor an electronic format with a table of contents for easyreference
Develop a schedule to test, review and update your manual.
Establish a team that incorporates all appropriate offices toassist in the review and writing of the procedure.
Instructions for completing this activity:
We recommend that you refer to your current policies and proceduresto determine if your institution meets the requirements listed above inthe Review Section and set forth in the Federal Regulations. Pleasereview the appropriate sections in the Code of Federal Regulations (thelink is provided for you), and the activity below, to determine if yourinstitution is currently meeting those requirements. Use the activity asa chart and checklist to assist you with evaluating and/or developingyour policies and procedures. Remember, you are required to havepolicies and procedures and are responsible to follow the proceduresyou develop. An auditor or program reviewer can cite your school fornot having polices and procedures and for not following them.
Policies and Procedures
Reminder:It is important to have your policy and procedures in writing.It is equally important however, to ensure that the process isbeing followed. We recommend that you test your policy andprocedures by completing the recommended assessment(s)outlined in the Design Process for Policies and Procedures.Management Enhancement:
If you determine that an area requires improvement, it isrecommended (not required) that you consider completing aManagement Enhancement Form. This will help you track what needsto be included who is responsible to make sure the policy and/orprocedure is updated and identifies an anticipated completion date.
Policies and Procedures
Topic:Selection of studentsRegulation:676.10 Selection of StudentsLocated InOffices Involved
Establish selection proceduresand they must be in writing,uniformly applied maintainedin the institutions files.Develop a process to selectstudents with the lowestexpected family contributionswho will also receive FederalPell Grants in that year. If remaining funds are availableafter giving FSEOG to allFederal Pell Grant recipients,the institution shall award theremaining FSEOG funds toeligible students with thelowest expected familycontributions who will notreceive Federal Pell Grant.Define exceptional need asoutlined in34 CFR 676.10
Part-time and independentstudents. If an institution’sallocation of FSEOG funds isdirectly or indirectly based inpart on the financial needdemonstrated by studentsattending the institution asless than full time orindependent students, areasonable portion of theallocation must be offered tothose students. 

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