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Rude Awakenings

Rude Awakenings

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Published by Veena Anahita
Theravada Buddhism- Thai Forest Tradition
Theravada Buddhism- Thai Forest Tradition

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Published by: Veena Anahita on Mar 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A Pilgrimage on Foot to the Buddhist Holy Places
 Part 1
Rude Awakenings
alf raucous adventure and half inspirational memoir,
Rude Awakenings
documents an unusual pilgrimage. Two verydifferent men—life-loving naturalist Nick Scott and austereBuddhist monk Ajahn Sucitto—together spend six months retracingthe Buddha’s footsteps through India. Told alternately by Sucitto andScott in their distinctive voices, this story blends self-effacing humor,philosophical explorations, drama, travel observations, and the occa-sional giant fruit bat.
Rude Awakenings
is a heady record of survivaland spirituality set against the dramatic backdrop of one of India’smost lawless regions.“Armchair pilgrims take note! This book will provide blisters, backaches, frights, absurd laughter, and all-night meditation.Result? Exhaustion tinged with grace. In the age of thepop-epiphany,
Rude Awakenings
is a throwback to what began it all: the slow road to enlightenment.It’s also a badminton in play between the Odd Coupleof Spirituality, and one lovely read.”Tad Wise, author of 
Blessings on the Wind
and co-author(with Robert Thurman) of 
Circling the Sacred Mountain
“As the clarity and candor of the writing draw us into thisremarkable journey, we soon experience an inner landscape of two extraordinary hearts and minds. This is a wonderful book.” Joseph Goldstein, author of 
One Dharma: The Emerging Western Buddhism
F o r F r e e D i s t r i b u t i o n
Ajahn Sucitto and Nick Scott
 S   u c  i    t   t   o a n d  S   c  o t   t  
 R  u d  e A w a k   e n i    n  g s 
 NoonewalksaroundtheBuddhistholyland.Nottoday.Theygobybusbetweentheholysites.Andwithgoodreason.TheBuddha’shomelandisnowoneof themostdesperatelyovercrowdedandpoverty-riddenplacesontheplanet.Itisalsovery dangerous. But wildlife ecologist Nick Scott and Buddhist monk AjahnSucittodecidetodojustthat:towalkforsixmonthsandforoveronethousandmiles, sleeping out at night and living on alms food, just as the Buddha wouldhave done.
More Praise for
Rude Awakenings
“Utterly delightful and filled with insight. With a moving earnestness and sincerity of heart, this book has much toteach about expectations and humility.” —N
, guiding teacher,Cambridge Insight Meditation Center, and author of 
When Singing, Just Sing: Life As Meditation
Adelightful,amusing,andsometimesharrowingjourneyacrossasurprisinglandscapeof Buddhisthistory,withapairof honestandendearingtravelguides.AjahnSucittoandNickScottprovethatenlightenmentcanbefoundanywhere,evenonadustybackroad.” —D
W. M
, author of 
The Accidental Buddhist: Mindfulness, Enlightenment, and Sitting Still
“This is the written crystallization of a unique journey to theBuddhist holy places of India, a trek of 1000 miles made on foot, by two religious seekers. As the reader accompanies them along the dusty trail of their juxtaposed accounts—of the glories andhorrors of teeming pungent cities, somnolent villages, ancientsanctuaries and tiger-haunted forests—the reading too becomes something of a pilgrimage. And just as this pair of travelers were challenged, inspired and transformed by their journey, we too find ourselves similarly changed.” —A
, abbot of Abhayagiri Monastery 

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